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17 May 2009

Power and weakness in "American Power in the 21st Century" by Robert Kagan

Book review - 5 pages - Political science

Robert Kagan is a neo-conservative American scholar and political commentator. He was born on September 26th 1958 in Athens. After graduating from Yale University in 1980, he earned a Masters from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a PhD from American University in...

10 Aug 2009

Class and power in America

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

Most Americans don't like the idea that there might be social classes. Classes imply that people have relatively fixed stations in life. Even more, Americans tend to deny that classes might be rooted in wealth and occupational roles. They talk about social class, but with euphemisms like...

19 Aug 2009

The Destructive Power of Material Wealth in Rome: Luxury and Avarice as Negative Values in Sallust and Livy

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Roman conquest of foreign nations in the East resulted in a dramatic increase of material wealth in Rome, brought back as the spoils of war from the conquered nations. This increase in wealth had a corruptive influence on Roman society, as it signified the advent of luxury, or extravagance,...

03 Sep 2009

China's rise to power

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

Most outside analysts believe that China is experiencing the most secure and “threat-free” period in its post-1949 history. But, China's military leaders appear to perceive the international environment as dangerous and threatening. Since the end of World War II, China has had an...

09 Jun 2009

National conference on power electronics and power systems 2008: Simulation of transient for power transmission lines

Thesis - 6 pages - Physics

Switching operations, faults, lightning surges, and other intended or unintended disturbances cause temporary high voltages and currents in power transmission lines. The system must withstand this high voltage with a certain probability or its effects must be reduced and limited with...

20 May 2009

Overview of a planned 5-10 MW CBM fired pilot power project

Presentation - 69 pages - Business strategy

This presentation is based on the company Optim Energy. The trend of the presentation will be a beginning with who Optim Energy is, followed by what the project is all about and why they chose the Princeton area. Next will be a description of what coal bed methane is and how prevalent is it...

05 Mar 2009

A study of the power press

Thesis - 17 pages - Physics

Press is a tool used to work on sheet metal to convert its shape to the required item. Power presses are used for producing large quantities of components quickly, accurately and economically from the cold working of mild steel and other ductile materials. The components produced range...

16 Jan 2009

Discuss the methods by which Britain became a great power

Essay - 6 pages - Journalism

The very notion of power and by extension the one of great power, have always been elaborate concepts to grasp. Should one study the strength of a nation from a historical perspective, then it appears that the notion of great power could only be defined comparatively. Indeed,...

16 Jan 2009

Evaluating supermarket power: Carrefour promodes

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

In recent years, large buyers that had previously been in fragmented industries have increased their purchasing power through mergers and acquisitions. This change has placed more importance on the topic of limiting bargaining power and preserving free competition in the market. As...

28 May 2009

Heat pipe based air preheater for thermal power plants

Dissertation - 54 pages - Computer science

Modern day thermal power plants try to utilize more & more heat available from burning of coal. In the process reducing the heat loss to the surroundings and increasing the efficiency. Devices like economizer and air preheater are manifestations for the same purpose. Most of the...

17 May 2009

Robert Kagan, "Of Paradise and Power, America and Europe in the New World Order"

Book review - 5 pages - Political science

Robert Kagan's Of Paradise and Power was published in January 2003. The book is in fact an extension of the author's article “Power and Weakness” which appeared in the Policy Review in June 2002. In his book, Kagan presents a very interesting point of view. He shows that,...

12 May 2009

An evaluation of the role played by the early Tudors in the growth of England as a super power

Thesis - 12 pages - Ancient history

The Tudor period in English history refers to the period between 1485 C.E. and 1603 C.E. that coincides with the rule of the Tudor dynasty. The five monarchs who ruled England during this period were Henry VII (1485 C.E. to 1509 C.E.), Henry VIII (1509 C.E. to 1547 C.E.), Edward VI (1547 C.E. to...

05 Mar 2009

How the Bush administration has abused executive power

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

Since the United States Constitution was written, there has been a constant tug-of-war for power between the three branches of government: the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch. In this time, the executive has been able to acquire many powers which...

19 Feb 2008

Disgrace, Desire, and Degradation: The Experience of Intrapersonal Reconciliation and Power Relations in Post Apartheid South Africa

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

J.M. Coetzee uses the third person omniscient point of view to tell the story of the unraveling of David Lurie's career and the proceeding time he spends with his daughter, Lucy, in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Through this point of view, Coetzee creates a voice that is...

04 May 2008

Investigating Madness Within Power Structures

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

Kafka's The Metamorphosis is full of power structures that dictate the actions of each character. Each character finds him or herself in a role of accountability and responsibility that dictates how he or she acts, particularly towards other characters. Gregor, for instance, is accountable...

