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Information technology benefits in e-supply chain coordination

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  1. WhyIT has benefited the business in their e-supply chain coordination ?
  2. How can a company/business use IT in eSCcoordination to compete in this environment ?

Information technology (IT) has enhanced Improvement of the customers' services. Fast services to the customers get enhanced resulting to customers' satisfactions leading to more sales thus high profit. IT reduces the time cycle right from the acquisition of the inventories to the distribution of the products and information. The customers take little time to understand what the company is able to provide, who to contact, how to place a purchasing order and how the products will reach them in time. The company chooses the most appropriate distribution chain to each particular customer depending on her or his abilities, locations and preferences.

[...] (2013): Optimizing and Assessing Information Technology. Cambridge University Press: Ashton, D., Davies, B., Felstead, A. &Green, F. (2009): Work skills in Britain. Centre for Skills, Knowledge and Organizational Performance (SKOPE), Oxford; Warwick Universities. Bynum, Terrell Ward (2010): Norbert Wiener and the Rise of Information Ethics: Information Technology and Moral Philosophy. Ambridge University Press; Butler, k. & Jeremy G. (2012) A History of Information Technology and Systems, University of Arizona; London Briant, J.(2010).Making Sense of the e-supply chain.Machine Design, 72(19), 62?67. Chaffey, D. [...]

[...] This can be achieved through partnership in the integrated supply chain. This way, the business will be in a position to achieve its goal since it will stand at a competitive advantage positions. Through partnerships, businesses will manage to integrate and interlink so many firms, suppliers, customers and other relevant and important members. As a result, quality flow of information will be enhanced as well as the healthy relationships, appropriate data flow process, well-paying activities and functions of the business (Butler& Jeremy 2012pg 65):. [...]

[...] 230): Through information technology, businesses can improve the management of the information system. It will help the businesses structure a viable system that enhances accurate, adequate and timely data that is later processed to give the actual condition or situation of the matter. That way, the business will stand at forefront to compete in this very completive environment since the strategy place them into a competitive advantage. The business gain the ability to keep current customers' order information and their needs The businesses can take the advantage of the integrated information technology to increase speed at which the customers are served. [...]

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