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28 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The Burger King group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957, they created the now-iconic Whopper, a hamburger that boasts of being flame-grilled meat. In 1963, Burger King began its international conquest and exported to Mexico. In 1975, the group...

12 Mar 2021

Porter's Five Forces - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

McDonald's is a fast-food restaurant chain that started in 1952 in the United States. Since that day, its success has been global; today it is one of the largest brands in the fast-food sector in the world. Porter's forces make it possible to analyse the environment of a group or sector....

10 Jun 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Nutella

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

Nutella is a brand that belongs to the famous Ferrero group, known the world over for its chocolates during the Christmas holidays, in particular and it's spread with an inimitable taste whose success is no longer to be proven. In 2018, the group recorded a turnover of 11.2 billion euros,...

26 Sep 2011

Subway - UK Operations

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Subway, an American restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads, opened operations in the UK in 1996. In 2001, the company reached the 50th store mark and by 2010 it had become UK's most successful seller overtaking its chief fast food rival McDonalds in the...

29 Sep 2010

Bikini restaurant : our innovative concept

Case study - 28 pages - Services marketing

Our principal idea is the opening of a new restaurant intended for the general public and especially for students aged between 18 and 25. Indeed, we noted that the tendency in eastern France was “to eat well, eat quickly”. This is why we felt that students would be interested in a...

29 Sep 2010

Paul's marketing plan on the bakery and pastry market in Hungary

Case study - 8 pages - Services marketing

In the beginning, Paul, a French pastry group, sold only bread and viennoiseries or baked goods made from yeast. Nowadays, Paul owns a large part of the bread market shares in France. In the eighties, Paul expanded its range of products by launching different sandwiches. Today,...

07 Jul 2015

The impact of the marketing environment: Greggs

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

Greggs is large chain of bakeries established in 1951 from John Gregg. The business is locate and operate in UK market. Later in 1964 his son Ian Gregg starts to develop and pattern the way for one very successful profit business by delivering a good quality of the product and great value. The...

19 Feb 2008

Business case study: Panera Bread

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Panera Bread began back in 1981. It started out as a small sandwich shop. After going public the company grew in size with the addition of more stores. It is currently headquartered in Missouri. Revenue has seen a tremendous change for the better. This year alone revenue is expected to come out...

29 Sep 2010

Marketing analysis of Oreo

Case study - 28 pages - Services marketing

Everyone has a special Oreo story. Nowadays, every person has heard about the Oreo cookies, thanks to the word of mouth and the different ways of advertising through TV, magazines, internet etc. There are many theories pointing to the origin of the name ‘Oreo'. Indeed, it was taken from...

27 Jan 2011

Presentation of McDonald's strategies in France

Case study - 9 pages - Services marketing

In more than half a century of existence, this leader of American fast food has made a global mark and became the largest fast food chain, serving 46 million customers a day. It is a multinational company with over 30,000 franchisees in 121 countries, which recorded a turnover of $20.46 billion...

19 May 2011

The marketing strategies of organic fast food

Thesis - 22 pages - Business strategy

This paper focuses on the recent changes encountered in the fast food industry. Fast food restaurants are slowly changing their marketing strategies in order to meet new consumer attitudes and behaviors. The recent environmental issues and obesity problems are worrying consumers and therefore,...

26 Apr 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Burger King is an American giant specialising in fast food and, in particular, burgers, and are McDonald's main global competitor. The group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957 the two friends created the recipe for the now world-famous...

25 Sep 2009

The world monetary situation: A fresh look

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

Peaceful heat of exhausted dog-days fluttered around the Federal Reserve Board building on C Street, Washington, DC. It was noon and time for another monthly open-to-the- public “brown bag” seminar. Experience must have taught the organizers not to expect mobs thirsting for detailed...

14 May 2009

Translation report: Recipe language

Thesis - 12 pages - Social sciences

It is true that England is not reputed for its cuisine. Perhaps it is significant that there is no real equivalent for the expression bon appétit in English (waiters only say “enjoy your meal”). However, there are different specialties in England such as the famous English breakfast...

27 Sep 2007

Valedictorian Speech

Essay - 1 pages - Literature

Welcome President Liebergott, the Board of Trustees, honorary degree recipients, faculty, staff, family, friends and the Class of the 2007. It's funny. I tried for days to write this speech. Contrary to popular belief, I don't like to hear myself talk. And what could I say that people would...

16 May 2009

The future for the French customer loyalty programs

Thesis - 15 pages - Business strategy

In a context of globalization, companies need to be very competitive and to find the best way to be more and more attractive. In France and all over the world strategy marketing is nowadays a priority for companies according to Lefébure and Venture (2005). Brand loyalty programs are good examples...

