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03 Jun 2008

Australian Assimilation And The Impact on Aboriginal Health: A Critical Analysis

Essay - 6 pages - Human resources

Australia is one of the world's most culturally diverse societies and it is commonly assumed that the country offers free and fair opportunities to all its inhabitants. However, on close observation it is clearly evident that the country's indigenous population is at a social and economic...

08 Aug 2007

Skills in the Work Place

Essay - 7 pages - Human resources

I have had the experience of working in different industries and different-sized companies, and have to say that I know myself well enough to be able to predict my behavior under different situations with a great deal of accuracy. However, after working on this assignment, I have discovered...

22 Feb 2007

Report on the workforce monitoring and surveillance practices: a practical guidance for employers

Essay - 8 pages - Human resources

Employers have always been monitoring theirs employees in one way or another to assess the quantity and the quality of a worker's performance. Monitoring should be understood in a broad meaning: employers can decide to use hidden cameras, CCTV cameras, they can open e-mails or keep records of...