10 Jul 2008

Memorize your timetables: The rational world and the power of prediction in Tabucchi's La Testa Perduta di Damasceno Monteiro

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

In Antonio Tabucchi's La Testa Perduta di Damasceno Monteiro, the reader is pulled into a detective murder-mystery dealing with decapitation, murder suspects named il Grillo Verde, and tripe. Of particular interest, however, is the character of Don Fernando, a lawyer whose mind flies from topic...

08 May 2008

Fighting Nostalgia and Facing the Present: The Power of Coming Home

Essay - 3 pages - Psychology

Home is where the heart is, especially in the case of Odysseus. Separated from home for twenty years, the military man yearns to set foot on the sand of Ithaka to reclaim his place as leader, husband, and father. However, unlike the portrayal of most tough guys, Odysseus does not hesitate to weep...

24 Apr 2008

What are the powerful symbols of rebirth and hope?

Case study - 8 pages - Social sciences

Throughout the course of time and contained within most historical references that discuss, analyze and theorize about ancient as well as modern religions there is almost always a reference to symbols as they relate to the multitude of religions. Specifically, this paper discusses symbols of...

04 Aug 2008

The Supreme Court: America's judicial body of power

Essay - 9 pages - Constitutional law

This paper analyzes the ways in which the Supreme Court's function has transformed, its current structure, and the issues that presently surround the Court. In order to maintain freedom and prosperity for the American people, the founding fathers explicitly divided up government responsibilities...

17 Nov 2008

Illustrating the power of information in life science research

Essay - 4 pages - Computer science

The ironic proverbial saying that “a month in the lab can save you an hour in the library” is proving itself repeatedly and at a huge cost to both academic and commercial institutions alike. Missed information in the literature costs time, money, and quality. Both the quality of...

09 Sep 2008

The feminine power in Spenser's "The Faerie Queene"

Book review - 4 pages - Literature

Throughout The Faerie Queene, there are female representations, the most prominent female characters are Una and Duessa, but there are also Errour, Lucifera, Night, Caelia and her three daughters. These female characters exude a certain form of power: Errour has physical power;...

04 Jun 2008

Power and Sexuality in "Leda and the Swan" and "Goblin Market"

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

Duality and opposition are forces that play beneath the surface of both William Butler Yeats' “Leda and the Swan” and Christina Rossetti's “Goblin Market”, two poems that focus on sexuality while incorporating animal figures as holders of power, both sexual and...

15 Jun 2008

An analysis of the relative explanatory power of the concept of class compared to two other dimensions of social position

Essay - 3 pages - Social sciences

This investigation asks us to consider relative explanatory power of the concept of class compared to at least two other dimensions of social position—i.e. race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or occupation. With this in mind, it seems reasonable to argue that the concept of class...

04 Sep 2008

The road to nationalism: Self-Defeating colonialism and the power of high culture

Essay - 8 pages - Political science

In his book The Dynamics of Global Dominance, David B. Abernethy proclaims that imperialistic colonies are, by design, inherently “self-defeating enterprises.” That is, historically as a colony grows and progresses according to the design of its ruling nation, the volatility of that...

17 Jul 2008

Book review of America's right turn: From Nixon to Clinton and a book review of America's right turn: How conservatives used the new and alternative media to gain power.

Essay - 6 pages - Medieval history

The book is a logical presentation of the historical development of the Republican's success in campaigning for wedge issues. Wedge issues have been instrumental in the campaign of Republican's since wedge issues like gay marriage, illegal immigrants, abortion are very appealing to the emotions...

25 Sep 2008

Leadership and personal power in organizations

Essay - 5 pages - Human resources

Leadership is a heavily studied element of organizations. Every organization has leaders, after all, but what can and what do leaders actually do to achieve results? Can these results be replicated, or is individual charisma and various other sources of power and success ultimately simply...

25 Nov 2008

Delusions of Soviet power and the American military-industrial complex

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

The Cold War period for the United States and indeed, the world was one of turbulence and uncertainty. The conclusion of World War II saw the clash of two major world powers, each replete with the awesome capability of nuclear weapons. For the first time in history the human race...

21 May 2008

How has globalization affected power relations among states?

Essay - 2 pages - International relations

Globalization has affected the political world system. Power relations amongst states have been altered due to a number of social, economic and political developments. “Contemporary globalization is associated with a transformation of state power as the roles and functions of...

31 Jul 2007

Power and Independence of Hmong Women in Laos and America

Essay - 5 pages - Sociology

The Hmong are an ethnic group indigenous to the Southeast Asian peninsula. They typically live in the mountainous regions of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They are rice farmers who are well known for their embroidery and the color of their dress, which gives its name to the different Hmong clans....

22 Oct 2007

Homer's Oddessy and Gluck's Circe's Power

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

The Odyssey is filled with a large number of secondary characters that are, for the most part, very one-dimensional. Despite being very different in regards to themselves, as a whole they can be easily identified: they are briefly mentioned; they have limited dialogue; and they serve one of two...