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07 Nov 2023

Complex Negotiation

Course material - 14 pages - Management

Complex negotiation is a dynamic and delicate process of communication and interaction between two or more parties, aimed at reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement, while managing situations characterized by divergent interests, strong emotions, high stakes, and interpersonal relationships at...

03 Nov 2023

Amazon's corporate culture

Case study - 2 pages - Management

As we can read in The Leader's Guide for Corporate Culture, published in the Harvard Business Review, « as someone said, culture eats strategy for breakfast », that is, the spirit of an enterprise, embodied by its members, is thought out and developed to ensure the development and growth of...

09 Oct 2023

Learning and improvement approach in traditional construction management models

Text commentary - 2 pages - Management

The documents studied in this paper can be provided on request. Both articles analysed in this paper are linked to the engineering manufacturing area, particularly in construction, and more specifically to the acknowledgment that there is a lack of learning and improvement approach in traditional...

28 Aug 2023

Cover Letter and Questions/Answers on Management Practice - Master's degree 2.0

Cover letter - 2 pages - Management

I am writing to directly apply to your Management Master Degree in your prestigious university. As a matter of fact, I graduated in 2018 from the Paris-Sorbonne University where I studied Economics and Management, my taste for analytics and Economic studies pushing me to continue my studies...

02 Aug 2023

Management of People and Organizations: Lessons from the Sinking of the SS El Faro

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

In an increasingly competitive business environment, companies are faced with the challenge of constantly adapting to ever-changing conditions. People in management positions ought to bring the most significant benefit to the organization, which entails the know-how of effective leadership (Gonos...

01 Jun 2023

BlaBlaCar's Service Management

Dissertation - 8 pages - Management

As information becomes more available and communication easier, C2C service emerges as a more and more integral part of our society. The companies behind the service often only offer the service of connecting and helping with the transaction between the parties involved in the service that is...

25 May 2023

The Low Cost - Emmanuel Combe (2011) - Summary by Chapter

Text commentary - 3 pages - Management

This book answers the following questions: how does low cost work? Does low cost always go hand in hand with low prices? To what extent is low cost a danger that affects established companies? In which sectors is low cost developing? What is the impact of low cost on products and jobs? Low cost...

25 May 2023

History of Management Theory

Course material - 33 pages - Management

Taylorism has long suggested that man was just one tool among many. However, we live in an industrial society more committed to a service society where the rules are more subtle. It is no longer a tool that is put in the hands of a worker, it is individual support for the employee that is...

09 Mar 2023

Tarnished: Toxic Leadership in the U.S. Military - George E. Reed (2015) - Toxic Management & Leadership

Text commentary - 5 pages - Management

The book written by Reed (2015) reports the challenges of the American Army in terms of leadership. At first, soldiers have all the notions required to act like a perfect leader (Ibid). However, each leader develops a style of leadership according to his/her personality and his/her environment...

19 Dec 2022

Catch shares lead to the destruction of small-scale fishermen but increase the fish stock

Essay - 2 pages - Management

Catch shares (CS) is a fishery management system that allocates a secure privilege to harvest a specific area or percentage of a fishery's total catch to individuals, communities, or associations (NOAA, 2017). CS become primordial because the global consumption of fish doubled in 50 years...

03 Oct 2022

Management in the public sector

Course material - 10 pages - Management

In the public sector, business organizations do not exist to make profit but to provide services for the whole nation. The public sector is made up of organizations which are controlled by the government, the state or the local authorities. They can be divided into 3 categories: - Public...

03 Oct 2022

Management and cultural aspects

Course material - 25 pages - Management

Human beings have needs in order to survive and the purpose of economic activity is to satisfy these needs by providing people with what they need. Such needs will vary from person to person because each person seeks different things at different times. Those who are poor would like to satisfy...

02 Sep 2022

Transformations of resource management in Canada and his impact on the Public Service

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Resource management in Canada has gone through upheavals since the 1960s and 1970s. What might be one of those transformations and why is it significant for management in the Public Service of Canada?

23 Aug 2022

International operations management: global operations management strategies

Case study - 10 pages - Management

According to Witkowski (2017) innovation is an integral element in driving organizations' progress and modernity. Innovation's contribution to operational efficiency is premised on the fact that organizations have the option of pursuing different types of innovation that include product,...

22 Aug 2022

Business management project - Tax Monitor

Case study - 10 pages - Management

The purpose of this assignment was mainly to identify a business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The problem being investigated is whether the business is running efficiently or not and how the business performs. Tax Monitor is registered as a services industry, providing...

