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Shell Canada

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  1. Overview of Shell Canada Ltd.
  2. Employment environment analysis.
  3. Human resources management.
    1. Diversity and employment equity.
    2. Performance management.
    3. Training & skills development.
    4. Health, financial & family benefits.
    5. Vacation & time off.
  4. Corporation governance.
    1. Physical workplace.
    2. Work atmosphere & social.
    3. Sustainable development.
    4. Community involvement.
  5. Assessment.
    1. Value and goals.
    2. Feedback.
    3. Empowerment.
    4. Diversity.
  6. Recommendation.
  7. Appendices.
  8. References.

Shell Canada Limited is one of Canada's largest integrated oil companies. The corporation's head offices are in Calgary and Alberta. Lead by Mr. W. Adrian Loader, Shell Canada Ltd employs 4772 people worldwide and added over 600 new full-time positions in 2006 (see Appendix 2 for more data about Shell's workforce). Last year revenues were over $2 billion. It is subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell and is owned by Shell Investments Limited for 78% and the last 22% are owned by public shareholders (Energy Business Review: Shell Canada). In 1907, the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Nederlands) and the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company Ltd (U.K.) merged to create the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. Four years after, the company opened a plant in Montreal, Canada with a capital of $1 million and only six employee. Today, the company has three main business divisions. The "Exploration and Production" business unit explores for and produces natural gas and natural gas liquids, and is Canada's largest sulfur producer. The "Oil Sands" business extracts and produces bitumen. The "Oil Products" business unit manufactures, distributes and markets refined petroleum products, and provides crude oil to Shell's refineries to make fuel, gasoline, lubricants and petrochemicals. These products are sold through approximately 1,800 stations across Canada.

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