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28 Jan 2021

Corpse Bride (Les Noces funèbres ou La Mariée cadavérique au Québec) - Tim Burton (2005)

Essay - 4 pages - Film studies

Corpse Bride is a 2005 animated film directed by Tim Burton. It was created using the technique of stop-motion, which consists of objects being physically manipulated between individually photographed frames. In this case, the objects used are puppets with movable joints, as in many other Tim...

22 Jul 2015

Is Quebec the only distinct society in Canada at the sub national Level?

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

The idea behind the consideration of Quebec as a distinct state was brought up back in 1995 on the 27th of November when the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien expressed his desire to introduce to the House of Commons a motion which if adopted would mean that Quebec was to stand as a...

16 Feb 2011

The Hydro Quebec company and organizational changes

Case study - 4 pages - Management

The Hydro Quebec Company is owned by the Government of Quebec. It is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in energy sources of Quebec. Its headquarters are located in Montreal. Hydro Quebec was born in 1944; its goal was to serve...

27 Apr 2009

The revolutionary nature of Quebec's 'quiet revolution'

Thesis - 6 pages - Modern history

Introduction - ‘The Quiet Revolution' is the name given to a period in Quebec's history commencing in 1960 and intersecting with the death of Quebec's Premier, Maurice Duplessis. It was a ‘revolution' because a number of sweeping changes were made in the society,...

05 Mar 2009

Quebec as a "distinct society"

Thesis - 5 pages - Social, moral & civic education

For as long as Quebec has been a part of Canada, there has always been debate about what their role is in Canadian federalism, but in most cases it has been nothing more than debate and rhetoric on both sides. There have always been, and will always be people in Quebec and in the...

15 Jan 2009

Quebec separatism

Essay - 7 pages - Political science

One of the main concerns since the creation of the Canadian Confederation in 1867 has been the Quebec question. Nowadays, it is still a big issue in Canadian politics. Quebec has always appeared as a 'distinct society' within the country. It is the core of the main cleavage...

24 Apr 2008

The October Crisis of 1970: Terror in Quebec

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

In October 1970, events took place in Canada that would draw the attention of the entire world. For the first time in its history as a country, terrorism would be brought right to the doorstep of the Canadian government by a radical left-wing organization called the Front de Libération du...

06 Sep 2022

Labor and the National Question

Essay - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

In many social instances, the representation of interests and issues affecting a specific group is greatly felt and taken seriously when presented in numbers. It is through this line of thought that lobby groups are formed to jointly represent the concerns of their members. A perfect example of...

05 Sep 2022

The similarities and differences in the development of labour movements in different parts of Canada

Dissertation - 5 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The labour history of Canada can be traced back several years to 1812 when Halifax formed a union for the tailors. Just four years later, the formation of labour unions was deterred by the Nova Scotian Union which passed the Anti-union Act. Such has been the trend in the Canadian labour movement....

22 Jul 2022

English Test : History on Geopolitical Relations

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Modern history

In Australia, the “History Wars” are a debate on the nature of the colonial settlement and on the extent of the deprivations suffered by the Aboriginals. What fuels the debate is not merely the quest for an ever-elusive historical truth, but rather the consequences that history has on...

30 Aug 2011

Describing Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

Joseph Philippe Pierre Ives Elliotte Trudeau, who prefers to be called Pierre Elliott Trudeau without the final e, in order to emphasize his bilingualism and biculturalism, was born in Montreal, Quebec on October 18, 1919. Trudeau was born into a poor family that lived on a small farm in...

15 Nov 2012

Covering "L'Affaire Richard" in Eastern Canada

Case study - 23 pages - Literature

“Like the bear-pits in Shakespeare's time, we attend hockey games as our popular theater. It is a place where the monumental themes of Canadian life are played out - English and French, East and West, Canada and the United States, Canada and the world, the timeless tensions of commerce and...

23 Apr 2008

Canadian Politics

Tutorials/exercises - 10 pages - Political science

Canadian politics in the 20th century was full of prominent and colourful politicians, but none were as controversial as Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau was a French-Canadian born and raised in Montreal who grew up to become one of the most influential characters in Canadian history. He was...

16 Feb 2011

The decision-making process of purchase of a solar panel at IDS Energy

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

We use hydrocarbon products in all areas of our everyday life, such as in the fields of transportation, production, clothing, and high technology. For the purpose of our study, we also include habitat and comfort. In recent years, the issue of sustainable development has been emphasized in order...

19 Jan 2009

Studying the soybean nodulation at McGill University

Essay - 20 pages - Biology

This summer I had the great opportunity to do my three months training in McGill University in Quebec, Canada. It is one of the oldest Canadian universities, considered one of the most prestigious universities in Canada and one of the best in North America. According to the Times Higher...

