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16 Feb 2011

Theoretical and practical study of CRM strategy in Societe Generale Algeria

Dissertation - 69 pages - Management

Traders have always tried to enhance the wealth represented by their customers. The market was large with a strong demand, and it was enough to offer a good product to be sold easily. Today, competition and supply are such that the buyer moves from one provider to another, because they are forced...

16 Feb 2011

Is internationalization a form of survival for large distribution?

Dissertation - 59 pages - Management

In the early 1960s, the Fordist economic system emerged in France, especially through takeovers of U.S. multinationals in French companies and the reconstruction effort after the war. The market is huge and the development of the supermarket is inseparable from the rise of consumer society. The...

13 Feb 2011

iPad, the new star product of Apple's strategy to reach China's market

Dissertation - 10 pages - Management

This is a study about the international marketing of Apple for the product I Pad in China. This analysis is divided into three parts. The first one deals with the environmental scanning of the brand. We initially propose a presentation of the company, and then present a strategic...

27 Jan 2011

Hard discount: Understanding this phenomenon

Dissertation - 63 pages - Management

Hard discount inexorably invades all areas of consumption: the supermarkets Aldi and Lidl, EasyJet and Ryanair in the airlines sector, La Halle!, H & M or Vet Affaires in textiles, the free telephony operator via Internet and Brico Depot for DIY etc. All have gained strong positions in...

27 Jan 2011

Sustainable development and tourism - Example of Accor

Dissertation - 40 pages - Management

For a few years already, we have attended a real awakening of the individuals, companies and public authorities on the need for acting for a sustainable development of planet. Within the framework of our study we will be able to be interested in a sector touched particularly by this topic:...

27 Jan 2011

Customer relationship management in the pharmaceutical industry

Dissertation - 35 pages - Management

This document examines issues and approaches to various business strategies focused on different clients of French pharmaceutical laboratories. The idea was to reconcile two opposing stances: the industrial way of working opposed by a need to...

27 Jan 2011

Competition between European football clubs

Dissertation - 37 pages - Management

In Europe, the economic competition is as fierce as the sporting competitions that engage among the professional football clubs, and this fight is somewhat uneven between very large European professional clubs and other smaller clubs. How can we explain the differences in competitiveness between...

29 Sep 2010

India, Welcoming Land for the IT Enterpriser

Dissertation - 45 pages - Management

This thesis entitled "India Welcoming Land for IT Enterpriser" has been written with the idea of creating a concrete and practical tool for an entrepreneur who is eager to try the adventure of entering the IT market in India. We will explore various fields like the culture of the country and its...

29 Sep 2010

Supply chain management

Dissertation - 26 pages - Management

Every organization with a service or manufacturing entity needs a robust supply chain management in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage within supply chain alliances and partnerships. An independent firm on its own may not have all the resources to match its competitors. But by...

29 Sep 2010

The marketing audit of Tesco PLC

Dissertation - 50 pages - Management

The specific UK FTSE listed company selected for the purpose of dissertation is Tesco PLC. The report will create and develop a marketing plan for Tesco PLC in the medium term of one to three years. The creation of such a plan will require various elements. As such the report will clearly be...

29 Sep 2010

Why and how building multicultural team in a multinational company?

Dissertation - 30 pages - Management

Today, globalization has increasingly become a watchword by which companies swear by and they accordingly install subsidiaries on foreign markets and relocate resources. An important issue in this process is the question of intercultural management and human resources within the global...

29 Sep 2010

The place of guanxi in the modern Chinese society and impact on management processes within China and also on international business relations with China

Dissertation - 77 pages - Management

China is a unique country that places personal relationships above any other aspect of life. The guanxi is a famous relationship aspect of China, and with the recent interest from the whole world concerning China and its expansion, it is interesting to study the importance of this historical...

29 Sep 2010

Sales assistant at Sabotage wines, Melbourne, Australia

Dissertation - 16 pages - Management

Sabotage Wines was founded in 2001 by the French winemaker David Baldet with the French style wines sourced from low yielding cool climate grapes from Victoria, in Australia. The principal customers are restaurants, wine bars and liquor stores. In this company, my mission was to sell the Sabotage...

29 Sep 2010

Strategic Management Process

Dissertation - 47 pages - Management

The top management team must take into account the competing desires and needs of an organization's various stakeholders, because their support is essential for successful strategy implementation. Stakeholders include not only the organization's managers and employees, but also the...

29 Sep 2010

Why would Asterix and Obelix be a successful entrepreneurial founding pair?

Dissertation - 21 pages - Management

In this essay, our purpose is to prove that diversity in an entrepreneurial team often leads to success and that, reciprocally, failures may often be explained by the narrow-mindedness resulting from a too homogeneous partnership. When we talk about diversity, we talk about complementary...

