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29 Jun 2010

Bilingualism and product policy in Canada

Thesis - 8 pages - International relations

During my two-month internship in Canada, I had the opportunity to work for the company Yantama Services. It is an international transport and consulting company. The company is located specifically in Hamilton, Ontario, in which I had attempted to adapt and commercialize an innovative product on...

13 Aug 2009

Did the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario ban the right 'pests'?

Case study - 14 pages - Ecology & environment

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the issue of cosmetic pesticide use in Canada. For years, chemical pesticides were readily sprayed on gardens and lawns across the country, with very little consideration given to the fact that they might be harmful to the environment. However, with...

22 Nov 2012

Corruption in business

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Everybody has already heard about bribing system in business. This form of corruption appeared in Ancient Greece when it was time to vote. But far more than just bribes, corruption is one of the biggest problems in business nowadays. Indeed, this scourge can affect politics, administrations,...

15 Jan 2009

Judicial activism in Canada

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

In 1982, Canada has known a very significant shift with the adoption of the Charter of Right of Freedom. Before this date, Canada only had a Bill of Rights (1960's) which was a statute and did not allow the courts to restrict the action of the Parliament. But the 1982 Charter of Rights and...

11 Oct 2006

How canadians see multiculturalism

Essay - 24 pages - Sociology

Canada is described as a multicultural society whereby different ethnic groups live together and try to respect their different cultural background. Canadian ethnic mosaic includes, in addition to the founding French and British groups, a large number of German, Chinese, Black, Dutch, Italian and...

14 Jul 2009

The woman suffrage movement in Canada and liberation deferred? The ideas of the English-Canadian Suffragists, 1877-1918: A comparative book review

Book review - 6 pages - Social sciences

In her work entitled The Woman Suffrage Movement in Canada, Catherine Lyle Cleverdon artfully constructs narrative analysis of a social movement that gained little notoriety outside of Canada. This particular study is extremely helpful because of its ability to use existing information about the...

29 Jun 2010

Exporting Chuck Beer to Canada

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

Chuck is a limited company based in Isère, which makes special beer: beer nuts, pine and blonde. Chuck can export its products to Canada for two reasons: a) The flagship of Chuck beer nuts is a product that is heavy and is best drunk in winter. Canada, being a cold country, matches the criteria...

07 Oct 2004

Exporting French toys to Canada

Market study - 20 pages - Business strategy

Moreover, the French and Canadian governments have recently tried to strengthen their business relationships, and encourage trade between them. It may be very interesting for the French toy industry to penetrate the Canadian market as its presence there remains reduced, and Canada seems an...

15 Jan 2009

Social policy and practice in Canada, a history, by Alvin Finkel

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

Social Policy and Practice in Canada is a history book, which deals with the birth and the evolution of the Welfare State in Canada since pre-confederation times. It aims at narrating but also analyzing the social policy, defined as a “set of non-market decisions, public and private, that...

02 Sep 2022

Transformations of resource management in Canada and his impact on the Public Service

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Resource management in Canada has gone through upheavals since the 1960s and 1970s. What might be one of those transformations and why is it significant for management in the Public Service of Canada?

29 Apr 2009

Architecture 2005 - Canadian and international trends in context

Thesis - 6 pages - Architecture

Architectural design philosophy has transformed from the high modernism of the early 20th century, from classic functional international style which dominated North American architectural practices up until the 1970s, to be replaced by the anti-modern or the post-modern. (Ghirardo, 1996) However,...

17 May 2009

The place of the French language in our society

Thesis - 11 pages - Linguistics

The French language is one those languages which are spoken all around the world. It's the 11th most used language through the world, the second most commonly-taught second language in the world (after English) and the official language in 29 countries . According to some estimations, more than...

20 Apr 2008

The Canadian democratic deficit

Thesis - 6 pages - Political science

The last five federal elections in Canada have seen an average of voter turnout in the 60% range: a clear drop from the usual 70% seen throughout electoral history . The issue, largely ignored by Prime Minister Jean Chretien until the rise of Paul Martin, has raised the question of the existence...

12 Jan 2009

To what extent is Belgium a sui generis federation?

Thesis - 6 pages - Political science

Only 25 countries out of the 193 world-wide existing operate with a federal political system . If we look at the ones situated in Europe, there are very few: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain , and Switzerland. I am here interested in the newest one: Belgium. The reforms starting the...

15 Jan 2009

Outline de Gaulle's vision of France's international role and discuss the ways in which his foreign policy sought to realise this vision

Essay - 13 pages - International relations

The immediate cause of Charles de Gaulle's resumption of power (1958-1969) was the Algerian War, which had brought France to the brink of civil war and destroyed the Fourth Republic. By ending the war, de Gaulle had the chance to resurrect his proposal, first elaborated at Bayeux in 1946, of a...

