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29 Sep 2010

The launch of a new product on the Algerian market (Sagem mobile phones)

Market study - 38 pages - Business strategy

This report mainly focuses on Algeria as an emerging market, mobile phone as a product and Sagem as a French company. This report includes a detailed study of the marketing strategy and the economic conditions in Algeria and also analysis of the product and the services that Sagem offers to...

28 Aug 2014

Impacts of the 20th Century Wars on UK's Housing Stock

Essay - 9 pages - Economy general

UK emerged from the 20th Century wars with different housing needs, which accelerated the divergence of attitudes and policies of social housing. The wars resulted to a decline in housing production for most of the decades, which fell further during the war itself. By 1918, there was a severe...

08 Oct 2015

How the UK goverment can stabilize oil prices ?

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

Everyone in UK has had an experience of the shock for unexpected dramatic change in prices of fuel for instance fuel prices will unexpectedly sky-rocket overnight. Mostly it is the supply and demand case: there is a very high number of vehicles tapping oil and the supply is declining. Various...

31 Dec 2010

The productive forces of United States of America

Thesis - 32 pages - Economy general

The GNP of United States is the highest in the world, at $10,946 billion in 2004, substantially higher than the EU-25 ($9449 billion, including $1523 billion for France) and two and a half times higher that of Japan ($4390 billion). The GNP per capita remains the fourth highest in the world, with...

03 Jan 2011

Global wine wars: New Challenges

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

During the last few decades, the global wine industry has grown by leaps and bounds to emerge as a $90 billion market. Scientific discoveries such as pasteurization and the cork-stopper invention have revolutionized the production of wine by easing restrictions on transport of wine, thus enabling...

15 Jan 2021

The United States in the Economy

Course material - 25 pages - International economy

Globalization is a contest content, it can have a negative view; responsible of outsourcing, massive unemployment (Europe), positive view; eliminate discrimination, global general culture, universalism. A complex reality, positive & negative sides. Is a process of interaction and integration...

01 Dec 2008

Economic activity, investments and technological policy

Essay - 7 pages - Finance

The concept of competitiveness of the national economies and the viability of the national productive systems in the context of globalization focuses on the role of innovative competitive advantages, which are related to the technological know-how. The competitive advantages of low production...

13 Jan 2009

Politics of the European Union

Thesis - 12 pages - European union

Since its foundation in the late 1950's, the European Union has seen its membership growing from 6 to 27 countries in 2007, with the accession of Bulgaria and Romania. The process might not stop at this point, as other countries such as West Balkans, Turkey, and eastern countries (former parts of...

15 Jan 2009

The Chinese century, the rising economy and its impact on the global economy, the balance of power, and your job, Oded SHENKAR, 2005

Essay - 7 pages - Economy general

China is at the heart of the present-day economic debate. China is indisputably booming economically. Its enormous growth rate attests of this evolution; all economists agree on this assertion. What seems more debatable at the moment is the impact this rise could have on the global economy, and...

12 Mar 2009

Managerial economics focusing on cost and revenue analysis

Thesis - 19 pages - Economy general

Health service providers have to carefully manage the use of scarce resources while meeting a growing demand for services and rising expectations for quality. Conducting cost and revenue analysis can greatly increase a managers' understanding of the factors that affect resource use, including...

18 Mar 2009

Foreign direct investment: India

Thesis - 29 pages - Economy general

Developing countries, emerging economies and countries in transition increasingly see foreign direct investment (FDI) as a source of economic development, modernization and employment generation, and have liberalized their FDI regimes to attract investment. The overall benefits of FDI for...

06 Apr 2009

A description of the three types of market: Monopolistic, oligopolistic and competitive

Thesis - 10 pages - Economy general

Monopolistic markets lie between pure perfect competition and pure monopoly. Within this type of market a firm's product will differ to that of its rivals, the difference may only be small (for example the packaging may be slightly different), or there could be a big difference. The various firms...

17 May 2009

How has the political economy of French capitalism evolved in the face of increasing global economic pressures?

Thesis - 10 pages - Economy general

‘The work was standardized, rigid; it has become adaptable, flexible. The institutions were paternalist, authoritarian; they have become permissive, liberal. A feeling of security reigned on the world. It is now the insecurity which is dominant' (Cohen, 2002) This international economic...

12 Aug 2009

A look at Rentier states

Thesis - 6 pages - Government finance

When I think of rentier states I am reminded of a time in the early 1970s with Richard Nixon invited Johnny Cash to the White House, provided that the sing the right-wing satire, “Welfare Cadillac.” Claiming he did not know the words, Cash instead sang the “Ballad of Ira...

24 Feb 2010

Transition to free market economies - A study of Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine

Thesis - 17 pages - Economy general

The end of the Cold War reshaped the international political and socio-economic framework. Appurtenant to the fall of the Soviet Union's stronghold and control in Eastern European states was the move from planned economies to transition economies. However, whilst a central aim of these states was...

