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28 Jul 2021

Pellenc company strategy - SWOT analysis, Porter's 5 forces, BCG Matrix, and McKinsey Matrix

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

Pellenc company was founded in 1973 by Roger Pellenc and Jean-Paul Motte in France. Its head office is in Pertuis, in the Vaucluse. In 2018, its turnover amounted to more than 140 million euros. This figure also is constantly changing, and the company has declared its target of 450 million euros...

23 Mar 2011

Fleury Michon - business, vocation, strategy, swot, McKinsey matrix, and target positioning

Case study - 7 pages - Services marketing

Fleury Michon was originally part of the meat industry. Today it has expanded and also covers the area of self-service caterers. The primary desire of Fleury Michon is to become an independent company and this is why the company opted for an organization consisting of a Council of Directors and...

28 Jul 2021

The Accor Group Strategy

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

Accor, a group widely recognised in France for its presence in the hotel market. Accor has a wide variety of brands with different market positioning. The group's subsidiaries can thus be separated into 4 categories: - The "Luxury" category with the following brands: Raffles, Orient Express,...

27 Jan 2021

SWOT - history, presentation, creation

Practical guide - 6 pages - Marketing theories

In a world where competition is getting tougher, every company, whatever its type and size, must set itself apart from its competitors to achieved success. This goal requires constant innovation and flawless decisions so that every step is optimised towards success. From this, the debate becomes...

16 Jan 2009

Conceptual models in strategic management: The Boston Consulting Group growth / share matrix

Essay - 9 pages - Management

Nowadays, in a stronger context of globalisation, companies have to face more and more complex challenges such as a higher international competition, emerging markets, many economic changes or new technological progresses etc. Strategic management decisions have to be completely successful in...

29 Nov 2010

The strategic analysis of Chupa Chups lollipops

Thesis - 35 pages - Business strategy

Who among us has not tasted a lollipop from the famous global company Chupa Chups? Strawberry, vanilla, caramel, cola, yogurt ... so many flavors offered by Chupa Chups, affording us delectable pleasure. We will briefly present the company Chupa Chups, as this topic is already well developed in...

27 Jan 2011

Strategic management H&M

Case study - 46 pages - Management

In 1947, H & M, a Swedish clothing chain, opened its first store in the world. The company then conquered Europe and arrived in France in 1998. Today, H & M is a firm well known internationally and has over 550 outlets in 12 countries in Europe. Operating both in the market for menswear, women...

17 May 2009

Strategy development: Setting marketing objectives and developing marketing strategies

Presentation - 44 pages - Services marketing

This presentation will take you through various steps that are involved in the formulation of a marketing strategy. The presentation will begin with the strategic marketing planning process and from there it will move onto marketing objectives and strategies. This will be followed by corporate...

29 Sep 2010

The role of conceptual models in strategic management

Essay - 7 pages - Management

Since many decades the corporate world has experienced significant changes. In order to remain competitive, companies must adapt themselves to the new changes. Strategic management is one of key success for competitiveness. To achieve the company's goals, strategic management models have been...

14 Oct 2020

SWOT Analysis - Nokia

Case study - 47 pages - Services marketing

The market of mobile telephony was created in the early years of the 90s and was developed with a strong growth until 2000. In the last 5 years, this market has experienced less rapid development due to the fact of the existing intense competition and rate of penetration of new companies in the...

21 Sep 2011

Cartier in the UK and across the globe

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

One of the most revered names in jewelry, Cartier Monde (French for "World") is also the world's largest luxury jeweler, operating nearly 200 retail stores in over 125 countries. The famed watch and jewelry House of Cartier, one of the most recognized brands in the industry, was founded in...

02 Apr 2009

The changing face of consumer behavior in response to organized retail markets in India

Tutorials/exercises - 33 pages - Business strategy

The retail sector in the developing countries is witnessing a huge revamping exercise as traditional markets make way for new formats such as departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty stores. Rated the fifth most attractive emerging retail market, India is being seen as a...

29 Sep 2010

Beneteau, an international market leader

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Beneteau, the giant in the nautical industry, was founded by Benjamin Beneteau in 1884, with the creation of a familial shipyard. After the long wars period, the apparition of the polyester had cost the yard to develop itself considerably, by starting a mass production. Thus, Beneteau has really...

03 Mar 2011

Strategic analysis of Swatch Group for its establishment in the countries of Eastern Europe

Case study - 36 pages - Services marketing

Luxury in an economic context, the well differentiated and well aware of luxury based on its price elasticity. When the price of property increases and demand decreases, we call this product a good current. When the price increases and demand increases, we call it a luxury good, although Veblen...

