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Topics and problematics on the subject of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a phenomenon that certainly affects the business world. Indeed, it is now widely used, and even in consumers homes.

Topics and problematics on Artificial Intelligence

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It has taken on considerable importance in improving the quality of life for everyone. Use the topics below for research or a professional dissertation.

Topic 1: AI and everyday challenges

The subject deals with AI and its use in the daily life of individuals. Indeed, we live in an era where AI is being used more and more in everyday life.
Question: How does artificial intelligence help consumers? To what extent has it become indispensable? What are its limitations?
After defining the concepts involved, give concrete examples of the use of AI in everyday life. Talk about GPS, smartphones, travel, or even social networks. What progress has AI made in recent years, and what are the prospects for the future? Also, talk about the criteria that AI must satisfy to be more relevant and efficient.

Topic 2: The use of AI in companies in customer relations

Highlight AI in the specific area of customer relations. Indeed, companies have evolved a lot in recent years, especially with regard to the use of new technologies.
Question: How is AI beneficial in improving customer satisfaction in the long term?
Define the term AI and customer relations. What is the relationship between the two concepts, and how does AI serve to improve this relationship with business customers? What are the means used, how have they evolved over time, and how will they evolve in the years to come? Also, talk about how AI translates into customer relations. The use of chatbots and other techniques that allow companies to stay closer to their customers and improve their competitiveness. Make the link between AI and customer satisfaction, business performance and especially in a society dominated by new technologies.

Topic 3: Artificial intelligence and ethics, the main issues

The topic talks about AI and its connection to business ethics, as it is a topic that has raised many questions in recent years.
Question: How does the use of AI raise data protection or other business ethics issues?
Define the concepts involved and talk about the importance of ethics in business; importance for the company itself, but also for employees and customers. Talk about the link between AI and data protection, privacy and sustainable development. What impact does the use of AI have on customers, do they feel safe, and what needs to be improved? It is also possible to establish a link between ethics and the reputation of the company.

Topic 4: AI and recruitment

The subject deals with the link between AI and recruitment. Indeed, the very notion of recruitment has greatly evolved with the arrival of new technologies on the one hand, but also with the expectations and needs of consumers and candidates on the other.
Question: How does AI facilitate the recruitment process in companies, and how do companies use it to attract potential new talent?
Define the concepts involved and establish a link between recruitment and new technologies. Talk about e-recruitment, its advantages for the company and the candidates, and its limits. How is AI used by companies to recruit and entice candidates to apply? How is it used in the recruitment process itself?

Topic 5: AI and ecology: environmental impact

This topic deals with the link between artificial intelligence and ecology. Today, technological innovations are more and more numerous, and they are now linked to the protection of the environment.
Question: How can artificial intelligence serve the interests of ecology, and how does this translate?
Define the notions of AI and environment. What are the impacts of AI on the environment? What are the novelties that promote environmental protection? What are the benefits of algorithms in the fight against global warming, pollution or the loss of biodiversity?
Talk about the fact that little-by-little, the way individuals and companies look at AI is changing and that everyone realises that it will soon be impossible to live without it. Beyond improving business productivity, AI can also work for the good of all. Give specific examples.


The objective of artificial intelligence is to allow machines to get as close as possible to human behaviour in order to improve the lives of individuals and companies. All areas of activity are now concerned, and AI will have to make further progress in the future and experience many more innovations. There are several types of AI today. The main ones being automation, self-driving cars, robotics and computer vision.



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