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04 Feb 2024

Digital Transformation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A Roadmap towards Innovation and Growth

Course material - 2 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

The slogan of digital transformation is not a buzz but an imperative strategic drive in this current century economy where technology is taking the centre stage of shaping business landscapes. The use of digital technologies is vital for the SMEs playing so important role in terms of making up a...

17 Sep 2022

How are women entrepreneurs changing the world?

Course material - 2 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

This lesson plan explains how women entrepreneurs can change the world, and includes vocabulary and exercises to practice writing in English.

24 Jun 2020

Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup

Course material - 8 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneurship was originally used for people who "take on the risk" between buyers and sellers. Later the word was used for those who undertake a task or start a new business venture - "The process of turning an idea into a business". - "Entrepreneurs assemble and then integrate all...