18 May 2009

Industrial Toxicology: Proposal and validation of criteria for determining times reentrancy for pesticides used in forest nurseries

Thesis - 7 pages - Medical studies

Agricultural farming practices, forestry or horticultural involve the use of many pesticides to deal with problems created by the proliferation of weeds, fungal diseases and insect pests. It is well known that users can be exposed to these pesticides during the preparation or implementation and...

08 Jun 2012

People of the Fur Trade

Case study - 3 pages - Services marketing

Describe this journey by sea. Some things to think about are- What was it like? How long did it last? Were there any problems? Who else was on the ship? What did you do to pass the time? You finally arrive in Quebec. We embark on the journey to New France. I am accompanied by other...

15 Jan 2009

What are the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining political information from TV and newspapers?

Essay - 9 pages - Journalism

If the Media industry is often seen as information and entertainment generators, it is especially the basis of our Western democracies. Indeed, the Media industry is certainly the most efficient and at least the most use mean to inform the people about politics. Media is then empowering Canadians...

31 Dec 2010

Exporting Mandrin beer to Canada

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

For this export project, we chose a product from the Grenoble region: Mandrin beer. Mandrin beer is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that is based in Isère and whose specialty is manufacturing beer - nut, fir and blonde. This young company is growing in this region and exporting could help make...

29 Apr 2009

Environmental toxicology on metallic mercury spill: A case in the versatile estrie and the steps to a successful decontamination

Thesis - 13 pages - Ecology & environment

In October 1996, the directions of public health in the Eastern Townships (Estrie-DSP) and a multipurpose area that have requested the collaboration of the Center for Toxicology of Quebec (CTQ) to the management of mercury spill metal in a class-chemistry laboratory. During our first...

01 Apr 2014

Google AdSense(TM), to what extent does the concept AdSense revolutionize the advertising on internet?

Case study - 10 pages - Computer science

The first ad that appeared on the web was posted in 1994 by AT&T on the website Created by the interactive agency Modem media, the size of this banner - 468x60 pixels - became the standard size of the classic banner. The contract, signed in April, 1994, concerned a period of twelve...

29 Sep 2010

What are the main differences between the civil and the common law systems ?

Essay - 5 pages - European law

The majority of legal authors divide the legal systems of the world into two mains groups : the common law on one hand, and the civil law on the other hand . The most interesting is that when you try to find definitions for those words, you often find the basic definition, and then, as a...

08 Mar 2007

The main differences between the civil and the common law systems

Thesis - 5 pages - European law

The majority of legal authors divide the legal systems in the world into two mains groups : the common law on the one hand and the civil law on the other hand . The most interesting is that when you try to find definitions for those words, you often find the basic definition and then as a...

15 Jan 2009

Child protection and child abuse

Essay - 3 pages - Political science

The problem of child ?buse h?s become incre?singly evident in ?ll p?rts of the world including ?meric? ?nd Europe. Between 1980 ?nd 1993, for ex?mple, the number of children reported once or more than once to the public ?uthorities complaining about m?ltre?tment. The number has more th?n doubled...

16 Feb 2011

Strategic management: the Game theory (2006)

Case study - 10 pages - Management

Game theory studies the behavior of individuals in situations of antagonism, and seeks to identify optimal strategies. Seemingly very different situations can sometimes be represented with similar incentive structures constituting all examples of the same game. Game theory is becoming an...

04 Jan 2011

Yves Rocher: Its international development

Thesis - 30 pages - Business strategy

From the perspective of globalization, every company aims to become increasingly competitive. With the phenomenon of the opening up of national economies and foreign markets, the only way to cope with increased competition in all sectors is by boosting the exports. Also, SMEs and their...

07 Jul 2008

A broad overview of modern secessionist movements

Essay - 9 pages - Political science

Secessionism is a process that has been part of international discourse since the development of government. Regardless of the success or equity created under a particular rule, various groups have sought separation from the state in an effort to create more autonomy and achieve a higher level of...

25 Mar 2009

Reasonable accommodation as outlined by the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms, its uses, perception and applicable examples

Thesis - 8 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was established as a result of the Constitution Act of 1982. Its precursor was the Canadian Bill of Rights, dated 1960. The Charter was enacted to guarantee basic human and civil rights for the people of Canada. The earlier protectionism treaty, the...

27 Jan 2011

Yves Rocher, its development on international scene and in particular in Canada

Case study - 46 pages - Services marketing

From the perspective of globalization, every company aims to become increasingly competitive. With the phenomenon of openness of national economies and foreign markets, the only way to cope with increased competition in all sectors is by boosting the exports. Also, SMEs and their counterparts...

22 Apr 2009

A study of Franco-Manitoban cultural identity

Thesis - 7 pages - Educational studies

I have opted to focus my attentions on Manitoba's French Canadians for the purposes of this assignment. I was able to interview Pete Vandal , a 51 year old father of three, about his thoughts on Franco-Manitoban culture and identity. As this cultural group is one of considerable importance in...