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01 Aug 2022

Pestel Analysis - The real estate market in the US

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The United States' housing market is experiencing a considerable shift. As the government tries to quell the impacts of inflation with relatively higher interest rates, every other aspect of the economy from foreclosure rates to housing market prices remains in flux. As such, housing prices...

10 Jun 2022

PESTEL Analysis - Lafuma

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

Lafuma is a pioneer in the field of outdoor sports equipment. Since 1930, it has designed and manufactured sports and leisure equipment in France. Over time, the company has evolved. In fact, metal frame backpacks were introduced by the company in 1936. The company began manufacturing camping...

11 Jul 2022

PESTEL Analysis - The Real Estate Market in the UK

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Like any other real estate market, the UK's rents and leases properties. By the end of each month, landlords collect the revenues from the rents and leasing of the houses. This document contains a PESTEL Analysis of the real estate market in the UK.

15 Apr 2022

PESTEL Analysis - Merck Millipore

Case study - 6 pages - International marketing

Merck Millipore is a leading German life sciences company. Their headquarters are in Darmstadt, Germany. Founded in 1668, it operates in the fields of pharmaceuticals and chemistry. Indeed, the company's goal is to solve the most complex problems in the field of life sciences by...

15 Apr 2022

Analysis of a country - Japan's PESTEL analysis and Porter's 5 Forces

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

Japan is maintaining complicated relations with neighboring countries such as Russia, South Korea, China and Taiwan; this is related to different resources (such as natural gas, hydrocarbons ...).

24 Nov 2022

PESTEL Analysis - Shein

Case study - 6 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Global fast fashion market was supported by an increasing youth population's penchant for essential and affordable fast fashion clothing. The expansion of the fast fashion market, nonetheless, has gotten hampered by unsuitable working conditions and low living wages (Wang, 2018). Many workers...

20 Jul 2022

PESTEL Analysis - Levi Strauss Company

Case study - 5 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

In essence, the United States apparel industry had total revenue of 350 billion dollars as of 2019, representing an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent between 2015 and 2019. The womenswear segment was by far the industry's most profitable in 2019, with total revenue of 187 billion dollars,...

14 Jul 2022

PESTEL analysis - The clothing market in the UK

Case study - 5 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

The UK's fashion industry is a big and well reputed one. In fact, aside from the fact that it hosts many clothing ceremonies or events, it also shows the place given to fashion in the country. For example, when we talk about London Fashion week and similar events, it reflects on the...

22 Jul 2022

PESTEL Analysis - Levi Strauss Company - published: 19/07/2022

Case study - 7 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

Founded in 1853, Levi Strauss Company is by far one of the largest outfit organizations in the world and has been known far and wide for its inventions of jeans as classic clothing apparel. With over fifteen thousand employees across the globe, as of 2020, the company has not only become a global...

26 Apr 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Burger King is an American giant specialising in fast food and, in particular, burgers, and are McDonald's main global competitor. The group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957 the two friends created the recipe for the now world-famous...

03 Mar 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Google

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Google is now world-famous company, originally from the United States, the company was founded in 1998. Google is a world leader in technology, means of communication, services related to the Internet and the Cloud, entertainment and content disseminated online. The company is located in Silicon...

19 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - H&M

Case study - 6 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

There is no other company such as H&M. Both in terms of identity, business model and location, the group, founded in Sweden at the end of the Second World War (1947) by Erling Persson, has established itself over the decades to acquire a place now central to global ready-to-wear market....

31 Dec 2021

Pestel Analysis - Stellantis

Case study - 4 pages - Automotive marketing

The Stellantis group was founded on January 16, 2021. The multinational company that has existed for several months and manufacturer of automobiles was born from a merger between two groups including the PSA group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Two years earlier, in 2019, the announcement of the...

19 Nov 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Vodacom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

The company is based in South Africa and was created since 1993. It can be considered as an extension of Vodafone in South Africa, DRC, Lesotho, and Mozambique. In fact, the Vodafone group has almost 64.5% of Vodacom. The latest operates in the telecommunication service industry. When it comes...

17 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Qatar Airways

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Qatar Airlines has been considered one of the best airlines in the world. There are certain dynamic factors one must understand in order to discover the future of an airline like Qatar Airways. They provide many services that make them innovative in their field. Qatar Airways offers a business...