29 Sep 2010

The mobile Operating Systems War

Dissertation - 79 pages - Management

The mobile operating system market is relatively recent. Many major companies hailing from the computer and mobile sector are competing in order to take over this huge market. Until very recently, each mobile manufacturer developed its own proprietary operating system. Most of the mobile phones...

29 Sep 2010

The Intercultural management in the tourism sector: a new opportunity for a sustainable performance

Dissertation - 60 pages - Management

The tourism sector is clearly characterized by the number of nationalities that form it. Culture is also part of it. Employees from a specific country can face a customer from another country, whose culture is totally different. In the same way, an employee can work in team with another employee...

29 Sep 2010

Why using brand management in the tourism industry ? The case of destination branding

Dissertation - 45 pages - Management

Nowadays the tourism sector is one of the most important economic sectors. The globalization of our world allows for better, easier, faster, and cheaper travel, and the technological progress achieved has left almost no place unknown. We may observe that many destinations are now...

25 Jun 2009

Inventory management in Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

Dissertation - 40 pages - Management

Materials are equivalent to cash and they make up an important part of the total cost. It is essential that materials should be properly safeguarded and correctly accounted. Proper control of material can make a substantial contribution to the efficiency of a business. The success of a business...

12 May 2009

A detailed look at brand management

Dissertation - 53 pages - Management

Marketers are now finding it extremely difficult to create new brands. The brand building costs tend to be very high. At the same time the developments at the demand side are creating pressures on marketers to fine tune their offerings as per unique needs of target customs. In order to cope with...

09 May 2009

Developing a supply chain for the service industry

Dissertation - 41 pages - Management

Historically we have moved from physical distribution to logistics management to supply chain management. The major difference seems to be that supply chain management is the preferred name for the actualization of “integrated logistics”. With IT (Information Technology) acting as an...

23 Apr 2009

All you need to know about testing - preparation, process, evaluation and analysis

Dissertation - 72 pages - Management

There is a lot of terminology surrounding testing, but not until recently has there been an industry standard. A new standard (first published in August 1998) seeks to provide a standard set of terms: BS 7925-i Glossary of Testing Terms. Although a British Standard, it is being adopted by the...

23 Apr 2009

Inventory management and control

Dissertation - 42 pages - Management

Materials constitute the most significant part of current assets of a large majority of companies. On an average, inventories are approximately 60% to 70% of the current assets in any manufacturing company and 30% to 40% in any construction company. Because of the large size of inventories...

21 Apr 2009

A study on stress management

Dissertation - 67 pages - Management

Stress is usually defined in terms of the internal and external conditions that create stressful situations, and the symptoms that people experience when they are stressed. STRESS MANAGEMENT is a very vital aspect of every organization. Stress management can be linked to our day to day...

19 Apr 2009

Performance appraisal at an inflatables company

Dissertation - 44 pages - Management

Different terms are use to denote human resource management. They are labor management, labor administration, labor management relations, employee employer relations, industrial relations, personnel administration, personnel management, human asset management, human resource management and other....

08 Apr 2009

Risk management when dealing with foreign exchange (forex)

Dissertation - 77 pages - Management

Risk can be explained as an uncertainty and is usually associated with the unpredictability of an investment performance. All investments are subject to risk, but some have a greater degree of risk than others. Risk is often viewed as the potential for an investment to decrease in value. Though...

01 Apr 2009

Managing the global supply chain: A risk measurement perspective

Dissertation - 43 pages - Management

The end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new millennium has seen supply chain management emerge as a new management paradigm and a source of competitive advantage. This is especially true in a global marketplace where "getting the right goods at the right place at the right time...

01 Apr 2009

A closer look at Covansys with special reference to ITES sector in India

Dissertation - 100 pages - Management

Incorporated in 1985, Covansys Corporation is a global technology services company with a focus on industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. It addresses the most challenging technology issues companies are facing through an onsite, offsite, offshore delivery...

20 Mar 2009

Effective management strategies in the IT sector

Dissertation - 45 pages - Management

My dissertation titled “Effectiveness of stress management strategies in IT sector” mainly deals with how stress affects the health of employees. Stress has become one of the most serious health issues of the 1990s and its impact is likely to continue well into 21st century. Stress is a...

20 Mar 2009

Integrid Media Pvt Ltd

Dissertation - 45 pages - Management

Integrid Media is the creation of a team of media professionals with the experience of having worked in diverse areas of the media business in India. The pooling together of the talents of the key team members, who have founded Integrid Media, has created a formidable and unique combination of...