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22 Jun 2016

Project and operations management assignment

Thesis - 12 pages - Management

The main aim of the report is to demonstrate the objectives of operations management, identify different strategies and also demonstrate how the strategies impact process design. The report is divided into three sections or parts namely - Analysis, Conclusion and References. ...

26 Feb 2012

Analysis of LVMH

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

The LVMH (Moet Hennessy Luis Vuitton SA) luxury brand has the following shareholder capital structure described in Figure 1-1 below. The main shareholders are the Group Arnault with 47% shares in personal property. 28% of the shares are held by foreign institutional investors and 17% are held by...

03 Nov 2011

Total Quality Management (TQM) Survey

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Total quality management is establishing in all sectors of company to make sure the operation of quality product or materials to consumers are being met. The sectors are manufacturing, servicing, and nonprofit can affect the United States and worldwide. All measurement are...

24 Oct 2011

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

In the absence of further fiscal and monetary stimulus, how would an appreciation of the issues surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship help the government achieve its aim of boosting the growth rate of the UK economy? Economic growth is a main point in nowadays' economic stakes. Indeed,...

29 Jul 2011

Is there a perfect model of risk?

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

Building on the assumption that there is, indeed, no such thing as a perfect model of risk, this study will first provide a manifold explanation for that matter. Subsequently, while assuming the possible existence of such a perfect model of risk, it will question its value as regards to the...

21 Mar 2011

Examine and assess PepsiCo's social performance

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

Corporate social responsibility, more than ever before, has become a pivotal issue to top leaders in companies of all sizes. The process of globalization has witnessed the importance of formulating various strategies including sustainability in most multinational companies, among which water...

10 Mar 2011

Internship Report: The Walt Disney World

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

As you might have understood, I did my summer training at Walt Disney World in Orlando (Florida, USA). It is composed of six different theme parks and a downtown. As far as I am concerned, I have worked for one of the theme parks, Hollywood Studio. By the way, let me introduce you to the...

07 Mar 2011

Consumer behavior: Influence of customer needs, organization motivations and goals

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

In today's competitive business environment, the key to a company's survival lies in its ability to identify and influence unsatisfied consumer needs in a marketplace crowded with players. From the marketing/consumer behavior standpoint, there are differences and similarities between promoting...

07 Mar 2011

Diversity management at the workplace

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

For Human Resource (HR) managers, managing staff diversity at the workplace has been one of the most important criteria of an organization that offers equal employment opportunities in today's world. Today, successful diversity management has become synonymous with good business strategies and...

07 Mar 2011

International Workplace Relations: Potential problems and practices to be followed to ensure smooth transfer of ownership in a merger/acquisition

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

In general, poor human resource management is a by-product of international merger and acquisition in today's globalized corporate working environment. Now, successful international workplace relations management has become synonymous with good business strategies and tactics that ensure that...

06 Mar 2011

Intercultural Management: Analysis of the movie "Fear and Trembling"

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Undoubtedly, the world is currently zooming along the expressway to globalization. Globalization causes exchanges to be quicker, facilitated anywhere at any time. These exchanges concern persons, goods, services and funds. As a result, new dilemmas have risen on the...

16 Feb 2011

The company EasyGroup

Thesis - 22 pages - Management

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the "serial entrepreneur", launched EasyJet in March 1995 and in 1998, founded EasyGroup. EasyGroup has the strategy that every company bearing the name "easy" should refocus its activities by reducing costs, and have lower priced products but by keeping a wide...

07 Feb 2011

Managing work, family and life

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

With the ongoing languished economy and many businesses attempting to ‘do more with less', a growing research showed that arrangements of flexible labor in the form of flex-time and compressed workweek, etc., when appropriately implemented, can benefit both the organization and the employees...

07 Feb 2011

Analysis of leadership styles

Thesis - 9 pages - Management

Leadership, without doubt, is one key element to a group's long-term success of achieving objectives in today's business, this paper aims to outline the literatures of leadership goals and engaging leadership style and discussing their relevance of organization context as well, followed by an...

07 Feb 2011

Analyzing the strategies of a transnational company in a host country- Case of Toyota Motor Corporation

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

To further illustrate the key points of international business management, this paper aims to demonstrate how to prepare the situational analysis for a transnational company by establishing Toyota Motor Corporation's business in United States, one of its host-country nations, as an example....