18 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Emirates

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Emirates Airlines is a Dubai-based airline, 100% owned by Dubai Investment Corporation. Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East, with more than 3,600 flights per week. This airline is considered the first airline in the world and started its operations with only two planes. They...

19 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Virgin

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Virgin group is a world-famous British group. The group, owned by tycoon Richard Branson, who founded it in the 1970s. Branson and his associates defined themselves as entirely virgins in the business world, hence the chosen name, Virgin. The group has dozens of companies, most of which are...

01 Oct 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Kraft Foods

Case study - 4 pages - Distribution marketing

"The spirit of a start-up, the soul of a powerhouse": created in 1980 under the name of Kraft Foods Global, the company was initially based in Delaware in the United States before it relocated to Virginia in 2012. This move coincided with the company changing its name to Kraft Foods Group, Inc....

10 Mar 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Coca-Cola

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The Coca-Cola Company has grown over the years into a real legend and recognised symbol in the soft drink industry, among its competitors, and among its consumers. It is considered much more than just a company that distributes beverage syrups, a brand that is so popular and renowned around the...

28 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Subway

Case study - 5 pages - Catering marketing

Since its inception in 1989, the Subway company has continued to expand its activities in many countries around the world. Most of its restaurants are located in the United States. In addition, beyond the quality of the products offered by Subway, the popular brand loved by burger fans is known...

29 Oct 2021

PESTEL Analysis - The electric car market

Case study - 4 pages - Automotive marketing

An electric car is made up of one or more electric motors which are usually powered by a battery. The goal of manufacturing these vehicles is to reduce the carbon footprint. But the idea of the electric vehicle does not date from today. In 1834 Thomas Davenport, an American created the first...

14 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Nestle

Case study - 6 pages - Distribution marketing

Present in many countries, Nestlé is a company that occupies an important place in the agri-food sector. Thanks to its diversified products of different quality and nature, the Nestlé company has found a loophole that has enabled it to attract as many consumers as possible, gain a remarkable...

03 Nov 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Vodafone

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Vodafone is a British telecommunication company based in Newbury. The company was created in 1984 and known as Racal Telecom, a branch of Racal Electronics. It is only in 1991 that the company became Vodafone group. The company made its entry in the stock market in 1988 under the name Racal...

18 Jan 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Samsung Electronics

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Globally recognized as an industry leader in technology and currently 10th in the world, Samsung-Sanyo Electronics was founded in 1969. In March 1975 it was renamed Samsung Electronics-Mechanics and just two years later in March 1977 it merged with Samsung Electronics and the Samsung Electronics...

19 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Tesla

Case study - 2 pages - Automotive marketing

Politically, subsidies and ecological bonuses for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles help orient the purchase of cars in Europe towards the environmental protection desired by political parties. The CAFE standard was put in place in order to penalize manufacturers who do not respect the...

25 Oct 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

CWT... 3 letters in a short but telling acronym: "Carlson Wagonlit Travel" is a name that does not go unnoticed in the business travel industry. The firm took its marks in 1872 when the Belgian Georges Nagelmakers innovated by creating a company with the sole purpose of serving the traveler. The...

18 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - The Body Shop

Case study - 5 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Anita Roddick, in a desire to connect her business sense with her moral sense, founded The Body Shop on March 26, 1976, with the opening of her first boutique in the south of England. The store offers high quality, traceable and environmentally-friendly cosmetic products. The product line has...

10 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Nutella

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

Nutella is a brand that belongs to the famous Ferrero group, known the world over for its chocolates during the Christmas holidays, in particular and it's spread with an inimitable taste whose success is no longer to be proven. In 2018, the group recorded a turnover of 11.2 billion euros,...

31 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Disney

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

Disney is the short name commonly used for ‘The Walt Disney Company', an American company originally operating in the animation sector since 1923. Then over the years, they achieved successes in the entertainment sector in general. In 2012, it became the world's leading entertainment...

28 Apr 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Zoom

Case study - 4 pages - ICT marketing

Zoom is an American company specialising in telecommunications, mainly offering conference calls, videos, online messaging services and even online group meetings. Its head office is located in California. Its main shareholders are investment funds such as The Vanguard or Morgan Stanley...