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11 Mar 2023

West African Anglophone Literary Productions

Course material - 21 pages - Literature

By and large, the objective of this course is to get students in the humanities to cast a meaningful glance at the landscape of the aesthetico-social and political realities which have affected the continent, ever since slavery days through colonization up to the contemporary stage, in the prism...

09 Sep 2022

The organic products market in the UK

Case study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The consumption of organic food substances has soared within the past years across the United Kingdom, as people have sought high-quality food substances and eaten healthy foods, driving the most considerable year-on-year increase in the sale of natural substances in fifteen years. The organic...

06 Sep 2022

The Role of Industrial Production in Labour Organizing

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Modern history

A look back at the development of the labour movement in Niagara can be traced back to the commercial capitalism facilitated by the construction of the well and canal. In this period, the majority of waged workers involved in the construction were unskilled laborers. Their lack of skills became...

30 Aug 2022

The organic products market in the US

Case study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The organic products industry within the United States markets has grown significantly within the past twenty years. As a matter of fact, the organic products sector has ranked highest among the fastest-growing sectors within the United States, which further raises questions about...

24 Aug 2022

Improving the Company's Production and Retail - Purdy's Chocolates Undercover Mission

Case study - 3 pages - Catering marketing

The Chief Executive Officer of Purdy's Chocolates noted that, for a company to keep growing and expanding, there was need for the top management to become aware and alive to the employees' and customer's opinion and view (Reality, 2014, p. 1). It was for this very purpose that she asked one of...

28 Dec 2021

Sustainability in the Fashion and Apparel/Consumer Products Industries

Essay - 4 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Sustainability in global industries such as Fashion & Apparel, Consumer Products, and Food & Agriculture is a major subject of society. All of these industries face major sustainability-related problems and challenges that they need to overcome to protect the planet. Among these...

14 Jun 2021

Advertising Production For Television

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

Ads give thanks, shower praise, confirm self-worth, answer prayers, express devotion, foster hope and inspire belief … In the end, we buy the advertising, not the product, because it promises something we want. This quote is somewhat true, as it is saying that adverts promise to make...

26 Nov 2019

Assess the Online sales of fresh products in China - The case study of fresh products application (Freshippo)

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

With the popularity of the internet and the development of e-business, an increasing number of consumers tend to shop online. Fresh agricultural products also need to grasp this opportunity as there is a large potential market on the internet.

18 Aug 2017

New product report of SOOTHE Inc.

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

SOOTH Inc is an American company that is specialized in the massage therapy business. This new product management report indicates the extent to which this company can increase its profitability and gain a competitive advantage if it penetrates the new Markets of Asia, Middle East and...

28 Sep 2016

The analysis of the link between posttraumatic stress disorder, stress-induced cortisol production, and heart disease

Case study - 5 pages - Medical studies

A number of links between posttraumatic stress disorder, cortisol, and heart disease have been established, although the final synthesis has yet to be developed. The pure correlation between heart disease and posttraumatic stress disorder has become a standard conclusion. Recent studies have...

29 Mar 2016

Product mix: Head and Shoulder shampoo

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Head and Shoulder shampoo is one of the brands of Procter and Gamble Company, which has a wide range of products. The company is a top notch in its field dealing with care and hygiene products aiming different market groups. The company has a well spread out product mix. In...

28 Sep 2016

Michael Foucault: power is productive

Essay - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Since the beginning of time, power has been an issue in many different ways; how to gain it, how to keep it, how to destroy it. According to Michel Foucault, "power is productive". Power is what molds society into what is, and what it should be. Foucault believed that through repression,...

17 Apr 2015

Immigrants and the development of small-scale market production

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The Santa Catarina historiography describes the process of occupation of the western part of the state as a result of the signing of the "limits of agreement between the Paraná and Santa Catarina" in 1916 and the completion of the stretch of railroad São Paulo-Rio Grande (Cabral, 1970). The...

22 Apr 2015

The integration with production systems

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The industrial refrigeration of meat, grain crushing and oil filling are segments of the agroindustrial complex that brings together a set of productive chains that downstream characterized by the use of goods from agricultural activities and the amount by marketing process increasingly complex....

17 Apr 2015

Production and Delivery of Five 800-Seater Aircrafts Model 702

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

The virtual management system will require that each firm have teleconferencing equipment that is also functional. Due to the time differences between the locations of the four firms involved in the overall production process, there will be need for stretching the day hours in other regions so as...

