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Theme : Swot analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats : the SWOT Analysis outlines the internal and external pluses and minuses of a company, and helps determine the next strategic steps it should follow.

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03 May 2023

Porter's five forces, PESTEL and SWOT analysis - Puma France

Case study - 6 pages - Sport marketing

"Puma SE is a German company specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, older brother of Adolf Dassler founder of Adidas, and based in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria." This brand certainly manufactures sporting goods but its greatest strength lies in the...

03 May 2023

SWOT Analysis and recommendations - General Motors

Case study - 3 pages - Automotive marketing

General Motors suffered from a collapse in 2009 (after the crisis), which was mainly driven by five factors: (i) retired employees had plenty of benefits (from when the sector was more profitable) (ii) GM overfocused on "overpricing and discounting," which drove the clients' attention away...

08 Jun 2022

SWOT Analysis - Lafuma

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Lafuma is one of the forerunners in the field of outdoor sports equipment. It is a French sports and leisure equipment designer and manufacturer created in1930. The company has evolved over the years. In fact, the brand introduced metal frame backpacks in 1936. In 1954, the company launched into...

01 Sep 2022

SWOT Analysis - The organic food marketing strategy

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

The rising awareness concerning organic food substances among individuals across the globe has been one of the critical factors driving the accelerated growth of organic products within the global market. Additionally, rising concerns from potential consumers regarding the use of harmful chemical...

22 Nov 2022

SWOT Analysis - Shein

Case study - 5 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Shein has recently been cited as the largest cross-border fashion e-commerce organization in China. The apparel brand has reached out to consumers within the United States, Germany, Russia, France, and over two hundred other nations across the globe. The company's mobile application, as of...

04 Jan 2022

SWOT Analysis - Stellantis

Case study - 4 pages - Automotive marketing

Founded on January 16, 2021, Stellantis is a multinational corporation engaged in the automotive industry. The group was born from a merger between two big names, the PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. As of October 30, 2019, the announcement of the merger between the two companies was made...

04 Apr 2022

SWOT Analysis - Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Case study - 6 pages - Tourism marketing

The company, or rather the concept, originated many years ago, in 1872, when the Compagnie Internationale des Wagonlits et du Tourisme (CWILT) was founded in Europe. At the same time, on the American continent, the Foster travel offices opened their doors. Today, the Carlson Wagonlit Travel group...

29 Mar 2022

SWOT Analysis - Vodacom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Vodacom is a company that originated in South Africa in 1993, founded by Alan Knott-Craig Senior, who later handed the reins over to his son, Alan Knott-Craig Junior. The company has become the leading purpose-led African provider of financial and digital services, and connectivity, offering a...

04 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Google

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Google is an American company created in 1998 and specialising in the high-tech industry, the means of communication, in particular with its Internet search engine 'Google', known worldwide and until now unassailable. Its head office has been located in California since its inception by...

10 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Airbus

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Airbus is a European aeronautics company founded in 1970 and has since become one of the world leaders in the sector. The originality of Airbus lies in its European constitution. Originally in the form of a consortium of several European countries. Its head office is based on Toulouse and its...

25 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Garmin

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

The Garmin group is part of the new technologies and other connected objects sector. Its fields of activity are very varied since the company is present in the world of marine, aviation, but also automotive, fitness and all outdoor activities. The group's turnover at the start of 2020 amounted to...

12 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The McDonald's Group (full name: McDonald's Corp) is undoubtedly one of the best-known groups in the world. The emblem of fast food (and sometimes even a symbol of junk food), the group offers fast food services (burgers, salads, wraps), on-site, take away, drive-through or delivery...

28 Apr 2021

SWOT Analysis - Virgin

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Virgin Group is a world-class British group owned by billionaire Richard Branson and active in countless areas such as transport, telephony, satellites, travel, healthcare and more. Virgin was created by Branson and his associates in the 1970s and initially focused on mail-order record...

28 Dec 2021

The Lego Group - SWOT analysis and sustainable development strategies

Case study - 3 pages - Brand management

In 1932, the Lego company was founded in Denmark after the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen lost his job and started building wooden toys in Billund. In the years that followed, Kirk Kristiansen's family transformed their small workshop, where they produced small wooden objects, into a large,...

07 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Starbucks

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

STARBUCKS is a global American company specializing in the business of coffee, hot drinks and related products. The group has existed for 50 years in the United States and is headquartered in its hometown Seattle. The company initially specialized in the trade of coffee beans, tea and spices,...

