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23 Sep 2023

London post card writing exercise

Creative writing - 2 pages - Linguistics & languages

Dear mom and dad, I have just arrived in London and the city is fantastic! I have two weeks to visit all the places and to buy as many souvenirs as I can, but I am not sure I will have enough money! And there is also a problem with prices, I am not accustomed to pounds so I must convert...

24 Sep 2023

Managing hospitality and tourism projects - Guest complaint follow-up procedure in Aster restaurant (London)

Case study - 12 pages - Management

Project management is a temporary action with a beginning and an end, which mobilizes identified resources (human, material, equipment, raw materials, informational and financial) during its realization, which has a cost and is therefore the object of a budgeting of means and a balance sheet...

06 Oct 2023

Postcard from London

Creative writing - 2 pages - Linguistics & languages

This document includes a postcard from London in a dynamic and humorous tone.

23 Jan 2015

History of London in the 20th Century

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This paper is interested to uncover the history of London in the 20th century. What was it like in London in the 20th century? What were the evils that prevailed? Which characters that were deemed illegal were spotted throughout the 20th Century? These are some of the questions...

07 Jul 2015

London, the capital of the nineteenth century

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

"London has many aspects. It's a great city. Huge. The richest city in the world's largest port, the largest industrial city, the imperial city, the center of civilization, the heart of the world ... It is a wonderful place ... a whirlwind, an abyss. It takes you up and you rushes...

06 Jul 2015

London and Victorian era

Case study - 3 pages - Ancient history

London, became a true metropolis integrated into the global economy that dominates, then place over the century as a true center of the world, political capital of the largest empire the world that wish to exhibit his power. The Victorian era is characterized by the height of the British...

06 Jul 2015

London city

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

London, central and dynamic city becomes throughout the century the place of a strong political activism, in its most modern form. The UK is considered the land of individual freedom that welcomes exiles continent such as Zola or Marx and Engels. They organize their 1847 international...

11 Jul 2013

A survey about key factors influencing the women's buying behaviors in London

Case study - 30 pages - Business strategy

London's e-retail industry is as big as most of the developed cities in the world. Technology has been developed to an extent where in people purchase any thing from their home computer. Moreover, in cities like London, internet has been prevalent and most of the women are working...

17 Sep 2013

Images of Nineteenth Century London in the Poetry of William Blake

Case study - 3 pages - Philosophy

Every era produces a number of inventive minds and creative talent. A question that often arises is: what defines a great artist? Is it the popularity of his work? An artist's success or failure largely depends on the reception of his creations. There are many defining characteristics of a true...

10 Jan 2011

Impacts of the mega events in times of crisis: The Olympic Games of London, 2012

Dissertation - 29 pages - Economy general

The economic crisis that most countries are experiencing is the largest since 1929. Like other recessions that have hit some countries (Japan's crisis of the 90s) or certain parts of the world (the crisis of communism after the fall of the Berlin Wall), the latest occurred in the US in 2007...

03 Mar 2011

Analysis of National Geographic's sales strategies in London

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

Today, we are seeing more innovative store concepts that are developing in order to cope with the high competition and meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of the consumers. These stores also hope to full fill the company's corporate communication strategies as it is a unique and...

10 Jan 2011

Competition in the financial markets of New York and London since 1944

Thesis - 5 pages - Economy general

In the global economy, international financial markets play a major role, and provide substantial benefits to the economy of their countries. They are a challenge both nationally and globally, and many economists and historians have sought to create hierarchies for these places. Above all, a...

29 Sep 2010

Swinging London - 1963-1967 - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 4 pages - Philosophy

The sixties were usually referred to as a period of joy and optimism, especially in England, as it was a span of time between two tougher periods in British history. Socially and economically speaking, the fifties was characterized as a period of severe struggle in the United Kingdom. The...

31 Dec 2010

Sales Training in Christian Dior, London

Thesis - 8 pages - Educational studies

As part of my second year ESSCA, I was asked to do an internship in the marketing function, either in the sales department, or in the purchase section. The goal is to have a direct relationship with a customer or a supplier (BtoB or BtoC), to participate actively and be essential to the...

09 Jan 2009

The quality of life in London: A tale of two cities

Thesis - 6 pages - Journalism

London appears among the most popular cities in the world. It is a city on the move, where you can find everything you need. It is one of the places where fashion is created, where you can meet people of all origins and where the word “Party” gets its real meaning. In there, one...

07 May 2009

John Barry, social theory and the environment, London: Routledge, 1999, chap.5 "Gender, the nonhuman world and social thought" & Mary Mellor, "Eco-feminism and environmental ethics: a materialist perspective", in Michael E. Zimmerman (ed.)

