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10 Jan 2023

The High Share of Temporary Employment in Spain

Essay - 2 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

Temporary employment is an important issue in Spain regarding the high share of workers engaged only for a specific period of time. Indeed, according to OECD data, Spain has one of the highest rates of temporary employment among the labour force (aged between 15-65 years): 1 out of...

26 Mar 2013

An analysis of both micro and macro environments of Russia, Sweden and Spain in order to evaluate the potential to internationalize a DVD player product

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

This report will analyze the micro and macro environments of Russia, Sweden and Spain in order to evaluate the potential to internationalize in each country. Pennine Electronics is a small to medium size enterprise based in the UK and consists of 150 employees. Its incentive to...

16 Dec 2013

Spain economy: An empirical analysis

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Spain is one of the largest economies in Europe with a GDP over 1.3 trillion USD. They experienced an economic boom in the early 2000's as most industrialized nations did. However, with an increasing trade deficit, looming of the housing bubble about to burst and the worldwide financial...

03 Mar 2011

The clothing segment of 30-year olds in Spain

Market study - 8 pages - Services marketing

In terms of clothing, the thirty something Spanish are particularly careful about their appearance and attach great importance to their costumes. The budget for clothes is thus an important item of expenditure. The Spanish ranked clothing sixth in their list of priorities in 2001. In the same...

29 Sep 2010

Debate about the treatment of Indians in sixteenth-century Spain

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

Since the discovery of the Caribbean and South America, these territories had been progressively ruled all along the sixteenth-century by Spanish settlers, who looked for labour forces to exploit the new lands for revenue of the Crown and for themselves; and also by missionaries sent by the Crown...

29 Sep 2010

International marketing plan: setting up Airwash (Electrolux) in Spain

Case study - 27 pages - Services marketing

Today, Electrolux is a worldwide leading company with huge domestic electrical appliance references. The Company followed a smart internationalization strategy process which allowed it to obtain a stronger position in Europe. Moreover, environmental issues have always been very important for...

17 May 2009

Knowledge management at Siemens Spain

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

In this case of Siemens Spain, we can discover how a global company set up a knowledge management strategy to increase their benefits. This case is based on real information and explains how Siemens tried to find the best solution to share knowledge between all departments and also with...

13 Jan 2009

The revolt of the Netherlands: Spain's failure to regain control of the Netherlands

Thesis - 3 pages - Medieval history

The rebellion of the Netherlands against ruling Spain was, in the end, a success leading to complete independence in 1648, with the Treaties of Den Haag and of Westphalia. All the Northern provinces of the “Spanish Netherlands” became fully independent, forming the United...

19 Jan 2009

The labor market in Spain

Essay - 13 pages - Human resources

Today, a lot of desires or worries of the European population are linked with the employment. From the question “What would you do when you grown up?” to the social claims and the general strikes. The reason is simple: a job provides a means to live but above all, work is presented as a...

15 Jan 2009

Church and State in Franco´s Spain

Essay - 9 pages - Journalism

“In the last sixty years the mutation of the Spanish Catholic Church has been extraordinary. It is as though we had been watching a play of several act, complete with changes of scenery, of the plot and of the personality of the characters and even the emotional tone: furious in the...

17 Feb 2008

The Rise of the Ribat Mentality and the End of Muslim Spain

Essay - 6 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Between the fall of Toledo in 1085 and the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212, a new force entered the politics of Muslim al-Andalus (or Andalusia). This force was the North African Islamic fundamentalism of two groups, the Almoravids and their successors, the Almohads. Both these groups...

24 Apr 2008

Spain in Latin America- Black & White legends

Essay - 5 pages - Medieval history

The Spanish empire was one of the largest empires in history and its own personal rise to power would coincide with the transition of power from the Asian continent to the European world. As colonial possessions lead to unprecedented wealth and conflicts between Spain and other European...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - Zara

Case study - 4 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

- One of the world's best-known brands - One of the largest international fashion companies - The third-largest brand in the apparel industry - Inditex brand clothing line, a world leader in textile manufacturing - Several chains of shops - Head office located in Spain (Galicia) -...

13 Aug 2022

Global Business Economics and Finance - AmRest Holding SE

Case study - 13 pages - International economy

AmRest Holdings SE is a public limited company with operations in the global bar and restaurant industry. The firm's headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. AmRest enjoys market dominance in Eastern and Central Europe. It operates several subsidiary firms, including Burger King, Pizza Hut,...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - The Countries Other than France and Germany

Course material - 8 pages - Political science

France and Germany alone can no longer call the tune in the EU. They henceforth have to take much more into account the agenda of the other members. We shall see first that agenda, regrouping, of course, the different countries into larger groups along their affinities, and then the possible...

25 Apr 2022

What were the three main challenges in achieving your objectives in the multilateral negotiation exercise?