05 Mar 2009

Democracy deficit in Canada

Thesis - 6 pages - Political science

Canadians have always loved the fact that their nation is a democracy, and arguable one of the most developed democracies in the world. However, now more than ever before, there is a call from many Canadians to reinvigorate and revitalize democratic institutions in the country. One only needs...

10 Nov 2014

The American revolution: Case study in detail

Thesis - 17 pages - Modern history

In 1763, the Treaty of Versailles ended the Seven Years War between France and Spain against Great Britain. The victory of the latter (gain of French, Canada, of all the territories east of the Mississippi except New Orleans, and with Spanish, Florida) was certainly a matter of immense pride in...

14 Apr 2009

Ontario Landfill gas: Management, regulation & recovery. legal & policy issues

Tutorials/exercises - 17 pages - Ecology & environment

Landfills seem to be a major part of waste disposal life. Love them or hate them, they are a necessity in dealing with ever increasing amounts of waste. Statistics Canada reported that Canadians threw out about 20 per cent more garbage in 2004 compared to 2000, bringing per-capita output to 418...

14 Jul 2009

Same-sex marriage: A case commentary

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

The case to be reviewed concerns the legality of Same-Sex Marriage, which was designed to instill and protect certain aspects of legal capacity for marriage for civil purposes. Introduced in July, 2003, the constitutional law was intended to encourage the distribution of legislative power,...

16 Aug 2010


Thesis - 3 pages - Biology

Mycology- sounds more like Mythology. But, the similarity ends there. The science that deals with the study of fungi including their biochemical and genetic properties is called Mycology. The word mycology has been derived from the Greek word ?????, which means fungus. This field of study is an...

29 Sep 2010


Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Franchising is not a new concept. North America was among the first countries to successfully develop franchises in 1886 through the famous example of the Coca-Cola company. Franchises grew slowly during the 1950's but helped many firms expand their operations across borders, like Mc...

14 Nov 2012

Principal of sociology

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Famous American sociologist C.Wright Mills explored how sociology should be studied by the individual's perspective this is now known as Sociological imagination. According to Exploring Sociology “sociological imagination is defined for the ability to perceive how dynamic social forces...

27 Jan 2011

Geopolitical stakes of the polar regions

Essay - 16 pages - Geography

The Polar Regions are among the major terrestrial deserts. These areas are virtually uninhabited and the climate is very harsh. It is very cold and precipitation is also low. These regions receive only 41% of heat from the Equator, the photoperiod is original: a month of dawn, day time for five...

19 Mar 2008

Issues related to gun control

Tutorials/exercises - 14 pages - Criminal law

Did you know that Canada has more guns per house than the United States? This is actually because Canada has a lot more hunting guns than the States, but they have more hand guns and more dangerous guns then we do. Gun Control in Canada has been a very controversial subject in the past few years...

15 Jan 2009

Patagonia company

Case study - 17 pages - Business strategy

Nowadays, people increasingly realize that the earth is in danger and that if we keep on damaging it the future generation will face significant problems such as lack of water, of natural resources and global warming. That's why many actions are taken by numerous organisations and that people not...

26 Feb 2009

An outline of the feminist and post-modernist critique of criminology

Thesis - 5 pages - Psychology

In this assignment we will discuss liberal and radical feminism in particular and we will outline the concerns of feminist criminology and how it has criticized male stream criminology. I will then outline the main features of post modernism and its critique of the attempt to be scientific about...

10 Jul 2006

Immigrants acculturation in occidental countries

Essay - 8 pages - Sociology

John Berry, a Canadian social psychologist, has developed a theoretical framework about the psychological concept of acculturation. Two main acculturation processes exist in Cross Cultural Psychology: integration and assimilation. Berry argues that not only integration was the mode of...

05 Mar 2009

The melting pot revisited: Supporting research into the genetic diversity of the American population

Thesis - 14 pages - Sociology

The advent of the genomic era has brought with it a host of opinions regarding to what ends genetic tools ought to be applied. There is a growing interest in research that will illustrate the genetic diversity of populations. Advocates suggest that research detailing unique features of...

05 Mar 2009

Western Canada 1760 - 1860

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

The lure of the western frontier has played a major part in nation-building in North America. During the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Pacific Coast from Mexico to Alaska was explored, surveyed and mapped by Spanish, English, American and Russian seafarers. Details of the...

12 Mar 2009

Wind-energy and TransAlta Wind

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

Canada was one of the first countries to sign the Kyoto Protocol, on April 29, 1998. Formal ratification came more than four years later, on Dec. 17, 2002. But Canada's continued participation in Kyoto seemed certain to end with the election of a minority Conservative government in January of...