29 Sep 2010

Objectives and Importance of the WTO to Open and Develop New Commercial Markets

Essay - 15 pages - Economy general

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization which governs the rules of international trade between countries. Today, new markets are appearing thanks to developing countries, who also want to take part in free trade. Therefore, it is important to know how the WTO will...

18 Nov 2010

Apple Inc. : Case Study with recommendations

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Apple had been a very successful company since its foundation in 1976. It has been a leader in the computer and mobile technologies field since its first release of the Apple- I to the most recent revolutionary product, the iPad. Through its core competencies innovative design, advanced...

14 Dec 2010

How expensive are green jobs?

Thesis - 1 pages - Ecology & environment

There's a lot of talk in the press these days about the cost of green jobs. The new president of the United States, Barack Obama, is pushing for bold investment in renewable energies and technologies that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He is praising the incentives that have been put in...

27 Jan 2011

The co-operation between Euro-Morrocan relations of bilateralism and regionalism

Dissertation - 39 pages - International relations

The Euro-Mediterranean cooperation has been developed through various Community policies since the 1960s. These policies have resulted in various cooperative programs. There is both a regional scope for all Mediterranean partners who comprised: Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Egypt,...

12 Jan 2009

The revival of the small business sector in the UK

Thesis - 11 pages - Economy general

According to data from Labour Market Trends in 1999, enterprises with fewer than 50 employees provide 45% of UK non-government employment and account for 38% of turnover, the employment figure includes the self-employed who employ no one and comprise 2.3 Million out of a total of 3.7 million of...

13 Jan 2009

Conservative and Labour Economic Policies

Essay - 17 pages - Political science

After World War II, a new economic philosophy called “Keynesianism” - different from the “laissez-faire” of old - became prevalent; to his main proponent, John Maynard Keynes (1883-1945), free operation of the market was a good thing but it might prove insufficient to ensure...

15 Jan 2009

The European union's development policy toward Africa

Essay - 5 pages - European union

On December 8th and 9th 2007 the summit of African and European leaders has hold in Lisbon. It is the second ever Summit between heads of states and governments from EU and Africa after the Cairo Summit in 2000. The 52 countries of the African Union, the 27 European member states, and the...

15 Jan 2009

Sustainable development, oil and the future: the trilogy

Essay - 18 pages - Journalism

Sustainable development has been extensively discussed in the past few years, and is still a great matter of concern nowadays. In fact, there is no single way to deal with this subject, except choosing a guideline of this workshop avoiding “clich├ęs”. Its main objective is therefore to...

15 Jan 2009


Essay - 20 pages - Business strategy

Government support through financial incentives and the public's trend toward environmentally friendly products has opened the way for alternative energy based companies to thrive. In the French market, with little direct competition, we believe our company will experience success. Senergy...

19 Jan 2009

The labor market in Spain

Essay - 13 pages - Human resources

Today, a lot of desires or worries of the European population are linked with the employment. From the question “What would you do when you grown up?” to the social claims and the general strikes. The reason is simple: a job provides a means to live but above all, work is presented as a...

19 Jan 2009

The Baltic States: a golden opportunity for French food exporters?

Essay - 14 pages - Business strategy

The 1st of May 2004, ten new countries came into the European Union. These states have seen their economy dramatically change in many aspects of international trade since this date. From the custom point of view to the currencies issues, it significantly facilitates the goods exchanges of food...

01 Apr 2009

Reva: An alliance between Maini Group and AEV LLC Inc.

Thesis - 38 pages - Business strategy

REVA electric car company is a joint venture between the Bangalore based Maini group and AEV LLC Inc. of USA. Other companies, world leaders in their respective fields, have also partnered with Maini and AEV LLC Inc to design and develop key components for the REVA. Today the Maini Group has on...

15 Apr 2009

The fair trade debate: Pros and cons and future prospects

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

Although most people know readily know of Free Trade, relatively very few have heard of Fair Trade. That being said Fair Trade has been around for decades, in various shapes and structures. This paper will consider the overall Fair Trade debate, and consider both sides of the issue, analyzing the...

08 May 2009

A look at the small scale industries

Thesis - 22 pages - Business strategy

Small scale industry is widely recognized as a powerful instrument for socioeconomic growth and balanced sectoral development. One of the distinctive characteristics of small scale sector is that the development of these industries would create broader employment opportunities assisting...

16 May 2009

Soft capitalism as related to therapeutic modes of work

Essay - 71 pages - Services marketing

The global village concept has fuelled soft capitalism and the rise of the ethos in this field within organizations. Let us first understand the basis of globalization. While not so different from traditional villages in its desire to engage in a free exchange of ideas, the...