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How do you give an internship presentation?

The purpose of an internship presentation is to detail all of the various knowledge acquired, and the various missions carried out during your time with a particular company or organisation.

How do you give an internship presentation?

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However, in order to make sure that you do not make a mistake or leave anything out that could affect your rating, there are a few steps to follow and a few points to take into account.

The time allowed

The student will have 10 to 20 minutes to present their topic. The first part will be devoted to the presentation of the students work, and the second will be dedicated to the questions asked by the jury. It is, therefore, necessary to take into account the duration granted and make sure you manage the time correctly, to avoid having any awkward silences or on the contrary not having enough time to finish your presentation.

Before creating your slideshow

1- You must, first of all, think about having written references supporting the required content. This content must be well studied beforehand, make sure you don't leave out any necessary detail which needs to be shown on the slideshow to complete your presentation. Everything must be well written without spelling mistakes and be legible. If you have doubts about what you have written, then you need to make sure that you check your facts carefully once you have completed your presentation.

2- Practice answering potential questions. The second part of the presentation is just as important as the first, so it is imperative to review the content of the internship report. This will make sure you do not have any issues when you are presenting your work.
Getting used to giving your presentation in real conditions will avoid you having any issues on D-Day.

The presentation

The most important thing will be to establish a complete plan that is not too long. For this, the classic model is therefore favoured: Introduction, development and conclusion.
Introduction: This will be covered by your first slide. Essentially, this will be a brief presentation of the host company (Company name) and its main activities.
Development: The development will be divided into several points according to your previously written plan and the progress of your internship. However, the points usually covered are: A more or less detailed presentation of the company, the activities that are undertaken by the company, an explanation of the course of the internship carried out using a chronological approach, etc.
The conclusion: You will generally detail your experience in the company by also giving, for example, your opinion and what interested you the most, as well as the knowledge acquired during this internship.


Given the length of time allowed for you to deliver your oral, you will probably only devote one or two slides to each point so as not to make your presentation too long. On the slide show, you should only mention the main points that you will develop orally, do not forget that it is an oral presentation above all and that the slide show only serves as a support.

Slideshow of your internship presentation

A slide show is an essential tool for lectures and presentations. It supports your oral presentations by offering a succession of written slides, projected onto a screen. The most common software for creating slideshows is Microsoft Office PowerPoint, which can be installed on multiple media such as a computer, tablet or phone and is easy to use.

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