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03 Apr 2023

Tarnished: Toxic Leadership in the U.S. Military - George E. Reed (2015) - Toxic Management & Leadership

Text commentary - 5 pages - Management

The book written by Reed (2015) reports the challenges of the American Army in terms of leadership. At first, soldiers have all the notions required to act like a perfect leader (Ibid). However, each leader develops a style of leadership according to his/her personality and his/her environment...

06 Sep 2022

Theories and Critiques Against Military Revolution

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

The term military revolution refers to theories that try to explain a series of drastic changes in the military over a period of time. It led to many changes that lasted for a long time in the politics and society in Europe. Michael Robert was the introducer of this theory in the...

07 Aug 2018

Anatomy of the Russian disinformation campaign: understanding the complexity of a covert network as part of state policy and a military tool against Europe

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Journalism

About two decades ago, it was impossible to imagine that foreign disinformation could actually affect the policy decision making or disturb social cohesion and solidarity in European countries. Back then, media outlets such as television, radio stations and newspapers enjoyed munificent funding...

06 Jul 2015

The persecutions: The political and military commitment

Case study - 4 pages - Ancient history

In 1738, the region came under the control of the Afghan leader Nadir Shah of Iran .It return to hostilities, that Sikhs call ghalughara (Holocaust). In 1762 he destroyed Amritsar, seen as a symbol of the complete victory of Islam. This is the Wadde Ghalughara (second Holocaust). However it...

31 Jul 2014

Military Turn Overs / Check List Use

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Turnover checklists are documents used to verify payrolls, proceeds and income statements against the restrictions defined by the checklist itself. This proposal's purpose is to develop the checklists currently in use. Evidently, this process can at times be difficult following to the complicity...

27 Aug 2014

Analysis of Women in the Military

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

For a long time recruitment of women in the military was kept at minimal. However, in the present era the face of military has taken a drastic change as more and more women join the armed forces. Currently, women make up 14 percent of US forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq...

13 Nov 2014

The relationship between the military and civilian leadership in the United States

Case study - 6 pages - Political science

The civil-military leadership involves the interaction between the uniformed military and the civilians. Attitudes and actions of both civilians and military shape this relationship (Leonard, par. 1). -America has had tension between the military (both in the office...

06 Aug 2013

Understanding military downsizing

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

On October 21st, 2011, President Obama held a press conference, one of many actually, where he stated “virtually all U.S. troops will come home from Iraq by the end of the year -- at which point he can declare an end to America's long and costly war in that Middle Eastern nation.”...

12 Jul 2011

Samurai - Class of military nobility in pre-industrial Japan

Essay - 2 pages - Social sciences

Samurai were members of a class of military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. They were bound by a code of honor known as “Bushido.” When roughly translated, “Bushido” means “the way of the warrior.” The Bushido was a moral code that all samurai were...

30 Jun 2011

The Case for Federal Courts: Why suspected terrorists should not be tried in military commissions

Thesis - 6 pages - Constitutional law

Federal courts are a time-tested, constitutionally sound, and internationally approved system for prosecuting designated “enemy combatants.” The United States Constitution is intended not to grant rights, but to protect those rights in the face of the power of the federal government....

15 Feb 2010

To what extent was the air campaign in operation Iraqi freedom a military success but a public relations failure?

Thesis - 15 pages - International relations

The relationship between the US and Iraq in the post-Cold War era has been marked by a shift in US foreign policy, which has culminated in two wars, namely Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The focus of this paper is to critically evaluate the tactical position of the USA in...

13 Apr 2010

Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb: A satire that says a lot about the military and political system in the 1960's

Thesis - 2 pages - Film studies

In this term paper, I analyze the themes of Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb; what Screenwriter/Director Stanley Kubrick was trying to say in this film. Then I compare the themes to the topics of the 1960's and to the present. The film is a satire of the Cold...

12 Jan 2009

Civil - military relations in Israel

Thesis - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Israel is a democratic republic and operates under the parliamentary system. Executive power is exercised by the prime minister and the government. It was founded in 1948.The Israeli defence forces, Tsahal, were also created in 1948, with the professionalisation of several paramilitary...

28 Jul 2009

How an EU military could affect world peace through international law

Thesis - 12 pages - International law

There is no greater motivation for European unification than the desire for peace. Just like the UN, the EU wants to avoid the “scourge of war” for its future generations. In times of peace, the world forgets that the EU is not an economic coalition, but is instead a peaceful, foreign...

17 May 2009

"In the last resort, states with classical military forces prevail": How does the realist theory contribute to foreign policy?