07 Feb 2011

Brand examination: Case of Australia Post

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

Established in 1809, Australia Post now operates in three major areas: ‘letters and associated services; retail merchandising and agency services; and parcels and logistics' ( One of the visions of Australia Post is to be dedicated to offering quality parcels and mail...

06 Feb 2011

Chemical Bank: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

Thesis - 13 pages - Management

In 1993, Chemical Bank and Hanover Corporation concluded a merging process. The new larger banking company was better-positioned to compete with other major players in the market. Michael Hegarty, the head of the Retail Bank Division of Chemical Banking Corporation, wanted to transform...

06 Feb 2011

SWOT Framework: Overview

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

An organization often analyzes the following: How to develop a product, complete a project and solve a problem. The question then arises: How to carry out the above actions? The first step is to set a goal then define the objectives, constraints and finally describe the limits of the action (What...

17 Jan 2011

Dell's customer relationship management (CRM) strategy

Thesis - 11 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most efficient systems which could be implanted in a company for its success. CRM is a process, a data mining, a technology and a philosophy base on the customer which aims to strengthen the relationship between the customers and the company,...

11 Jan 2011

Knowledge management in organization: Case Allshade

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

Since the corporate environment has undergone a major transformation, business organizations have intensified their search for strategies that will give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Such strategies generally require that the organization continuously differentiates its products and...

10 Jan 2011

The Game Theory

Thesis - 16 pages - Management

There are a number of limited companies in the market. These companies must adopt a strategic behavior, as each decision made by one company creates an impact on the other companies. There are various theories that talk about making and managing strategies. The game theory is one...

10 Jan 2011

Theorems of Modigliani and Miller

Thesis - 2 pages - Management

Two economists from the United States,Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller became famous in the 1960s thanks to an article they had published. The article was called'The cost of capital, corporate finance and investment theory'. This article radically changed the risk assessment investment...

07 Jan 2011

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Medical Tags

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

This small business venture attempts to solve a problem that many hospitals have to deal with on a daily basis along with paramedics who serve injured patients. Hospitals spend millions of dollars on patient filing and patient information. However, many times, physicians may lose...

04 Jan 2011

An investigation into the Informatics Industry Sector: The case of Apple

Thesis - 16 pages - Management

Apple Computer Incorporation is an innovative company settled in the media and high technology world. It is the seventh biggest company in the world which is present in hardware and software as well as online services. The fact that Apple practices different activities does not help to exactly...

03 Jan 2011

The consumer behavior with the advent of information age

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

Over the past few years, the Internet democratization, due to the Web development, shows major changes in several sectors of social and economic life. The main effect of this growth was to cause a very fast modification of the reality in which consumer evolves. Indeed, we can observe the creation...

03 Jan 2011

Analysis of a company: H&M

Thesis - 31 pages - Management

Large companies and major conglomerates tend to have a more enhanced transparency than small and medium sized businesses. They are present in our daily life via their marketing campaigns, communications and advertising. Their products incite our desires to gain ownership over these seemingly...

03 Jan 2011

Strategic Management: The market of applications for Smartphones

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

The Smartphone applications market is skyrocketing: While operators recorded 3% global profit in 2009, the application market is on track to reach 17 billion Euros in 2012, versus 4 billion in 2009 (with already some 7 billion application downloads). This means a growth of about 50% during the...

03 Jan 2011

Estee Lauder: Brand management

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

The Group Estée Lauder Companies is a family organization, marked by the importance of the service and the balance between regions, brands and businesses. The company Estée Lauder Inc was founded in 1946, when Joseph Lauder and his wife Estée Lauder began their production of cosmetics in the city...

02 Jan 2011

Bombardier & Adtranz : Strategic Management

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

The rail equipment industry is divided into six departments: services, propulsion and controls, total transit systems, rail control solutions, rolling stock and fixed installation. First and foremost, moneymaking policies cannot go apart from public subsidies: Government regulations are to be...

31 Dec 2010

Analysis of E-business at Dell, HP and IBM

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

It is now recognized that new technologies, especially Internet access, tend to modify communication between the various players in the professional-consumer relationship. E-business (electronic business) is a broad concept that could be synthesized by the use of electronic means...