24 Mar 2015

Artificial intelligence in multimedia production

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Artificial intelligence an approach used to design intelligent agents. Intelligent agents are systems that are able to perceive their environments and use the perception results to maximize on its chances of success. Multimedia is an approach that combines sound, visuals, animations, text, and...

30 Jul 2015

Demonstrating that Art is a product of its context

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

From an examination of cultures throughout history, it can be established that artistic works within respective cultures were based on the prevailing cultural contexts. In such regard, this paper attempts to show that art is indeed a product of its context. This assertion is depicted...

21 Nov 2014

Climatic Change and its effect on Food Production

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The agricultural sector plays an important role within our country's economy. Other than agriculture providing us with food, agriculture also comprises of seafood, and livestock which all together contribute an estimate of $200 billion dollars annually to our country's economy (Brian & Matt...

14 Jan 2014

Marketing Plan of New Innovative Product: Morgan Life car

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Morgan Life car two is a product from Morgan life Car Company which is located in Malvern, Worcestershire. The company was started by Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan in 1910, and it was operated by its founder until his death in the late fifties (the company has since been then been run by...

19 Nov 2014

Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) Software Package and it's Impact on Social Sciences

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

This paper discusses the impacts of Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) on social sciences. Social life is full of analytical demands from day to day activities that many of the programs that were initially developed have not been able to meet. The world is in the cusp of...

19 Mar 2014

Waste products as unused resources

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Waste products involve a wide range of terms that encompasses most of the unwanted materials and includes, scrap materials, effluent or any unwanted surplus substance or article that needs to be disposed since it is broken, unusable, and worn out. Wastes can be categorized in to controlled...

13 May 2014

Criminal liability of corporations: A counter-productive policy?

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Criminal liability is one of the central aspects of a democratic system, assuring that wrongdoers will be punished for acts committed against the society as a whole. Criminal law has an important role to play in regulating the behavior of individuals, ensuring they abide by criminal law and are...

19 Aug 2014

Analysis of mass communication product- Gangnam Style, dance song & Quote, by PSY from South Korea

Case study - 2 pages - Journalism

Gangnam Style is a pop dance song written and performed by South Korean singer, Park Jae Sung, known by his stage name PSY. The song was released in 2012 and since the video has received the attention of more than eight million viewers that have generated a number of satires. The song Gangnam...

20 Oct 2014

Products Liability Research Paper

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Product liability is one of the sections in the law whereby the manufacturers who make products to the public must be responsible for the injuries the products might cause to the customers. The claims which are commonly associated with product liability include the...

25 Nov 2013

The comparison of thermo-stable Alpha-amylase products cloned in Bacillus stearothermophilus and Bacillus subtilis.

Case study - 4 pages - Biology

The enzyme Alpha-amylase accounts for about 30% of total enzyme production in the world and contributes to numerous industrial applications, extending from general products such as detergents, paper, beer and textiles to clinical biology, health science and even the pharmaceutical industry...

21 Jun 2013

Integrated solution for more efficient wind power production

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This paper is an Essay Proposal that intended to outline different approaches applied by specialized experts in the field of renewable energy sources, of which wind energy is one area of the theme. In order to argue for the factors that influence efficiency of producing power out of wind energy,...

02 Aug 2013

Review the process for development of new products. Analyze why most new products fail. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Mullins and Walker (2010) state that greater attention must be given to new products and one of reasons why so many products fail is because not enough people want to buy them (p. 265). For this reason, there are systems in place to analyze ideas before proceeding to production. As...

29 Oct 2013

Innovation management and new product development

Case study - 19 pages - Management

Samsonite has chosen to position its brand in the niche market of high-end luggage. Before 2006, the brand was positioned mid-range. The downside for companies choosing this positioning is that they are attacked by both top and bottom. Moreover, Samsonite Black Label, born in 2005, positioned...

26 Mar 2013

An analysis of both micro and macro environments of Russia, Sweden and Spain in order to evaluate the potential to internationalize a DVD player product

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

This report will analyze the micro and macro environments of Russia, Sweden and Spain in order to evaluate the potential to internationalize in each country. Pennine Electronics is a small to medium size enterprise based in the UK and consists of 150 employees. Its incentive to internationally...

22 Aug 2012

How do you determine the "right price" for tourism products?

Case study - 29 pages - Business strategy

The tourism industry currently is a rapidly changing sector. I saw it last year when I worked for a small tour operator in South Africa, African Eagle. Although the organization was quite small and rather upscale, we were looking for providers on a daily basis who offered their services at the...