Thesis - 6 pages - International relations

The theory is mainly a tool for the study of International Relations. It allows for the building of a conceptual framework upon which the events of world politics are analyzed. Theory provides with models that help unravel the mechanisms at work in the international system. Each theory is like a...

16 Jan 2009

Can the military be a-political? Should it be?

Essay - 3 pages - Political science

The world has been stunned since 1989 by the speed with which the countries of Eastern Europe abandoned four decades of Marxist-Leninist rule and moved into Western-style democracy and capitalism. Although the process of transition was, of course, delicate, it seems that very often economic and...

25 Nov 2008

Delusions of Soviet power and the American military-industrial complex

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

The Cold War period for the United States and indeed, the world was one of turbulence and uncertainty. The conclusion of World War II saw the clash of two major world powers, each replete with the awesome capability of nuclear weapons. For the first time in history the human race intentionally...

04 Dec 2008

Japanese military independence

Essay - 7 pages - Political science

The Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF) was developed as a provisionary force during the Cold War and is restricted under Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. The SDF has been under much scrutiny over the most recent decade. Debates regarding the amendment or abolition of Article 9 itself,...

18 Apr 2008

Military Efforts to Meet Soldiers Needs Faster

Essay - 5 pages - Management

The following essay compares the Lean Six Sigma and Uniformed Army Scientists and Engineers (UAS&E) transformation efforts of the United States military. This analysis will identify key factors which led to the transformation as well as, policies which were enacted in order to effect this...

06 Aug 2008

Military Extended Child Care Agency (M.E.C.C.A.)

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

The Military Extended Child Care Agency (M.E.C.C.A) is an agency that would be used to assist Soldiers and their family members with extended child care services. Most military child care agencies or centers operating hours are from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm. These hours are not...

15 Jul 2008

African American families and military service

Essay - 4 pages - Social sciences

Considering that African-Americans have been soldiers in every war that the U.S. has ever fought, it should be no surprise that sociologists take great interest in the relationship between the U.S. military and the African-American Family (Billingsley 1992). Following Allen's theoretical...

17 Apr 2008

Limited Options for Working Class Citizens Prompts Joining of the Military

Book review - 3 pages - Sociology

“Military Mirrors Working-Class America” (2003) discusses the social makeup of the military servicemen enlisted in America. The authors, David M. Halbfinger and Steven A. Holmes (2003) point out that the majority of the American military is made up of low-to-middle...

26 Jul 2022

Jarhead - Sam Mendes (2005) - The place of men and women in society during the war

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Film studies

Jarhead is a trip movie and also a movie of war that tells the stories of the soldiers, it was filmed in the late 1970s, Sam Mendes directed the film based on the true story of Anthony Swofford's private life as a military man in the US marine, the movie takes us back to the Gulf War....

04 Aug 2022

EU relations in the wake of the 21st century

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

Eastern and Western Europe were separated in the aftermath of the Second World War by their rapprochement with one of the two great victorious powers, the USSR and the United States. Rebuild = European countries reduced their military budgets and thus find themselves at a disadvantage in...

07 Apr 2021

Pestel Analysis - Airbus

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The Airbus company operates in the aeronautics sector, which includes a civilian component and a military component. Airbus was created in 1969, following an agreement between several European powers, notably France, Germany and England. The head office is located in France, near Toulouse....

31 Jul 2022

Towards a European Defense?

Course material - 7 pages - International relations

The problem of a European defense system is not new: we remember the Brussels Treaty of 1948, which was a military alliance between GB, France and the Benelux countries, including a common European general staff which was stationed in Fontainebleau, until it was taken over by NATO in 1951,...

05 Jul 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Garmin

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

Garmin was created in 1989 by Gary Busell and Min H. Kao to offer a new generation of GPS. When it was created, the firm sold geolocation systems to the US military. The firm has since developed and diversified its activities by offering geolocation tools for the general public, such as a...

06 Jul 2015

A Battle amongst our Own

Case study - 8 pages - Literature

Every day, in the United States, new members of the military are introduced to vigorous training that's designed to prepare them physically and mentally for their awaiting battles. One thing that these military training academies have failed to prepare service members for in the...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - The Reagan Revolution

Course material - 5 pages - Modern history

Ronald Reagan was elected president in November 1980. It was a return to more liberalism, to more individual responsibility, a move towards deregulation of the economy in a more and more globalized world. Reagan was convinced that this return to liberalism was the only way to overcome the...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - Transnational problems today as seen from Washington

Course material - 12 pages - Political science

In the document issued in September 2002, "The National Security Strategy of the USA", two essential goals of US national policy were stressed: the defeat of "Global terrorism" and "to prevent our enemies from threatening us, our allies, and our friends with weapons of mass destruction". Those...