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - International relations

Multilateral negotiation occurs usually between three or more parties which debate on several subjects in the aim to reach an agreement which would be acceptable by everybody. As said Saadia Touval in his article titillated "Multilateral Negotiation", multilateral negotiation is most of the time...

19 Feb 2015

Bullfighting - Death in the afternoon

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

“Furthermore what the crowd honors is the victor, tossing him flowers and gifts, which he gracious returns, so that it may become a victory of all those watching him and recognizing themselves in it” (Barthes, 2007). This is a very interesting paragraph from ‘bullfighting' by...

29 Sep 2010

The Spanish Higher Education System

Essay - 13 pages - Educational studies

Although Spain is our closest neighbor, we notice that in the education sector, we have many differences. Even if this country is knows for parties or corridas, we may find several very famous universities such as the universities of Madrid, Bilbao, Alicante, and Barcelona. In fact, in the...

16 Feb 2011

Is internationalization a form of survival for large distribution?

Dissertation - 59 pages - Management

In the early 1960s, the Fordist economic system emerged in France, especially through takeovers of U.S. multinationals in French companies and the reconstruction effort after the war. The market is huge and the development of the supermarket is inseparable from the rise of consumer society. The...

06 Oct 2008

Guatemala and the Spanish conquest

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

Spain mercilessly imposed it control over the territories that today encompass Central America. Enslavement and European diseases severely depopulated the indigenous civilizations, and the territories that made up New Spain became heavily Iberian in nature not by influence but...

15 Jan 2009

What are the reasons of Zara´s success?

Essay - 13 pages - Business strategy

In 1973 Amancio Ortega Gaona, Inditex Group president and main shareholder, created a textile company, which specialised in producing dressing gowns and underwear. Two years later he opened the first Zara store in La Coruña. Nowadays, the Inditex Group is the most successful in the Spanish...

29 Sep 2010

ETA and the role of the Spanish government in the war on terrorism

Essay - 13 pages - International relations

Basque nationalists claim that there has always been Basque speaking people (speaking Euskera- the name of the Basque language) in the territory that extends from Bordeaux in the north to Zaragoza and Burgos in the South and to Santander in the West. Such claims are not believed to be true by...

21 Jun 2010

The army of Netherlands in the sixteenth century

Thesis - 4 pages - Medieval history

Netherlands is a sovereign state with its territories stretching from Northern France to the North Sea. Revolt against the Spanish led to the division of the country (Netherlands) distinguishing it into Southern Netherlands that remained under the Spanish rule. After a long war of eighty years...

19 Jan 2009

Spanish literature: The Celestina and Lazarillo de Tormes

Essay - 5 pages - Literature

The Celestina and Lazarillo de Tormes, books written at the outset of Spain's golden age, are extremely important works. The Celestina is a love story, while Lazarillo de Tormes is one of the first picaresque novels. Despite this major difference, they are similar in that they are both...

07 Aug 2008

Anarchism in the Spanish civil war

Essay - 9 pages - Modern history

In a decade of cataclysmic worldwide depression and spreading fascism, the Spanish Civil War's Anarchist forces signaled a message of renewed hope of emancipation to the scattered working-class forces throughout the globe. The question still remains though, as to whether these forces contributed...

29 Sep 2010

The Threat of the New World to the French Wine Market: Are historically traditional wines are being usurped by aggressive new competitors?

Dissertation - 77 pages - Services marketing

The objective of this dissertation is to identify the difficulties that the French wine market faces with regard to the competition of the producers of new wines. Simple, easy to drink wines, have been commercialized on a large scale in the past ten years or so by Australia, South Africa, Chile...

25 Nov 2010

Marketing and the promotion of Bordeaux Wines in France and abroad

Thesis - 60 pages - Services marketing

In the past few years, there has been a new phenomenon known as the "French Wine Crisis". This industry of French wine previously known as unique and untouchable is nowadays confronted by an international competition that was able to adapt its products and features to a new kind of consumer and...

10 Jan 2011

The Treaty of Utrecht (1713)

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

This text is an excerpt from the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed in Utrecht on 11 April 1713 between France and Great Britain. This treaty precedes that of July 13, 1713 of the agreement between Great Britain and Spain. After fourteen months of arduous negotiations interspersed with...

27 Jan 2011

Competition between European football clubs

Dissertation - 37 pages - Management

In Europe, the economic competition is as fierce as the sporting competitions that engage among the professional football clubs, and this fight is somewhat uneven between very large European professional clubs and other smaller clubs. How can we explain the differences in competitiveness between...

15 Jan 2009

Pernod-Ricard "Local Roots, Global Reach"

Essay - 9 pages - Services marketing

The word “alcohol” derives from Arabic al-kuhul and is applied to the many members of the family of alcohols. Beverage alcohol has a well-established place in the global economy. The industry is usually defined in terms of a value chain centered on the actual production of the alcoholic...