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15 Jun 2020

Business Plan for a Coffee Shop in Morocco - Agora Coffee Shop

Business plan - 7 pages - Business strategy

The business we propose is called 'AGORA Coffee Shop'. In our opinion, a coffee shop is not only a place of entertainment, it can also be a crossroad where people (students, professors, professionals, ...) can share ideas or debate on actual phenomenons. Therefore, inside the...

28 Jul 2014

Start-up business plan - Asian Restaurant

Business plan - 2 pages - Business strategy

The name of the company that we intend on launching is Ambrocio Restaurant. This is a restaurant that is expected to be one of the busiest ones in Asia. This is because we have chosen an ideal site for it, at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. The mission of the company is to be a leading head and...

27 Jan 2014

Business plan: Loly Bakery

Business plan - 5 pages - Business strategy

The company is based on the growth experienced in the bakery industry. This growth of the industry in the United Kingdom is a clear indication that the market for bakery products is on an ever growing trend. Loly bakery is a home based business. The aim of the firm is to serve the end consumers...

14 Aug 2013

Business plan for concrete manufacturing plant in Ghana, West Africa

Business plan - 52 pages - Business strategy

Population of Ghana has been increasing at an average rate of 1.8% per year. Increase has imposed a burden on the country for infrastructure in the form of schools, hospitals, housing, and roads. At independence in 1957, the required infrastructure was provided mainly by the then...

08 Mar 2013

Business plan of eco Stargleam

Business plan - 30 pages - Business strategy

LED is the abbreviation for 'Light Emitting Diode'. A diode is a small, plastic coated device, which carries inside a semiconductor and upon an application of an electric current, emits light of a predetermined color. This tone depends on the material of which it is made of. Until...

05 Jun 2012

Business plan of

Business plan - 20 pages - Business strategy

In the fast changing IT Industry, standard textbook knowledge and information via Internet is not sufficient to help resolve the IT problems faced by undergraduate/graduate IT students, professionals and corporations. Instead, they prefer to seek mentorship and advice from someone who has...

16 Feb 2011

Business plan for a store of optics of luxury

Business plan - 43 pages - Business strategy

Optica Designs is a Canadian based optical shop that is involved in the business of luxury brand products and series of a limited scale. The product range falls in the medium-range segment, and offers selective Optica Designs. It is a real alternative for customers looking for...

03 Jan 2011

Evaluating a business plan for Dior - establishment of a store in China

Business plan - 14 pages - Business strategy

A business plan was created as part of an establishment of an outlet for Dior products in China. It contains a market analysis to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Chinese market. It consists of an analysis of the Dior group, and the whole city to determine how the...

03 Jan 2011

'Chef à la maison' - Business plan

Business plan - 37 pages - Business strategy

Our business idea focuses on bringing chefs to the dinner table at home. We plan to offer 2 services; Primarily we will provide Home training courses where fully trained chefs will come into your home environment and offer training on anything from beginner techniques, simple cooking to more...

23 Nov 2010

Business plan: the luxurious Gold Star Restaurant

Business plan - 8 pages - Business strategy

WWe are a 4 star restaurant that also enjoys a 2-star rating in the Michelin Guide; this proves that we are actually a luxurious restaurant with dishes that are renowned for their quality. We offer our patrons two rooms that are tastefully furnished and decorated, to respect their privacy. The...

29 Sep 2010

Business plan for a new board game: Flagpoint

Business plan - 33 pages - Business strategy

A new fun and attractive game is born: Flagpoint. This document describes the development of the new game in all its detail. The study starts with a short introduction of our company and its mission, followed by a detailed marketing research to figure out the needs of our target group. The...

29 Sep 2010

Wine & Riviera: business plan project

Business plan - 35 pages - Business strategy

The company is considered to be a top end retailer of wine and champagne in Dublin City center, and in addition the company provides tasting session. The wines are made in France, Spain and California and sold in Parliament Street, in Dublin. The products are selected for their top quality and...

10 Aug 2010

Netflix review and business plan

Business plan - 3 pages - Business strategy

Netflix strives to supply customers with a wide selection of DVDs, at an affordable price, in a convenient manner. The online rental format not only allows the consumer to navigate an easy searchable database, but also provides insight on recommended titles for rental, to ensure a...

29 Sep 2009

Speed Bio: Business plan

Business plan - 19 pages - Business strategy

The concept is to launch a new type of restaurant and more precisely an organic fast food restaurant. The guarantee of our restaurant is to take care about the customer's health. Indeed, we noticed that there was no special organic fast food restaurant in France and especially in Paris. For few...

29 Sep 2009

Flash Travel's business plan

Business plan - 12 pages - Business strategy

The main business activity of the company is transportation of people, and handling important merchandises and mails. Indeed, even if it could be exceptional to transport merchandise (like fruit, raw materials…) or mail (like political mails or parcel), because it is currently expensive to...

