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26 Jul 2022

Youth marginality in Britain: Contemporary studies of austerity - Shane Blackman and Ruth Rogers (2017) - Offering evidence-based recommendations for policymakers to achieve social justice for young people

Text commentary - 3 pages - Literature

The selected book for review is Youth marginality in Britain: Contemporary studies of austerity by Shane Blackman and Ruth Rogers. This book was published in 2017 and is based on case studies on factors affecting young people in the United Kingdom. The book has 17 chapters written...

08 Apr 2021

Places and forms of power - Can young people have a real impact on the world?

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

I am going to ponder over the notion of places and forms of power. So before all, let me introduce it. The power refers to the ability to act, to exercise an influence on something. It can be divided in several categories: there is the legislative, the executive, the judiciary power. For...

18 Nov 2020

Places and forms of power - What power and determination do young people have to promote change in our societies and in the world of today?

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

I will talk about the notion of locations and forms of power. In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people. In order to live together, members of a community accept rules and laws. It helps to create social cohesion, but it can also lead to...

11 Jul 2013

Impact of globalization on young people in Britain and the developing world

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

Globalization can be defined as a system of interaction or increasing global relationships between cultures, people, and economic activities among the countries of the world. Globalization in its simpler form refers to conglomerate exchange of languages, ideas, and cultures. Behavior or...

21 Jun 2013

How did the media, political and academic discourses portray young people in Britain, and what were the effects of these representations?

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

A discourse is a communication process which has the power to define a certain subject matter or topic and consequently directs the perception of people regarding that same subject matter or topic. It is a systematic and communicative method of forming knowledge and forwarding this...

17 May 2012

Video games and their influence on young people

Case study - 2 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

Video games and their influence on young people has been the subject of discussion for social commentators and the public during recent years. In this respect, several experts have highlighted the negative aspects of video gaming, such as the health risk like increasing the tendency...

29 Sep 2010

Are conservative values back among young people?

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

An article that was published in ?The Economist' on the 26th of July 2003, deals with an ?upturn in conservatism' among young American people. Indeed, according to this article, more and more students support the republican ideology, and are in favor of US military...

27 Feb 2007

"In sum, at night, young people seek excitement in cities, not safety": discuss the relationship between young people's leisure activities, crime and the fear of crime.

Essay - 8 pages - Criminal law

Young people's behaviours are seen in the society as a catalyser of change, a vector for social and moral evolution. Usually our societies, often driven by a sense of cautious conservatism, are prudent or even resistant towards youth's attitude. Contrary to the common thoughts youth...

04 Mar 2021

Can computer power become a threat to our society and how can people stand up against it?

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

I'm going to deal with the notion of 'places and forms of power'. First, I'd like to define the notion. The power is the ability or official capacity to exercise control, authority. It also refers to the influence or the strength that a person or a group of people have on...

25 Jul 2022

How to manage people in this challenging environment?

Dissertation - 5 pages - Human resources

Over the years, motivated by the performance of companies such as Facebook, Google and Uber, many entrepreneurial-minded individuals began to bank on this business model because they envisioned the potential for profitability and the low initial apparent complexity of its structure. However, in...

18 Nov 2020

Myths and heroes - To what extent can the choices that people make, condition and influence their lives and have an impact on the world they live in?

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

I will talk about the notion of myths and heroes. A myth can be defined as a popular or traditional belief, an unusual story about gods or heroes. But the term hero doesn't always represent a mythological figure or a superhero. Indeed, a hero can be a person who is admired for his or her...

25 Feb 2021

Startups: The challenge of managing people

Case study - 6 pages - Management

The notion of leadership is important in the big well-known companies as well as the new-born ones. In this paper, we chose to focus on ‘leadership in startups' to explain the challenges they are facing and how those problems can be solved in this specific context. We will begin by...

11 Feb 2016

Local indigenous Australian people

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Aboriginal are the local indigenous people with so many tribes who settled in different parts of Australia. These communities include Bama who settled in the northern part of Queensland, Murri people who settled at the southern parts of Queensland. Murri people have many...

04 Sep 2014

Teenage Driver- Problems of Young Drivers

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Adolescence is a period of movement from childhood and adulthood. It is the period that young people face the task of proving their abilities in most cultures around the world. Numerous crisis and numerous experimentations as the young person searches for an identity...

12 Jun 2008

Providing Library Multimedia Services to Children and Young Adults

Essay - 4 pages - Educational studies

Introduction Recent studies on the development of multimedia services demonstrate that children and young adults are most likely to utilize these services (Kuhlthau, 1997). Because children from Kindergarten to high school typically find themselves in need of information, for both...

