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Gfk Group. Market research

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  1. Introduction of the company
  2. Risk management within the company and the international department
    1. External risks for the group
    2. Public image and the risk of deterioration
    3. Stakeholder relationships
    4. Customers
    5. Shareholders
    6. Media
    7. Commercial
    8. Strategy
    9. Technological
    10. Legal liability
    11. Opportunity cost
    12. Staff/employees
  3. Internal risks of the group
    1. Vision and business strategy
    2. Resource allocation not supporting the engagement effort
    3. Employee commitment and skills development strategies
    4. Internal communication and engagement strategies
    5. Decision making and resources
    6. Inability to meet promises made to communities
  4. External risks of the department
  5. Internal risks of the department
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

The GfK Group is the 4th market research organization worldwide. Its activities cover five business divisions Custom Research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and HealthCare. The Group has approximately 130 companies located in more than 70 countries and a current total of approximately 7 700 employees.

Since its creation in 1925, the company had always based its strategy on combining knowledge of methods and technology used in modern market research with local expertise and knowledge of customer' specificities.

In 2005, the sales represented 937.3 million EUR with an increase of 40% comparing to the previous year.

The geographical core markets are situated in Western and Southern Europe, Germany and USA.

The company had set itself the ambitious target of becoming the number 3 in the market research industry.

I worked for 4 months in the International Department in the office of Madrid. This department belongs to the Custom Research service and is in charge of the positioning and strategic surveys, tests products, consultancy on communication, customer's habits?

The Team Manager, Mr Leon Ezcurra, is responsible for the results of his department and allocates the surveys to the 5 employees specialized on different sectors.

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