Thesis - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The first text, “gender, the nonhuman world and social thought”, presents the concept of eco-feminism by highlighting the links between environment, gender and social theory. The main movements within eco-feminism are explained with both their advantages and limits. The author chose...

28 May 2009

A comparative newspaper analysis: The New York Times, The Times, The London Gazette and The Spectator

Thesis - 7 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The First World War, devastating in its severity and loss of life, is often confined in our historical thinking to the battlefields of Europe. This devastation, however, reached every ocean and continent and involved action from peoples far removed from the crises in Europe. One arena of conflict...

15 Jan 2009

The London Stock Exchange

Essay - 5 pages - Finance

Financial globalization has grown since the nineties. In 2004, the portfolios of British institutional investors contained 26% of foreign assets. In comparison, this rate was of 11% in the United States and 23% in Japan, which makes the LSE the biggest international Stock Exchange. Moreover, as...

03 Aug 2009

East London love story

Thesis - 112 pages - Literature

They were both children of poverty, born into the dark slums of East London. Yet their worlds could hardly have been more different. Eric De Milo blessed with a loving Italian family and an artistic gift that gave him a chance for a better life. On the other hand, Helena Whitman who knew...

07 May 2009

Ambivalent London: "Match Point", Woody Allen

Thesis - 8 pages - Film studies

Match Point is a movie which was directed by Woody Allen in 2004. It was shot in London. This movie tells the story of Chris, a man looking for a new life. Throughout the movie he seems to find it. As a coach in a private tennis club, he becomes friend with Tom Hewett before going out with...

20 Aug 2008

The role of marketing and advertising of the London's West Ends

Essay - 5 pages - Services marketing

Recent hit shows from the Sound of Music to Joseph have driven the reversal in fortune of West End theatres, which had suffered a trend in declining ticket revenue and profits in the last decade. In January 2008, the Society of London Theatre announced a record breaking year in 2007 with...

17 Oct 2006

Swinging London - 1963-1967

Essay - 4 pages - Philosophy

The Sixties are usually seen as a period of joy and optimism, especially in England, where they take place between two tougher periods of British history. The Fifties had indeed been quite difficult in the United Kingdom, socially and economically speaking. And during the Seventies, many problems...

24 Apr 2002

Hedley Bull's The Anarchical Society. London, Macmillan, 1977

Thesis - 6 pages - International relations

Bull's The Anarchical Society is a ground-breaking book that proposes novel, powerful concepts for reading today's world order as well as the order that prevailed in the world in 1977. Today more than ever, we need the idea of international society, even if it has to be revisited to fit...

21 Sep 2023

Cover Letter and Questions/Answers on Management Practice - Master's degree 2.0

Cover letter - 2 pages - Management

I am writing to directly apply to your Management Master Degree in your prestigious university. As a matter of fact, I graduated in 2018 from the Paris-Sorbonne University where I studied Economics and Management, my taste for analytics and Economic studies pushing me to continue my studies...

24 Oct 2022

Dialogue between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Creative writing - 3 pages - Literature

It was a very sunny afternoon in London. I remember how full the streets were. I had some troubles walking through the thick crowd, and sometimes jostled some people. Indeed, this day, I was out because I had a very important appointment with a very important person. I was called a few...

11 Oct 2023

The English Football League

Case study - 2 pages - Linguistics & languages

The English Football Championship, founded in 1888, is the oldest professional football competition. It gathers 72 clubs from England and Wales. The competition was originally organized into three divisions: the Championship, League One, and League Two. The operations centre is located in...

15 Jun 2022

Podcast: Nelson Mandela

Creative writing - 2 pages - Medias

Good morning, London and welcome to BBC radio 4! It is 7AM, and today we will talk about the famous man nicknamed Madiba, who fought against the apartheid in South Africa during his entire life. He was president and he was honored by the Nobel Peace Prize: Nelson Mandela!

24 Nov 2022

The application of an EIB to address environmental challenges in urban Belgium

Thesis - 96 pages - Finance

Cities face increasing environmental challenges including, but not limited to; air pollution, CO2 emissions, energy, transport and waste management. The success of Social Impact Bonds (SIB) by solving social issues in a public-private partnership has been the driver for the development of the...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - The Countries Other than France and Germany

Course material - 8 pages - Political science

France and Germany alone can no longer call the tune in the EU. They henceforth have to take much more into account the agenda of the other members. We shall see first that agenda, regrouping, of course, the different countries into larger groups along their affinities, and then the possible...

30 Jan 2017

American police history

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

In the foggy streets of London in 1829 a ruling made by British Parliament would change the system of policing around the world drastically and forever. This ruling was based upon the ideas of a man named Robert Peel, and these ideas are still the major basis for police in America today.