25 Aug 2009

Tourism in Kerala

Thesis - 13 pages - Social sciences

Despite uncertainty in economic and political conditions since the 1970s, tourism continued to grow rapidly. The situation was characterized by an increase in tourist receipts. So in this context it needs to be mentioned that several countries re-organized their respective tourism departments to...

23 Sep 2009

Does Senate really work? A discussion

Thesis - 7 pages - Political science

According to the Knox College Student Senate Constitution, Student Senate is “the supreme governing body in matters related to non-academic student life on campus,” and the “official representative of the student body to the faculty, administration, and staff.” Its charge is...

28 Jul 2010

Starbucks: Making a million bucks from coffee

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks is the world's leading retail, roasting and coffee brands. It is an international coffeehouse based in Seattle. It is the largest coffeehouse in the world, with 17,133 stores in 49 countries. Its specialty includes drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other hot and cold...

03 Mar 2011

Analysis of marketing of the product of Nutella

Case study - 7 pages - Services marketing

Nutella dominates the market for chocolate spreads. It is mainly used for breakfast, snacks and sandwiches, but it may also be used in some desserts (fruit, pancakes. Despite a saturated market, it represents 89% of the total sales. In France it sells nearly 88 million tubs annually.Its...

19 Jun 2014

Grant Application Report

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Childhood discrimination, as well as, aggressive offending can be too widespread and fundamental social troubles that cautiously continually confront the present society. The current findings contain four vital goals: to record the pervasiveness of criminal behavior, grown up criminality together...

03 Mar 2011

Viva Italia and analysis of marketing (1998)

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

The company, Viva Italia, is experiencing difficulties on their range of products. Indeed, the company expected a 10% increase of sales in pizzas but it has not been reached. This therefore raises questions about the causes of this result since the pizza is an important part of their overall...

26 Sep 2011

KFC : analysis of its Global Operations

Market study - 7 pages - Business strategy

"KFC, Known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is based out of Louisville, Kentucky, US. Harland Sanders came up with the idea of Fried Chicken in 1930 and the company was incorporate in 1952. Even after his death in 1980, Colonel Sanders continue to remain a major part of the promotions and advertising...

29 Sep 2010

Burger King in South-Africa

Case study - 14 pages - Services marketing

Burger King was established in 1954 in Miami, Florida, by James McLamore and David Edgerton. They were among the pioneers of fast food. The Whopper , launched in 1957, was an instant success, and is today the emblem of the brand. Burger King quickly distinguished itself by its unique taste and...

15 May 2009

The UK food market

Thesis - 37 pages - Journalism

The population of UK is set to increase by over 2 million to almost 62 million over the next 10 years. Increased life expectancy and declining birth rates are leading to an increasingly elderly population and this trend is set to continue as the large numbers of 'baby boomers' reach...

12 Sep 2007

Field Project: Au Bon Pain

Market study - 3 pages - Services marketing

Au Bon Pain was established and opened its first café in 1978, in Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The goal of this first café was to offer fresh baked bread and cater to commuters, tourists, shoppers, students, and residents located throughout the city of Boston. Au Bon has been greatly...

29 Sep 2010

The worldwide marketing strategy of McDonald's

Case study - 24 pages - Business strategy

What difficulties do the cultural differences cause in enterprise management, and how can firms cope with these difficulties and reap benefits from cultural diversity? Intercultural management aims at improving intercultural interactions at work. These improvements are valued thanks to the...

03 Jan 2011

Lustucru Lunch Box: Reviewing the distribution strategy of the Lunch Box

Presentation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Analysis: 1. Story of Lustucru & the Lunch Box: Assessing Lustucru brand expertise on the market 2. The Lunch Box in stores: Assessing Lustucru category management & Supply Chain expertise 3. Channels profiling: Searching for new ideas to develop the Lunch Box presence in distribution channels...

12 Mar 2021

Marketing Mix - McDonald's

Case study - 6 pages - Brand management

It is increasingly difficult to find a place in the world of commerce. This is why it is essential to find a strategy to earn the title of market leader. But how do large companies fare? To answer this, we will study the marketing mix of one of the biggest brands, McDonald's. McDonald's...

18 Mar 2009

Theory of consumer choice

Thesis - 14 pages - Services marketing

The concept of ‘utility' was introduced to social thoughts by Bentham in 1789 and to economic thoughts by Jevons in 1871. The neo-classical economists devised the following system to measure the utility of a commodity. A neo-classical economist, Walras, coined a term ‘util', meaning...