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Marketing essay topics - Influencers

Today we have a batch of 5 marketing essay topic ideas for you : Social media influencers, Image building, The profession of influencer, Credibility of the influencer upon collaboration with a brand, The influencer's grip on consumers


Influencers -

Topic 1 - Social media influencers, a new type of communication for brands

This topic highlights several notions, on one hand, influencers, on the second-hand marketing communication and lastly the notion of social media.

How do influencers communicate on social media? What methods do they use and what strategy do brands use to promote their products?

What is the role of the influencers and how are they chosen by brands. You can also study communication with the consumer and potential customers of these brands.

Analyse the previous or existing methods employed by brands, and show how influencers can be an asset to brands in the long run.

Topic 2 - Influencers and image building

This topic links the notion of the influencer to a company's image building process. Companies build their image step by step and therefore gain notoriety.

How does a company use influencers to improve its image, or to build it?

Highlight the important role of the Internet in a company's' communication. Look at new types of communication, consumers new trends, how people live, how they use their smartphones, how they rely on reviews before buying and how they value influencers opinion during the buying decision making process.

Topic 3 - The profession of influencer, how to balance private and professional life

This topic deals with the economical and sociological side of the profession of an influencer.

How to protect one's private life when one is an influencer for a brand? How to balance private and professional life?

In your paper highlight the profession of the influencer, define their role and goals. Write a few lines about the distinction between the private sphere and the public sphere, especially for an influencer who is often overexposed.

Topic 4 - Can the collaboration between influencers and brands have a negative impact on the influencers' credibility?

Influencers are seen as opinion leaders and have a great impact on the decision-making process.

Look at the role of influencers in the brands' strategy and what exactly the partnership consists of. Analyse the terms of the contract binding an influencer to a brand. You can also explain consumers habits and how they are influenced.

How do these highly connected new customers react?

Study consumers' new types of behaviour when it comes to the decision-making process and the importance of the influencers during it.

Topic 5 - The influencers' grip on consumers

Consumer behaviour has drastically changed and the Internet, its democratisation and the constant use of smartphones have created highly connected generations. More than 80% of new consumers read reviews before buying any product.

What is the real impact of influencers on the consumers' buying decision-making process?

Define the word influencer and what consumers' buying decision-making process refers to. Also, study the relationship between influencers and buyers, that is to say, Internet users. You can add a few lines on how brands select their influencers and what the criteria are.

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