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SWOT Analysis - Disney +

Disney + is a video-on-demand platform which competes with channels like Netflix, Amazon, even OCS and the various replay of television channels. They currently have 60 million subscribers and hope to reach 100 million within five years.

Disney +

Photo Credit: FR Android Robert Nicholas Jones

In 2020, the group ensured the production of new content of $ 1 billion. The launch of the platform nevertheless earned them a loss of $ 693 million, since this was offset against the growing number of subscribers. The platform has more than 500 films and 150 series, with a turnover of around 70 billion dollars, or nearly 60 billion euros.

Thanks to streaming, the video market is on the rise again, with DVD movie rentals virtually no longer available. During the lockdown, the market reached 453.9 million in turnover, an increase of 40% in just a few weeks.



Disney has a very strong reputation, which increases the number of monthly subscribers. The contents are exclusive and very varied, with a target audience aimed at more than just children. It is also a company which innovates enormously and which frequently adds new content to its programs.

The group also has brands like Pixar or Marvel, who also have new content, not found on other platforms. The price is also very affordable it is around 7 euros per month for the most basic package.


Overall, and for the moment anyway, Disney tends to offer less content than its biggest competitor Netflix, which could tip the scales in their favour.

The brand has also suffered a lot of criticism for the messages delivered by its cartoons. Some may have accused the brand of promoting unsavoury morals or setting a bad example for its younger people with their storylines.


The evolution of the platforms is obvious and predictable with a content which, in a few years, will become more extensive and more varied. The group's network will continue to develop further thanks to the development of Internet networks and their speed.

The mobile application allows you to watch and download content on your mobile devices, which is convenient for the whole family.

The group's presence on social networks makes it possible to convey a dynamic and modern image of the company and therefore helps to counter stiff competition in the market.


Competition is the first threat. Disney + has several competitors such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even OCS and all the channels available with catchup-TV, which are completely free.

It should also be taken into account that the global economic recession can slow down the development of the market.

The purchasing power of consumers is falling, and households may prefer to pay for a platform where the content is more extensive and whose target is the whole family, such as Netflix in particular.