14 Jul 2009

Micro shareholders: The alternative for young entrepreneurs

Thesis - 6 pages - Business strategy

More than ever, in today's highly competitive marketplace, combined with stringent bank lending requirements, it is next to impossible for a young, aspiring entrepreneur, to obtain funding for his or her business venture, especially as related to building projects. The report will detail...

13 Jan 2009

How did patterns of courtship and getting married differ for young women in the 1950's compared to the 1930's?

Thesis - 8 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The twentieth century has witnessed several changes in social structures and notably with the birth of youth culture, which allowed people between the state of childhood and the one of adulthood to be recognized as a full-fledged category of the society. This change in status has led to...

17 May 2009

Improving Vichy Sun Care sales for teenagers and young adults

Thesis - 13 pages - Services marketing

The objective of our work is to increase the sales of Vichy sun care products for the segments of 13 - 25 years old people. To reach to our target group, we used two main marketing styles which are strategic marketing and operational marketing. In strategic marketing, firstly we analyzed...

18 Jul 2013

Shakespeare casts young men as women in plays

Case study - 2 pages - Literature

Men and women have been identified separately over time. Women have struggled to attain certain things that men have acquired. It usually takes them a longer time to gain the respect that men have in certain fields. This may be illustrated in theater as well. Specific thinking led to women not...

13 Jan 2009

The perception of the United States for Canadian people

Essay - 4 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Geographically neighbours, Canada and the United Sates share a lot of different things like language, history or an important part of their culture. They are also linked together in a political way, for instance by being two of the three participant countries of the NAFTA. All that elements can...

23 Nov 2006

Margaret Drabble, "The Millstone": part of the « Angry Young Men » movement?

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

Margaret Drabble is a writer who was often assimilated to what is called the ‘Angry Young Men' literary movement. But, as a lot of those writers of the 1950s who were put into the same category, she never claimed being fully part of this movement - all the more so since the term of «...

15 May 2009

Why do people around the world are embracing Starbucks?

Thesis - 2 pages - Business strategy

Today, Starbucks is the first purveyor of the finest coffee in the world. Starbucks history began with the following interpretation: “more people needed to join the coffee bar culture […] smell the coffee and enjoy life a little more”. Starbucks started the in United States...

16 Aug 2013

Emergence of a young urbanised skilled population and democratisation: is there a link? The case of China

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The link that is often presumed between the emergence of a young urbanized skilled population and democratization is not new, but the case of China is. More specifically, the central link claimed is that the emergence of these classes causes democratization; however, I will show in my...

30 Apr 2009

Final report on tea pot and cup design for elderly people with arthritis

Thesis - 6 pages - Services marketing

This report is one that argues for our company's expansion into the area of designing and manufacturing (and possibly marketing and selling) new household products which will be increasingly in demand as well as of benefit to our societies aging populations. There already exist new, innovative...

23 Jun 2008

The Rhetoric of the Personal and Pictorial: Portrayal of the Self and the Abstract in Young, Gray, and Collins

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

Following the ethical and didactic works popular in the early eighteenth century, which offered a view of Man as an imperfect but scientific being in search of meaning in a universe created by a perfect God, a crop of poets emerged who wrote instead about “a preponderance of sentiment,...

29 Sep 2010

Phillips and Young - the common critique of liberalism and the divergence of views on democracy, the equality and rights

Essay - 2 pages - Economy general

Our modern society has been solidly founded upon liberal principles; the Enlightenment constitutes one of the most influential political ideas in the nation-building process. Nevertheless, some criticism has emerged as our society seems to fail to provide all its citizens political equality....

10 May 2013

Alternatives measures for young offenders

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

As indicated in the introduction above, diversion is alternative measures that are giving to younger offenders who commit a minor crime too including their first offense. The very means to alternative measures are basically programs that stored in placed “that uses victim/offender mediation...

25 Apr 2009

A strong resemblance between "Lost in the Funhouse" and "Young Goodman Brown"

Thesis - 4 pages - Literature

It is truly revealing when one can make a comparison of two completely unrelated stories and find a basic meaning and theme that is analogous to both, despite superficial characteristics. Nathaniel Hawthorne's “Young Goodman Brown” is about a religious man, Goodman Brown, who...

07 Jul 2008

Anne Frank's "The Diary of a Young Girl" and Elie Wiesel's "Night": A literary analysis and comparison of Holocaust literature

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

The Holocaust of the 1940s is one of the most abominable periods in world history. Approximately eleven million Jews lost their lives during World War II due to Nazi genocidal policy enforced by Adolf Hitler. Jews were beaten to death, starved, burned in human crematoriums, enslaved, and...

29 Sep 2010

Indigenous People in Peru - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Andean lives, is a pair of autobiographical narratives edited by two young anthropologists in which Gregorio and Asunta, a Peruvian Indian couple, tell their life stories. The story takes place in the highlands of Peru, where millions of indigenous inhabitants who represent the cultural...