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05 Nov 2023

What Context and What Demand for a Rent-Specialized Property Hunting Agency on the French Real Estate Agency Market?

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, today in France 4 million people are poorly housed, including 900,000 deprived of personal housing. But in total, there are more than 12 million people in a fragile housing situation. And yet, there are 3 million vacant dwellings as of 1 January 2018, or...

17 Apr 2015

Rent Control - Renters' rights, the basics

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The desired benefits of rent control include protection of tenants from exploitation by the property owners. For example, due to the incidence of unequal bargaining power between the property owners and the tenants, property owners often have many alternatives while job placement and...

28 Aug 2014

The hand that files the cradle (on Form 1040) A proposal to emulate paid parental leave through the tax code

Case study - 20 pages - Educational studies

“Sarah O. had no paid maternity leave from her college teaching jobs after her first two children were born. She had only about three weeks off, once from a semester break and once by arranging for a substitute. She could not afford to take the unpaid leave to which she was entitled with her...

29 Sep 2010

Michelin Marketing strategies, emphasize differentiation, accelerate growth and strengthen competitiveness

Case study - 13 pages - Services marketing

It is a multinational company whose headquarters are in Clermont-Ferrand in France. With a claim over 20% of the global tire market, it is the world's largest tire company. Its net sales amounted to 16.867 billion Euros in 2007, which positioned Michelin in second place behind Bridgestone ($...

29 Sep 2010

Car rental industry

Market study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The history of the car rental industry is almost as old as the history of the car industry. The first car rental was done with the first real mass-produced car: The "Ford T" by a man called Joe Saunders who rented his car for ten cents per mile, using a mileage counter. In 1925, Joe Saunders had...

29 Sep 2010

Analysing Marketing company "Rent-a-car"

Case study - 7 pages - Services marketing

Enterprise Rent-a-car is the biggest car rental company in Northern America. It has over 5500 local branches in Canada, the US, Ireland, Great Britain and Germany and regulates around 600.000 cars worldwide. It offers car rentals to its customers for time periods from one day up to three...

29 Sep 2010

Online clothes renting business: « Des Marques et Vous »

Case study - 25 pages - Economy general

'Des Marques et Vous' or ‘Brands and You' is the name of the new company we plan to set up. This name is in French and implies two meanings; it means 'people and their attachment to the brands' and 'being different from the other brands'. This company's name is...

09 May 2009

A comparative study of the market potential of different cardiovascular drugs in the pharmaceutical industry

Case study - 56 pages - Medical studies

A sample size of 20 hospitals and 33 chemists was chosen from the region. The survey method chosen was pharmacy to pharmacy by conducting personal interview, the data collection was extended for over 45 days and 20 pharmacy in-charge and 33 chemists were interviewed and asked questions regarding...

13 Jan 2009

Can Japanese Sogo-soshas become common in Europe and USA with the system and its current situation?

Essay - 11 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

According to Reuters, a Japanese company has come up with a new way to track down grandmas, grandpas and anyone else who forgets where he or she is supposed to be. The company will use a satellite-based global positioning system and cellular technology. The device has been developed by a firm...

25 Aug 2009

A study of the different departments in hotels

Tutorials/exercises - 38 pages - Business strategy

The British law has defined hotel as ‘a place where a bonafide traveler can receive food and shelter, provided he is in a position to pay for it and he is in a fit condition to receive it'. The main aim of the hotel is to provide food and shelter to the travelers for a price. Hotel industry...

12 Aug 2009

A look at Rentier states

Thesis - 6 pages - Government finance

When I think of rentier states I am reminded of a time in the early 1970s with Richard Nixon invited Johnny Cash to the White House, provided that the sing the right-wing satire, “Welfare Cadillac.” Claiming he did not know the words, Cash instead sang the “Ballad of Ira...

04 Nov 2008

Economic and political transition in Bahrain: Strong Rentier States and Strong Rentier Societies

Essay - 18 pages - Political science

Bahrain, often overlooked in both academic and media analyses of the Middle East, has a strategic importance hidden by its small size. As home of the American Fifth Fleet, Bahrain hosts a deterrent against Iran from blockading the Straits of Hormuz as it has recently threatened to do. As such...

09 Oct 2007

"The Tigerenten" German Day Care Center

Market study - 5 pages - Business strategy

“A strategy is important, but the process of developing a strategy is even more important” (Turban p. 583). The state of New Hampshire licensed German Day Care Center “The Tigerenten” provides a unique learning environment to children between the age of one and five during the...

17 Oct 2023

The growth of the Luxembourg real estate market: speculative bubble or viable situation?

Dissertation - 38 pages - Economy general

Demand for housing is very high in Luxembourg, but new construction is not enough to meet it, especially since no new real estate projects are planned for 2023. In addition, borrowing is made difficult by the rise in interest rates on mortgages. Indeed, since the end of the year 2022,...