29 Sep 2009

Business plan: Marriage/Wedding fairies

Business plan - 22 pages - Business strategy

In our company the Wedding Fairies is in partnership with six people who want to offer an all inclusive service for wedding planning. We believe for the wedding day nothing can be too perfect and we want to be sure that our customers get the best from us. We offer a real customized service to our...

17 May 2009

Business plan for the creation of an enterprise: Bubbles Inc

Business plan - 9 pages - Business strategy

Bubbles, Plc. is going to increase its offer by implementing one of the biggest stores dedicated to children in London and soon all around the world. All the products are designed to fulfill all the kids' needs. Since the kids are kings in today's society (2025), it appears that this market is...

16 May 2009

Kirlangiç business plan

Business plan - 25 pages - Business strategy

“Being a strong and professional company which has efficient, trustworthy and standard products and also being proactive to the customers needs.” Ana Food Company's mission statement is “To be a multi-national entrepreneurial group acting locally while thinking...

13 May 2009

Business plan: Dream trotter bar

Business plan - 6 pages - Business strategy

We wish to create a bar with subject, opened from 7 am till 1 am everyday. Situated in the center of Lille, for easy access to this place. The ambition of this project is to allow the customers a cultural exchange, create a relaxed environment and a cultural discovery. ...

12 May 2009

Explanation of the factors that might influence an entrepreneur's decision to start up another new venture following the failure of their business

Business plan - 4 pages - Business strategy

Each year in the United Kingdom over 300 000 businesses have set up, and 300 000 have closed down. Half of these new businesses cease trading within three years of being created, lowering small businesses average life down to five years. Among the failed businesses, only 10% close...

12 May 2009

Business plan for product innovation: The Big Bip Company

Business plan - 7 pages - Business strategy

A problem statement is a clear concise description of the issue that needs to be addressed by a problem solving team and should be presented to them (or created by them) before they try to solve the problem. When bringing together a team to achieve a particular purpose efficiently, provide them...

20 Jan 2009

Business Plan: D'Light Handbags (2007)

Business plan - 20 pages - Business strategy

D'Light Company produces exclusive, fashionable handbags with unique lighting system build inside each product. The built in light makes it easier for the user to find the desired items in the handbag regardless of the outside conditions (during the night, in the dark etc.).The handbags are...

19 Jan 2009

Business plan for exporting RedGreen Danish chic sportswear products to Japan

Business plan - 13 pages - Business strategy

Where do we see fashion in 2007? Are people becoming more fashionable? We believe that fashion enables people to become a part of a culture and differentiate themselves regardless of the color of their skin and background...or identify themselves with a particular group. In the world of...

16 Jan 2009

"Dr Tasty": Business plan of a healthy fast-food

Business plan - 11 pages - Business strategy

My project is to implement a healthy fast food I called “Dr Tasty”. It will take the juridical form of a franchise. This fast food will propose two kinds of products - ones will be similar to a hamburger, the others will be “natural” ones (what I mean by natural is: local and...

16 Jan 2009

Business plan: Washybar, why wash and wait when you can drink and wash?

Business plan - 18 pages - Business strategy

The target market: People who don't have a washing machine at home (usually clients of launderette, mostly young people) and generally people who want to spend time in a bar. What they think now: It is boring to wait while your clothes are being washed. The waiting time is about 35 to 40 minutes...

15 Jan 2009

Business plan on exporting redgreen (Danish chic sportswear products) to Brazil

Business plan - 7 pages - Business strategy

Brazil has become one of the most promising emerging countries besides China and India and counts a very large population, whereby extreme poverty and extreme wealth coexist. In this context Redgreen, a Danish company specializing in high end and high quality sportswear outfits considers...

15 Jan 2009

Spa business plan

Business plan - 14 pages - Business strategy

Mia Day Spa is a new type of Day spa in Toulouse and even in France, offering complete day services for women who gave birth recently. We offer a 5 ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest spa linens and equipment. We will use two of them as massage rooms and the two...

15 Jan 2009

Business plan: Personal traveller - tourism in China

Business plan - 26 pages - Business strategy

Personal Traveler is a travel related service company which links with travel agencies in leading European markets in forming a customized package to fit the need of “third-age” foreign travelers in main Chinese cities. The venture will leverage on the sharp increase in tourism expected...

17 Nov 2008

Business plan: Green Oceans Fuels

Business plan - 6 pages - Business strategy

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: An ethanol production company with the uniqueness of making ethanol from sea-algae cellulose. This production method allows ethanol to be sold at a much lower price than competitors as well as making it cheaper than gasoline. MISSION STATEMENT: To push the...

07 Jul 2008

Business development plan for cleaning service company

Business plan - 7 pages - Business strategy

For the purposes of this investigation a comprehensive review of a new cleaning company will be provided. The company, named “Next Best to Mom” seeks to provide college students and young professionals with all of the home-based and cleaning-based services provided by “mom.”...