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26 Mar 2024

Managing Hospitality and Tourism Projects - Aster Restaurant (London)

Case study - 11 pages - Management

Project management is a temporary action with a beginning and an end, which mobilizes identified resources (human, material, equipment, raw materials, informational and financial) during its realization, which has a cost and is, therefore, the object of budgeting of means and a balance sheet...

24 Sep 2023

Managing hospitality and tourism projects - Guest complaint follow-up procedure in Aster restaurant (London)

Case study - 12 pages - Management

Project management is a temporary action with a beginning and an end, which mobilizes identified resources (human, material, equipment, raw materials, informational and financial) during its realization, which has a cost and is therefore the object of a budgeting of means and a balance sheet...

13 Aug 2022

Business Plan - Sparkle Bar and Restaurant

Business plan - 7 pages - Catering marketing

Sparkle is a medium-sized enterprise that intends to operate in the UK restaurant and bar industry. The restaurant will be located in Clapham, South-West London and will have a seating capacity of 84 patrons. The firm intends to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the UK...

04 Aug 2022

The best restaurants in New York City

Practical guide - 2 pages - Everyday's life

This document offers a list of the most appreciated restaurants in New York City, ranging from restaurant chains to more luxurious places.

11 Oct 2021

Example of a competitive benchmark - Fast food restaurants

Case study - 8 pages - Marketing theories

Marketing and competitor analysis play an increasingly important role in the life of businesses. Indeed, regardless of the sector, they are subject to very strong competition, and it is necessary to adapt to obtain the best results and always be more competitive. But developing effective...

29 Sep 2015

Does displaying nutritional information in fast food restaurants impact consumers ?

Essay - 22 pages - Medical studies

In Western societies food is usually readily available, but poor nutritional choices have been linked to poor health as well as to such things as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Often these choices involve fast food. (NHS Choices, undated):- The observed association between the number of...

08 Oct 2015

Olive Tree Restaurant business operational systems assessment

Case study - 6 pages - Economy general

The Olive Tree Restaurant is strategically situated within the fringes of Ealing area in a building that was formerly being used as a bank. A case study on the restaurant has been provided to analyse the business position of the restaurant. Reflecting on the case study, a...

12 Nov 2014

Research methodology on Business plan: Snaxatac Restaurant

Business plan - 15 pages - Management

This paper is about a new business venture and the various problems, consequences and its solutions as faced by an entrepreneur. Our research will help us identify the factors that should be recognized and acknowledged by an entrepreneur before launching a new business venture. One of the most...

28 Jul 2014

Start-up business plan - Asian Restaurant

Business plan - 2 pages - Business strategy

The name of the company that we intend on launching is Ambrocio Restaurant. This is a restaurant that is expected to be one of the busiest ones in Asia. This is because we have chosen an ideal site for it, at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. The mission of the company is to be a...

31 Jul 2014

Subway Restaurant: Case study

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The world has evolved to a state where businesses have to utilize a variety of strategies in order to be successful. Furthermore, this evolution has also resulted in extreme competition among players in the business environment. In this subway restaurant, such competition requires a...

21 Feb 2014

An opportunity for entrepreneurship within Antoniou Restaurant Industry

Case study - 5 pages - Management

Antonius restaurant industry located at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico generated over $1.34 billion in sales in 2012. Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico with several tourism sites. Due to its increasing significance as the spa destination with a great variety of sites...

06 Nov 2014

Privately Owned Restaurants versus Large Chains

Case study - 10 pages - Educational studies

For most organizations operating in direct service line industries, they are faced with sustaining the excellent delivery of services while containing the mushrooming of variable costs attributed to everyday operations. Ordinarily, exceptional customer service is a critical component for the...

25 Nov 2013

Choosing a marketing mix for a restaurant

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

The marketing mix is a term that has been continually used to refer to a set of strategies adopted by a business to achieve certain pre-determined objectives. The set of tactics is used across different businesses that provide both products and services. The general reference to marketing mix...

29 Sep 2010

Development of the Eraclea brand in Ho-Re-Ca (Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe)

Case study - 43 pages - Services marketing

We are proud to present you our final report along with a presentation. Through our efforts, we won the opportunity to work and carry out a strategic project concerning Deotto Espresso System business which is on the verge of signing a contract with a famous Italian company Eraclea, which...

29 Nov 2010

Business plan: the luxurious Gold Star Restaurant

Business plan - 8 pages - Business strategy

WWe are a 4 star restaurant that also enjoys a 2-star rating in the Michelin Guide; this proves that we are actually a luxurious restaurant with dishes that are renowned for their quality. We offer our patrons two rooms that are tastefully furnished and decorated, to respect their...

