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15 Jan 2009

The architectural dimension of museums

Essay - 6 pages - Architecture

My decision to retain the architectural dimension of museums in their modern and contemporary acceptation as the central theme of my study has been orientated by personal grounds as well as it has been prompted by technical reasons. Indeed, my profound interest in architecture has invited me to...

18 Dec 2008

Ottoman architecture: Mosques of Istanbul

Essay - 6 pages - Architecture

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better known as the Blue Mosque, is located in Istanbul, Turkey in Sultanahmet Square. It was commissioned by Sultan Ahmed I in 1609 to be the first imperial mosque built by the Ottoman Empire in over forty years. The mosque was given the name “Blue” by foreign...

12 Nov 2008

Skyscrapers: An American urban art form

Essay - 5 pages - Architecture

It isn't often that we think of buildings as works of art. We have a word to describe the art of designing buildings and structures - architecture - but to most of us, buildings are things of purpose, not things to be admired. We pass in and out of them, conducting our business, and never give a...

13 May 2008

Fractals In African and Indian Architecture

Essay - 2 pages - Architecture

In 1977, a mathematical pattern received its name as Benoit Mandelbrot proclaimed that he "coined [the term] fractal from the Latin adjective fractus. The corresponding Latin verb frangere means to break to create irregular fragments. It is therefore sensible and how appropriate for our needs! -...

14 Apr 2008

Roman Aqueducts & Water Supply: With a case study of Ilion

Essay - 8 pages - Architecture

Modern day water supplies in the United States are supported by ground water, aquifers, lakes, and rivers. Water from these sources is then distributed through a collection of pipes into almost all American homes and apartments. Although water distribution is still a very complex system, it is...