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The impact of history and gothic art on peace and security

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  1. The Standard of Ur
  2. The Mask of Agamemnon (Kleiner 55)
  3. The West Pediment of Parthenon
  4. Apse of Sant Climent de Taull
  5. Jesus Christ Pantocrator painting
  6. Heroic gesture of the Bodhisattva piece of art
  7. Scene from the Khamsa of Nizami painting
  8. The Art of the Book
  9. Gothic Style of Adoration of the Magi
  10. Gothic art of Cristo de La Laguna

This paper entails a collection of 10 pieces of art from Prehistory style to the Gothic style. Each of the ten pieces of art selected portrays the theme of peace and security in terms of managing conflict and violence in a turbulent world. Peace and security are critical requirements in any society. The work of art has been used throughout historical periods to promote peace and security. The power of art in achieving these two societal goals is attributed to its emotive nature whereby works of art have been used to help people feel the sadness and damages of war thereby assisting then to instil the desire as well as the commitment of ending war, working collectively for peace and security in the society.

[...] The main theme presented in this historical piece of art is the promotion of peace and societal security. This theme is attributed to the depicted war and security scenes. The Standard of Ur The function of this piece of art has been suggested to be a standardized team of keeping peace and security during the time it was created about 4,500 years ago. Some suggestions have also been raised that it was a chest for storing funds for use in works associated with warfare or even associated with civil and religious activities. [...]

[...] The artifact was thus purposely created to show authority in issuing commands and decisions in the betterment of the turbulent society in terms of peace and security. The Parthenon pediments on the Temple of Artemis involve sculptures curved on the walls. The art work is among the finest instances of the Greek classical art. To portray the intended message of people ready for war towards the maintenance of peace and security in their kingdom, the figures seem to have been sculptured and engraved in a natural movement whereby the bodies have the vital energy for their tasks. [...]

[...] The king was thus depicted as the only source of peace and a feeling of security among citizens. People could only become civilized through learning and that in the Early Medieval period, the book was the new way of promoting peace and security. Through it people could learn many things including peace promotion and remaining united by learning the Bible. The art of the book painting communicates this message. The Art of the Book Gothic art, which emerged a bit later in history, also promoted the theme of peace and security in various ways. [...]

[...] Jesus on the other hand is religiously referred to the King of Peace in the Bible, which mean He is the center of focus in the art. Gothic style is used to create beauty in the message and facilitate it use in the Strasbourg Cathedral Church. Gothic Style of Adoration of the Magi Gothic style of art was also common in the 14th century. Its use was mainly in religion especially Christianity. A meaningful example is the Gothic art of Cristo de La Laguna. [...]