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Essay topics for MBA students

Here are a few ideas to help you find the right topic for your MBA essay.

How to write an essay?

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Topic 1 - New management techniques
Topic 2 - New technologies and management
Topic 3 - The importance of employees in an organisation
Topic 4 - Generation Z and their perception of work
Topic 5 - Corporate culture and notoriety

Topic 1 - New management techniques

As new generations enter the labour market it has prompted the need for new management techniques.

How new management techniques benefit well-being at work and the company's performance?

Define the environmental and social context of the topic. Discuss the differences between the various generations, on both personal and professional levels. Describe the 4 types of management styles and give examples.

Highlight different management styles found in different countries.

Topic 2 - New technologies and management

Emphasise the link between management and new technologies using a thesis like:

How can new technologies be time-saving for a manager?

List all technologies used in management techniques, and more globally in recruitment techniques, before defining the link between the two.

Explain the expectation of this new generation of the labour market, a newly joined company, and what companies can do to satisfy them.

If you are currently an intern, list the technologies employed in your company relating to recruitment and management. Also, study its management style and give examples.

Topic 3 - The importance of employees in an organization

A very trendy topic all the more relevant since people are increasingly talking about well-being in the workplace and recognition at work.

Since the new generations have entered the labour market, many things have had to change, unquestionably mainly the importance of employees in an organisation.

How to link management techniques and the importance of employees in an organisation? How can management be the key to better performance and work methods?

Talk about the social context, then about the arrival of new generations of workers. Describe these new generations and compare them to previous ones. Study the individuals globally, their expectations and needs in the workplace. One can also point out suicide at the workplace, which is unfortunately still a common issue.

Topic 4 - Generation Z and their perception of work

There are two notions to define, Gen Z and the company. This is a very specific topic that highlights the real differences between this generation's expectations and the previous ones' on a professional level.

How can Gen Z force companies to evolve accordingly to their expectations?

Start by describing this new generation, who seem unwilling to cope with companies as they are today. More than 60% of individuals from this generation don't want to deal with an employer and think that the workplace is boring and limiting.

It may be interesting to provide a historical background of the workplace from the 80s to today. One will then be able to see how things have changed and what the driving forces behind this evolution were.

Topic 5 - Corporate culture and notoriety

Make the connection between corporate culture and a company's notoriety. One can precisely define these two notions and give examples.

How can a strong corporate culture improve a company's notoriety?

To study this topic, explain that generations Y and Z expect something different from organisations, give details about these expectations. Nowadays companies no longer have absolute power over employees. To find the perfect candidate for a job, and to retain them, companies have to make concessions.

Highlight the importance of corporate culture, which is part of the company's identity, and allows it to strengthen its position in a competitive market. Add to that a high turnover or absenteeism rate and that could ultimately jeopardise a company.

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