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Dissertation in Accounting

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16 Feb 2011

Installation of a system of cost accounting in Monegasque (Morocco)

Dissertation - 84 pages - Accounting

Cost accounting has a double arsenal. As a first arsenal in the long term, it is probably very effective because it addresses the costs, and requires political courage of managers. This arsenal includes the planning, control equipment and staff and a real management control. A second arsenal is...

16 Feb 2011

Study of standards of IAS (International Accounting Standards), of an international dimension, and comparison with principal rival of the US GAAP

Dissertation - 93 pages - Accounting

The last modification date of the French accounting plan was in the year 1999. This change has increased the rigor given to accounting in French companies. The (International Accounting Standards or the IAS are developed by members of the NCC with transparency. In Europe, the...

16 Feb 2011

Governance and management of income: an empirical study in the Tunisian context

Dissertation - 49 pages - Accounting

Through this research, one can define the concepts and theories of management results in the first chapter. In the second chapter, it will address the impact of governance mechanisms on the management statement. Finally, it will address this problem through an empirical study in...

16 Feb 2011

Study of the IFRS/IAS standards

Dissertation - 42 pages - Accounting

The chief executive of KPMG, Jean-Luc Decornoy, had announced in June 2006 that the goal of harmonization of financial statements was not reached between accounts and areas between countries. This statement raises many questions about the reasons, and this is an invitation to reflect on the theme...

16 Feb 2011

Are IFRS standards beneficial to the French companies?

Dissertation - 46 pages - Accounting

Multiple accounting policy discrepancies have raised awareness that a solution should be found to harmonize and unify accounting standards. Thus, in 1973, ten countries got together to try to respond favorably to this issue and they established the IASC (International Accounting Standards...

13 May 2009

Project finance and project evaluation: The Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Dissertation - 43 pages - Accounting

The use of non-recourse project financing has grown steadily in emerging markets, especially in basic infrastructure, natural resources and the energy sector. Because of its cost and complexity, project finance is aimed at large-scale investments. The key is in the precise estimation of cash...

13 May 2009

A study of capital structure trend in the Indian steel industry

Dissertation - 61 pages - Accounting

Capital structure is designed to maximize the value of a firm. However there is no unanimity on the effect of capital structure on the ultimate value of a firm. Various theories hold varied opinions. According to Modigliani and Miller approach value of the firm is created by optimal capital...