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What is the most in-demand job in 2020?

The year 2020 is profoundly marked by the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus epidemic, which has had multiple economic impacts, both on household consumption and on employment. While many sectors have suffered from confinement, many companies have also had to resort to redundancies or have been forced to continue with partial unemployment measures.

In-demand job in 2020

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One sector nevertheless stands out and becomes the one that recruits the most in 2020, that is the digital market. Indeed, the web professions are on the rise thanks to the many companies in the digital sector, but also to organisations that tend to digitalise more and more and therefore call on experts in the field. Thus, beyond the profession of developers, a certain number of functions have emerged according to the new needs of companies.

We can, for example, quote:

- Engineers in artificial intelligence:

Indeed, the number of positions, according to a LinkedIn survey, has multiplied by 16 times in just four years. With artificial intelligence on the rise, companies are looking for people who can integrate these technologies into their products and services.

- Digital brand manager, e-reputation watchman or e-CRM manager;

- Site reliability engineers (SRE):

With an increasing amount of data shuffled every day through business sites or other mobile applications, it is imperative to ensure the reliability of sites and applications, in accordance with changing legislation.

- Community manager, web evangelist or web marketing project manager;

- Cybersecurity specialists:

In the same vein, cyber-attacks are on the increase companies are therefore seeking to protect themselves from them. Many professions have been developed with the aim of protecting company data (data protection officer, etc.).

- Digital seller, customer success manager (CSM) or web referencer;

- Data scientist:

Helped by the data engineer, he analyses and interprets the masses of data (large data) to extract added value and help decision-making;

- Traffic manager:

Its role is to optimise all the avenues for acquiring traffic on the Internet in order to participate in increasing the visibility and turnover of the company;

- Cloud computing engineer:

He is in charge of everything related to the storage and management of company data on external servers (data centres);

- UX / UI designer, web integrator or even game designer;

- Ethical hacker:

A true profession of the future, it must test the resistance of companies' IT systems in order to look for possible flaws. By allowing companies to overcome this and better protect themselves, this makes it possible to avoid hacking by malicious people.

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