18 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Zoom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Zoom is an American telecommunications company specialising in video conferencing, online messaging and virtual meetings. The service is free for limited times and a number of users and paid for longer call times and larger numbers of users. Still unknown to the general public a year ago, the...

07 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Walt Disney

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Walt Disney Company is an American company founded in 1923 and specializing in the field of entertainment. It was originally a cartoon studio created by two brothers, Roy & Walt Disney. Success was quick, and the group quickly grew in size. In the 1950s, the company turned to the production...

07 Jul 2021

Swot Analysis - Samsung

Case study - 4 pages - ICT marketing

Samsung Electronics is a subsidiary of the Korean SAMSUNG group specializing in the manufacture and marketing of electronic products. It is one of the world leaders in electronic equipment, connected devices, technologies. Samsung has prided itself on being the world's largest manufacturer...

30 Sep 2021

SWOT Analysis - The Sport Watches Market

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

A sports watch is a robust analog or digital device designed to be worn by users offering features such as alarm, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, compass, tachymeter, tide indicators, etc., chosen according to the specific activity and personal preference. Sports watches were originally aimed at...

10 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - Nutella

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

The sweet spread market consists of all sweet pastes made from supplements (hazelnuts, cakes, chocolate, etc.), excluding salty pastes such as rillettes or those made from fruits such as marmalades or jams. Consolidated by the eternal gluttony of the human being, the market represented 17 billion...

31 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Häagen Dazs

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

Häagen-Dazs is a company that was founded in the 1960s by Reuben Mattus, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The company is an industrial ice-cream producer and marketing company, now known worldwide. It distributes its products through mass consumption (jars, mini jars,...

25 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - FedEx

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

The parcel delivery market has grown considerably in recent months, especially since the onset of the health crisis around the world. Thus, in 2020, the sector grew by more than 43%, recording a turnover of 190.6 billion euros. In 2020, more than 40% of consumers subscribed to an online delivery...

22 Jan 2021

SWOT Analysis - Total

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Total group was founded in 1924, and it is one of the six largest companies in the petroleum sector in the world. Its main competitors are British Petroleum (BP), Chevron, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Shell. The energy market has changed significantly in recent years. Indeed, Europe has...

15 Sep 2021

SWOT Analysis - Lidl

Case study - 4 pages - Distribution marketing

Lidl is a chain of supermarkets based in Germany. It has most of its operations in some European countries such as the UK, Germany itself and the USA, outside Europe. It was created by Dieter Schwarz in 1973. The brand sells meat, wine, groceries, vegetables, etc. The company's tagline is...

07 Jul 2021

SWOT Analysis - Polar

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

The Polar group is part of the sector of sports watches and other connected objects, which have been very successful for several years now. The sector recorded a turnover of 18.7 billion euros at the start of 2020, with results which have increased considerably every year for almost five years....

02 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - Fitbit

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

The Fitbit company has had its obvious glory days over the years but quickly challenged by the arrival of competition, including Apple which, although much criticised, has a real notoriety with consumers. Nevertheless, we have highlighted a number of strengths, which have enabled the group to...

20 Oct 2021

SWOT Analysis - Kraft Foods

Case study - 5 pages - Distribution marketing

"The spirit of a start-up, the soul of a powerhouse": created in 1980 under the name of Kraft Foods Global, the company was initially based in Delaware in the United States before relocating to Virginia, with it should be remembered a change of name in 2012, to become Kraft Foods Group Inc. 1989:...

28 Jul 2021

SWOT Analysis - Vodafone

Case study - 4 pages - ICT marketing

Vodafone is a British telecommunication company based in Newbury, in England. The company was created in 1984 as Racal Telecom by Ernest Harrison and Gerry Whent. In 1988, the brand entered the Stock market and became independent in 1991 and took the name Vodafone. The company has different...

23 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - PayPal

Case study - 5 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Online payment services have expanded considerably in recent years. Indeed, with the rise of electronic commerce, consumers and businesses alike are constantly looking for secure means to carry out their transactions, especially in a world where competition is very high and where fraud on the...

16 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - Emirates

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors for the economy, regardless of the country. However, tourism has been impacted by the onset of the health crisis, which has generated millions of euros in losses worldwide for the entire segment. Airlines have also been hit hard by the...