27 Jan 2011

Benetton: Strategic evaluation

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Benetton is an internationally recognized empire. In this document we are going to discuss about different strategies of group development and the current status of Benetton and its holding company, Edizione. Benetton and Edizione are groups in a perpetual pace of growth. It is difficult to...

29 Sep 2010

The diversification process of the Walt Disney Company

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The first issue of the Walt Disney Company has to face concerns about diversification. It was considering the extent to which it had to diversify and whether it diversified too far. It is legitimate to consider such a question as the number of businesses Disney presents has exploded since the...

07 Jul 2008

Bank of America

Essay - 17 pages - Business strategy

Background Information History of the Company Bank of America is one of the oldest and largest banks in the United States. With its home office in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America is the third-largest commercial bank in terms of assets. Additionally, the bank originated under the Bank...

29 Sep 2010

The Walt Disney company

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

The first issue the Walt Disney Company has to face concerns diversification: has it diversified too far? It is legitimate to consider such a question as the number of businesses Disney presents has exploded since the company's beginning. Indeed, being first a company based on movie-making,...

28 Jul 2010

Strategic analysis tools and business development

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

We live in a changing world, characterized by rapid innovation and numerous mutations. Any business creation, in this context, represents a risk (whether human or financial). It is now necessary to assess the feasibility of the project. To do this, it seems worthwhile to perform a preliminary...

31 Dec 2010

Tesco's in India

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Introduction According to Business Object (2008) Tesco is the UK's largest retailer and is one of the top three international retailers in the world with 2,000 stores. Tesco is driving a multi-part strategy which will add to Tesco's growth and benefit. According to studies, a lot of retailers...

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of corporate strategy of Google

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

The State of the overall market demand: The consumer is a connoisseur, as he turns to different search engines depending on the type of research he needs to do. For example, the engine "All the Web" has a specialized search option for MP3 files, images and video. The consumer will therefore...

29 Sep 2010

Strategic plan: "L´Oréal"

Case study - 26 pages - Business strategy

L'OREAL, a world leader in cosmetics, started as a family business. It was founded in 1909, by the chemist Eugene Schueller, who manufactured and sold hair dye to hairdressers. The spirit and values attached to them are the basis of the group, and enable it to dominate the cosmetics market....

10 Jan 2011
doc Analysis and study of strategic decisions

Case study - 16 pages - Management

Human beings are often known for their ability to adapt. This is reflected particularly on the scale of the company, which, if it captures a large market share for a period, all things being equal, it can also be modified in a context growing in strategic reorientation. The gradual emergence of...

07 May 2009

Corporate strategy and the role of HRM

Thesis - 8 pages - Human resources

Throughout “The Thirty Glorious Ones”, HRM started adapting to strategies. Indeed, this period is defined by a spectacular economic growth in which products are uniform and in which customer's needs are the last preoccupations of companies. Thus, the Taylor-Ford model finds in this...

29 Sep 2010

The Threat of the New World to the French Wine Market: Are historically traditional wines are being usurped by aggressive new competitors?

Dissertation - 77 pages - Services marketing

The objective of this dissertation is to identify the difficulties that the French wine market faces with regard to the competition of the producers of new wines. Simple, easy to drink wines, have been commercialized on a large scale in the past ten years or so by Australia, South Africa, Chile...

04 Jan 2011

Strategy of Christian Dior - published: 03/01/2011

Thesis - 17 pages - Business strategy

Christian Dior was the creator of one of the largest luxury homes, who would have celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005, and has marked his time with his creative genius. ? Christian Dior; an atypical profile: 1905 - 1934 Christian Dior was born into a wealthy family on January 21, 1905 in...

14 Feb 2014

Strategic Management Process

Dissertation - 47 pages - Management

The top management team must take into account the competing desires and needs of an organization's various stakeholders, because their support is essential for successful strategy implementation. Stakeholders include not only the organization's managers and employees, but also the...

27 Jan 2011

Strategy of Christian Dior

Case study - 28 pages - Services marketing

For two decades, Christian Dior SA is among one of the largest luxury groups in Europe and worldwide. Christian Dior is a holding company that has publicly traded since 1988 and holds 42% share of the luxury group LVMH. Christian Dior SA is also the parent company of Christian Dior Couture in...

24 Dec 2013

IKEA: Strategic Marketing in India

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

IKEA is Swedish-Dutch company specialized in the design and retail of furniture and decorative objects kits. The company is one of the largest companies through the world with 338 stores in 41 countries. In 2011, Ikea registered a total turnover of 25.2 billion euros and revenues of 3 billion...

16 Apr 2014

Investment opportunities in relevance to ICICI

Case study - 74 pages - Finance

In the '90s there has been a decisive shift towards a new wave, the domain of financial services. In the era of the consumer, financial services, which seek to put the consumer in the forefront, have come to stay. Skillful marketing has opened up a wide spectrum of areas where financial...