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Summer jobs and academic year jobs - earning money as a student

Want to earn some extra money this summer or during the year ? Please find here 10 ideas for you to explore, as summer jobs and online work to use your student skills !

Summer jobs and academic year jobs - earning money as a student

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I - Summer jobs

1 - Order picker

The job of an order picker consists of preparing a given product for a given customer. He works mainly in a warehouse, but he can also work in a store, a dock, or even a refrigerated room. Contrary to what we think, the profession of order picker is physical. Indeed, the order picker's main tasks are to collect the products submitted to order, pack and fill the parcels, check the conformity of the products intended for the customer, load the transport vehicle, validate the shipping, label items and manage inventory. So many tasks require rigour and not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

2 - Camp Counsellor

A Camp Counsellor is a creative person who organises and sets up fun and entertaining activities for children and/or teenagers at leisure facilities. He is required to supervise groups of children and adolescents during stays of several days. He also coordinates the activity of the team. In principle, you must hold some certificates, like the BAFA or the BPJEPS in France. However, nothing prevents you from applying if you really want to work with children. The most important thing is enthusiasm!

3 - Waitron

The waiter performs the service in a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. He welcomes the customers, seats them, waits on the customer, cleans and resets the tables. His main missions are to serve the customer according to the rules of the restaurant, set the table, advise the customer on the menu, check the crockery and cutlery, and clear and straighten the tables. A good waiter must know how to keep his cool in all circumstances, even in front of "difficult" customers. Always remember "the customer is king". He must be friendly, attentive, and pleasant but not intrusive. Clumsiness will not be tolerated in this position.

4 - Harvester

The picker harvests the produce for viticulture by cutting and carrying them meticulously. To do this, you must follow the safety and hygiene rules to the letter. This job is carried out in any countryside and does not require any training or prior experience to apply.

5 - Dishwasher

The dishwasher ensures that all the dishes are thoroughly cleaned, wiping and storage of dishes, kitchen utensils, and glassware. He is in constant contact with the kitchen staff, that is to say, the waiters, the clerks, and the cooks. It is a perfect job for the summer as the dishwasher works shifts on weekends, evenings, and sometimes, even on holidays. In order to do this work, you need to be fast, careful, and efficient.

II - Online Jobs

6 - Web editor

The web editor writes specialised content for various online sites such as the legal field, human resources, news, etc.. To aspire to this job, you must have both editorial and linguistic qualities. The web editor can work independently or under the supervision of an editorial manager.

7 - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product for sale through an affiliate link. It provides continuous advertising for e-commerce shops seeking visibility. The significant point of this post is that it benefits both customers and people promoting the products in question.

8 - Online courses

The author of online training provides several conferences on a particular topic such as management, making money on the internet, how to become self-employed or how to work without getting tired at work. The objective of these courses is to learn knowledge and skills in a specific area.

9 - Write an e-book

Writing an e-book is a perfect way to make money online. Once the book is written, all you have to do is enjoy the fruits of your labour. However, before getting there, you have to come up with a concept, develop it, organise all the information, and finally write it. It's a long process, but worth it when done well!

10 - Online Translator

The online translator provides translation and transcription of administrative and literary documents from one language to another. In principle, it is carried out independently, in particular, through freelance sites, for example. It is a booming business. However, it is not simply a matter of using translation sites and copying and pasting the text to be translated, you will need to proofread and edit the document to make sure that it makes sense. Thus, in addition to the attention to detail required by this profession, the translator must be able to speak and ideally write several languages.


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