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13 Jan 2009

The New organisation of Auchan France

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Most of the biggest French firms are doing new organisations in order to save operating cost. It is directly linked with the fact that the growth of yearly turnover is very low (less than 2%). Indeed, there is a structural decline of the purchasing power. The companies have to find solutions to...

12 Jan 2009

Discuss the role of classification, measurement and inscription in techniques of recruitment and selection

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

Recruitment and selection in organizations have not always played a significant role. Indeed, some firms had no Human resources department twenty years ago. This fad for human resources management depends on many factors, either external ones or internal ones. Mr Beaumont in 1993 tried to...

09 Jan 2009

L'Oréal management profile

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

L'Oreal is a French company, worldwide leader in cosmetics, based in Paris. The company was founded in 1907, since then, experience and knowledge in the making and the selling of cosmetics have enriched and passed on from generation to generation. L'Oreal is a very big company which owns...

05 Feb 2006

Cultural diversity is a source of international competitive advantage. Critically evaluate

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Most of companies employ people from different culture and want to manage them in order to use in the best way as possible this diversity. The management of this kind of workers must be adapted. To become a real international competitive advantage, cultural diversity in the company has to be...

30 Dec 2005

How to create a homogeneous culture across boundaries?

Thesis - 18 pages - Management

We have decided to study the company Unilever for several reasons. Firstly, Unilever is a European company that is one of the biggest multinational in the world. Secondly, as we have chosen to study the corporate culture of multinationals, Unilever presents a quite particular corporate culture....

17 Jan 2005

The Israeli way of managing. What are the issues of management in Israel today?

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

Israel as a formal State is a new country, but its influence as an economically dynamic partner worldwide is undeniable despite the poorness of its natural resources and the war. At the start, its population was 806 000 in 1948 but it has been estimated in 2003 to be more than 6.5 million people,...