29 Sep 2010

Bikini restaurant : our innovative concept

Case study - 28 pages - Services marketing

Our principal idea is the opening of a new restaurant intended for the general public and especially for students aged between 18 and 25. Indeed, we noted that the tendency in eastern France was “to eat well, eat quickly”. This is why we felt that students would be interested in...

29 Sep 2010

The Garden Organic Restaurant: Business Plan

Business plan - 29 pages - Services marketing

The Garden, a trendy organic restaurant, and classified as a health food restaurant, will open in April 2005 in the city of London (England) on Jamaica Road. The Garden is a great place to eat, offering the blend of an intriguing atmosphere with excellent, tasty, original and...

01 Apr 2009

Innovations in the restaurant business

Thesis - 29 pages - Business strategy

The paper deals with the brand related issues in the restaurant industry and is an attempt to highlight the image and identify trends in the restaurants industry. It highlight the various efforts and initiatives taken by restaurants worldwide to improve on their brands to...

28 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Subway

Case study - 5 pages - Catering marketing

Since its inception in 1989, the Subway company has continued to expand its activities in many countries around the world. Most of its restaurants are located in the United States. In addition, beyond the quality of the products offered by Subway, the popular brand loved by burger fans is...

28 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The Burger King group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957, they created the now-iconic Whopper, a hamburger that boasts of being flame-grilled meat. In 1963, Burger King began its international conquest and exported to Mexico. In 1975, the group...

26 Apr 2021

Marketing Mix - Burger King

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Burger King, a restaurant chain known around the world, uses the marketing mix to identify the saturated situation in the global fast-food market. Indeed, with ever-increasing competition, Burger King's marketing mix aims to maximise competitiveness, especially when it comes to...

09 Jan 2024

Internal and External Analysis of the Company "Chez le brasseur - La Valette"

Case study - 12 pages - Catering marketing

Its branded beers, brewed in front of the consumer with complete and qualitative equipment, on the basis of malt from Belgium (among other properties), contribute largely to its attractiveness. Blonde, white, amber, brown, raspberry or fig draught, but also seasonal (spring, summer, Christmas),...

19 May 2021

Porter's Five forces - Burger King

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Burger King is a world-renowned fast food and burger group, McDonald's main competitor around the world. The Burger King group was born in 1954 in Miami, founded by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. It was in 1957 that they developed the recipe for their product which became a...

25 Jul 2023

How did the Duty of Care Concept in Negligence Evolve?

Essay - 3 pages - Civil law

Negligence is a behavior that violates a duty of care, which is a legal obligation to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to others. In the context of tort law, negligence is a fault that may be engaged when the responsible individual or entity fails to take reasonable precautions to avoid...

13 Aug 2020

Four Seasons George V - Decisons after a SWOT study

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, the world leader in luxury hotels, has positioned itself in the highest markets in international rankings. His Parisian hotel, the Four Seasons George V continues the ascent of his son. Stunning floral creations, 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, a first in...

29 Sep 2010

Comparison of customers'satisfaction and delivered quality in case of McDonald's and Burger King

Essay - 33 pages - Services marketing

McDonald's is the leading foodservice retailer globally with over30,000 local restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries daily. More than 70% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. The Burger King...

23 Mar 2011


Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

In this case, we will consider the servuction process in a restaurant. The restaurant we are studying is not a classic restaurant. It is part of a chain which implies a degree of standardization of the offers, and the recognition of the sign among the public. This represents...

29 Sep 2009

Speed Bio: Business plan

Business plan - 19 pages - Business strategy

The concept is to launch a new type of restaurant and more precisely an organic fast food restaurant. The guarantee of our restaurant is to take care about the customer's health. Indeed, we noticed that there was no special organic fast food restaurant in France and...

12 May 2009

Quick: Risk management analysis

Thesis - 13 pages - Finance

Quick is the largest European chain of fast service restaurants. But if we compare quickly with its main competitors - Mc Donald's and Burger King - we could say its major risk is to be eaten by those two “big burgers”. This report is going to treat the difficulties for such a...

29 Sep 2009

ElBulli case: Recommended strategy for ElBulli over the next five years

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

According to numerous prizes and awards won over the past few years, elBulli is recognized as the best restaurant in the world, and its owner and Chef Ferran AdriĆ  is recognized as the best chef in the world. It is almost impossible to get a table at elBulli, since it serves 8000 dishes a...