11 Jul 2022

PESTEL Analysis - The Real Estate Market in the UK

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Like any other real estate market, the UK's rents and leases properties. By the end of each month, landlords collect the revenues from the rents and leasing of the houses. This document contains a PESTEL Analysis of the real estate market in the UK.

27 Jan 2023

The definition and scope of eviction

Essay - 2 pages - Civil law

In light of recent court cases, eviction is one of the most important components of civil law. It protects the rights of both the landlord and the tenant while supporting general health and safety interests. Through these writings, therefore, we will explore the definition and scope of eviction,...

28 Aug 2014

Impacts of the 20th Century Wars on UK's Housing Stock

Essay - 9 pages - Economy general

UK emerged from the 20th Century wars with different housing needs, which accelerated the divergence of attitudes and policies of social housing. The wars resulted to a decline in housing production for most of the decades, which fell further during the war itself. By 1918, there was a severe...

29 Sep 2010

Zipcar, wheels when you want them

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

Introduction Our subject is a growing company which is developing in the face of global competition. This company uses new technologies and the internet to be more successful and to have a sustained growth in the future. We chose this company because we are very interested by environmental...

27 Apr 2015

Evolution of lodging networks during the economic crisis: What happened to Airbnb and to budget hotels in the context of the crisis in the USA?

Case study - 25 pages - Management

The financial crisis started In September 2008, in the USA, with the bankrupt of Lehman Brothers. This financial shock led to a deep and long economic crisis. The USA has started to experience economic recovery in 2010 but the economic growth has still been low. The hospitality industry, with...

14 Oct 2020

Porter's Five Forces - Airbnb

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

While providing more than 7,000,000 accommodation listings around 81,000 cities and 220 countries, Airbnb ( is a major player and leader in the sharing economy. The platform offers an online broker service allowing individuals to rent or to hire short-term accommodation....

15 Jan 2009

The respective cultural and social significance of the landlord, middleman and tenant in Irish life in the period 1780 - 1914

Essay - 4 pages - Social, moral & civic education

According to the Census of 1851, it appears that there were 570, 338 tenants farmers in Ireland who accounted for over half of the rural population. This census also shows that 10, 000 landlords owned most of the land. These numbers show an unfair domination of the land by landlords. And...

13 Oct 2020

SWOT Analysis - Airbnb

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The hotel industry has high barriers to entry. Start-up costs are large as they require major investments in real estate, construction, maintenance, equipment, staff, marketing and the list goes on. This is exactly why Airbnb has made their success. The company generates revenue from the rental...

11 Dec 2006

Development economics - Sharecropping

Essay - 6 pages - Economy general

In sharecropping contracts with cost sharing, why is the cost share borne by the tenant equal to the output share accruing to him? Sharecropping is an arrangement or system of farming, prevalent in many Less Developed Countries in which a tenant works on land which he does not own, giving the...

16 Jan 2009

Business venturing - feasibility study (March 2008): Hexabus

Case study - 19 pages - Business strategy

The main objective of feasibility study is to know if our business idea is sustainable, and if we could invest it. for this, first we are going to do the analysis of potential customers and competitors. This analysis will approach company's target in terms of age and social class. We determine...

08 Oct 2010

E-business, three case studies : Spreadshirt,,

Case study - 8 pages - Economy general

Case 1 - is a new website which allows to create its own shirts, apparels and to personalize a lot of items (mugs, aprons, bags, etc..). It is a German company which received several prizes for its business idea (for instance, the Hewlett Packard Business Innovation Award 2004)....

03 Mar 2011

The Pierre & Vacances Group

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

Pierre & Vacances is one of the leading European groups in lending holiday apartments. Its success is based on an economic model based on the synergy between real estate and tourism. The headquarters is located in Europe with more than 8 complementary brands. ? Commitments / Values The...

18 Feb 2021

Business model - Netflix

Case study - 6 pages - Digital & e-marketing

The story goes that after having to pay late penalties at a Blockbuster video store, Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) had the idea to launch a similar service, but rather to offer it as a subscription package. Netflix was launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. At the time, it was an...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - Airbnb

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The growing popularity of collaborative consumption has had a massive impact on how many industries around the world operate. According to Wikipedia collaborative consumption can be defined as 'the set of resource circulation systems, which enable consumers to both "obtain" and "provide",...

28 Oct 2009

The financial expenses of a hotel

Thesis - 10 pages - Finance

Cash includes Cash on Hand (House Banks), Demand Deposits, and Temporary Cash Investments. Temporary Cash Investments should be of demand nature or have maturities within 90 days at the time of purchase. Cash that is restricted formally for long-term purposes, such as property and equipment...

20 Jan 2009

Business Plan: D'Light Handbags (2007)

Business plan - 20 pages - Business strategy

D'Light Company produces exclusive, fashionable handbags with unique lighting system build inside each product. The built in light makes it easier for the user to find the desired items in the handbag regardless of the outside conditions (during the night, in the dark etc.).The handbags are...