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29 Sep 2010

Mittal/Arcelor - Behind the merger

Presentation - 54 pages - Management

In January 2006, Arcelor's share was valued 2.9 times its 2005 EBITDA on the stock market. Six months later, Mittal's last offer to Arcelor amounted to 4.9 times its 2005 EBITDA. This paper studies the developments that took place between these two evaluations and their reasons. In the...

28 Jul 2010

Communication and attitudes

Presentation - 12 pages - Management

Make the person to whom you are listening your focus. Stop everything else that you are doing. If you are listening to a group, take your mobile phone out and turn it off. Listen carefully to the words but don't be deaf to the emotion behind them. Strong words can be hiding weak feelings or vice...

23 Jun 2010

TQM (Total quality management) and production management

Presentation - 130 pages - Management

POM is important function where vast majority of firm's workers, capital assets & expenses reside, and is responsible for production, Service & Quality of the products. However apart from their individual objectives, a coordinated effort between all the 3 business functions is a must, to...

22 Jun 2010

Collective bargaining for industrial relations

Presentation - 4 pages - Management

One of the most damaging criticisms is that a party is adamant in holding to its original position. Before retreating with as much elegance as circumstances permit, each party seeks to withdraw as little as possible. This involves ascertaining the maximum concession of the opposing negotiator...

03 Sep 2009

Analytical review of the failings of Kmart

Presentation - 8 pages - Management

The first Kmart store was opened on March 1st, 1962 by Sebastian S. Kresge and the 'K' was named after himself, after which a total of eighteen stores were opened in the year 1962. In the late 1980s, the corporate offices shifted their attention to other companies it had acquired or...

14 Aug 2009

PepsiCo 2007: Strategies to increase shareholder value

Presentation - 15 pages - Management

This presentation takes a look at the history of Pepsico. It covers some of the key points in the evolution of Pepsico as a company. It will cover points like fast food acquisitions and Quaker Oats acquisition. It will also cover points like the strategy, revenue contributions, competition in...

13 Aug 2009

Inventory management - A presentation

Presentation - 30 pages - Management

This presentation is based on inventory management and will cover points like definitions and various aspects of inventory management. It will also cover points like types of inventories, the function of the inventory and why you need to manage your inventory. It will then move on talking about...

03 Jun 2009

Expert system

Presentation - 37 pages - Management

This presentation is about Expert Systems. It starts with the definition of expert systems, its features and goes onto an overview of expert systems and components of the same. It then moves onto an explanation of the people involved in expert system with a pictorial representation. It further...

17 May 2009

TCP/IP - published: 17/05/2009

Presentation - 26 pages - Management

This presentation is based on the internet and in particular TCP/IP. The presentation will start with a definition of what TCP/IP is and then move onto the history and goals of TCP/IP. it will then shift its focus to the four layes that constitute the transmission control protocol/ Internet...

29 Apr 2009

Organizational behavior: Foundation of group behavior (16 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Management

A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting, interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives. A formal group is defined by the organization's structure,with designated work assignment establishing tasks.The behaviors that one should engage in are stipulated...

07 Apr 2009

A presentation on sales management

Presentation - 145 pages - Management

Modern sales executives are professionals. They plan, build and maintain an effective and efficient organization and design and utilize appropriate control procedure. The professional approach requires careful analysis of market situations, intelligent setting of personnel selling objectives,...

31 Mar 2009

Responsibility accounting and evaluation of divisional performance

Presentation - 36 pages - Management

This presentation will start with a comparison between centralization and decentralization. From there it will go into a look at the benefits and costs of a decentralized organization before moving onto responsibility accounting along with control and performance evaluations. it will then examine...

23 Mar 2009

An overview of distribution management

Presentation - 275 pages - Management

Distribution management is a factor of the channels of distribution which is also known as marketing channels. A marketing channel is a set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for consumption. It is a strategic asset of any organization...

18 Aug 2007

Executive Planning

Presentation - 16 pages - Management

Steve Kaye shows how to become more effective by working smarter. He helps companies that value learning as the key to increased profitability. Here's why. Steve Kaye thinks out of both sides of the brain. Kaye brings a system approach to his work, which means his material well designed,...