02 Aug 2022

Operations Management and Industry 4.0

Course material - 4 pages - Management

Ever since the Industrial Revolution and the development of mass production, organisations had to develop ways of managing the processes and factors of production. Operations management involves the management of all activities involved in the transformation of a range of inputs, such as finance,...

25 Jul 2022

Leadership theories - Different approaches to project management

Course material - 2 pages - Management

One of the most essential and crucial factors in project management is leadership. It can be viewed as the art of others to attain the anticipated goals. To understand the concept of leadership several theories have been developed. They include the trait approach, behavioral approach, contingency...

06 Apr 2022

Risk management in a merger/acquisition project

Dissertation - 8 pages - Management

The economic context has changed radically in the space of a few years, whether due to globalization or the technological innovations that have appeared and that now dominate the business world. More recently, the health crisis has impacted the entire economy and caused numerous malfunctions and...

25 Mar 2022

Booking system for on calls rooms in hospitals

Case study - 6 pages - Management

KFSHRC-R hospital needs a monitoring and updated booking system for on calls rooms in hospitals. In this report, we are going to discuss a problem that the hospital is facing related to on calls rooms for a physician. After elaborating the issues associated with management that hospital is facing...

22 Mar 2022

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare Industry - A.I in Medical Technology : Medical Imaging

Dissertation - 35 pages - Management

Nowadays, we hear about artificial intelligence all around us and more specifically in the automotive, economic, computer and health sectors. The primary goal of artificial intelligence at its inception in the 1950s was to improve and extend human capabilities with machines (Pallanca O., and Read...

08 Jan 2022

Company performance: different assessment approaches

Dissertation - 9 pages - Management

In the current context, it has become essential for companies to become more proficient at standing out from the competition and, therefore, be more competitive by seeking more performance. The objective is to achieve the goals set during the development of the marketing strategy and to manage to...

17 Dec 2021

Corporate Sustainability

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Corporate sustainability refers to a new way of management, it is an alternative to the traditional growth and profit-maximization model. Corporate sustainability focuses on both growth and profitability as much as the social and environmental impact and goals toward sustainable development....

07 Dec 2021

Pay and reward package benefit both employers and employees

Essay - 4 pages - Management

Reward describe by (Bloom and Milkovich, 1996: 25) as "bundle of returns offered in exchange for a cluster of employee contributions" is a combination of financial and non-financial components that is attributed to the employees depending on several factors such as the legal, ethical and the...

03 Nov 2021

Internal communication: a necessary vector for the efficiency of the company

Dissertation - 8 pages - Management

The business world has undergone profound changes in the space of a few years, in all sectors of activity. Indeed, new technologies and, in particular, the many digital transformations have impacted lifestyles, but also the purchasing behavior of consumers, not to mention working methods, which...

30 Sep 2021

Project Management - Definition, Components and Generalities

Practical guide - 5 pages - Management

Every year, companies launch a host of projects. Whether it is a simple change or the launch of a product, they must constantly focus on project management. However, until now, some companies have struggled to accurately estimate the resources and time required to successfully complete a project,...

13 Sep 2021

Management Information Systems

Course material - 9 pages - Management

More and more, the company must handle a colossal amount of information which does not cease growing; whether they are sourced externally or produced internally, they are supported by an exponential increase in the capacity of computer systems. About 80% of a manager's working time is spent...

07 Sep 2021

Business model - Global leader in packaging and paper

Internship report - 14 pages - Management

- 1967 - Establishment of Mondi in South Africa by Anglo American company - 1990 - Mondi expansion in Europe thanks to acquisition - 2007 - Mondi group demerger from Anglo American company - 2012 - Acquisition of Nordenia International company The Name Mondi comes from a unique South African...

15 Jun 2021

Statistics for Management - Stata Commands

Course material - 3 pages - Management

version 14: specify Stata version clear all: clear working directory cd "directory path": change working directory capture log close: close log file if one is already open log using filename, replace: open a new log file log off: temporarily stop storing log on: start again log close: close the...

15 Jun 2021

Statistics for Management - Tests Summary

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Assumptions: quantitative variable, normal distribution. Null: Sample mean is same as the population mean. Alternate: Sample mean is not same as the population mean. To compare the mean of two given samples. Assumptions: normal distribution of the sample. There are three versions of t-test : 1....

25 Apr 2021

Define intercultural management in a company

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Management

Business policies have changed significantly due to globalization. In the 21st century, we are talking about intercultural management. This type of management is complicated to implement. This vision of the company applies particularly to large companies. The debate is often focused on...