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Market strategy in the service industry of India

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  1. Objective
  2. Introduction of the industry
  3. Delhi hotels
  4. Research methodology
  5. Findings
  6. Radisson Hotel Delhi
  7. Services and amenities
  8. Other facilities available
  9. Plaza plus package
    1. About the package
  10. Hotel Hyatt Regency
  11. Conference and conventions
  12. Food and beverage outlets
  13. Promotional activities undertaken by Hyatt Regency
  14. Conclusions and recommendation

The Objective of this project report was to analyze the marketing and other related strategies of three hotels in the past 3 years. The 3 hotels taken all come under the 5-star segment. They are Radisson Hotel, Hyatt Regency and Vasant Continental, all based in Delhi. The Hyatt Regency operates under the Asian Hotels (AHL) company. It is situated at Bhikaji Cama Place, on the ring road and is located only 15 minutes from the International Airport. Architecturally inspired by the Golden Gupta period, the hotel is also situated in the vicinity of the capital's exclusive residential and commercial area. The hotel industry is the second largest net foreign exchange earner in the country. Manpower costs in the Indian hotel industry are one of the lowest in the world, providing better margins for the Indian hotel industry. Albeit, only 58,000 hotel rooms are available in India today which is less than the Bangkok hotel capacity and the number built by China in one year, i.e. 60,000 rooms. The scarcity of hotel room availability spells out a great opportunity to the U.S. hotel industry investors. The economic liberalization of the early 90s led to a boom in the hotel industry, especially in 1994. The boom led to hotels charging room rates at parity to those in New York City. Later years saw a decline in room occupancy and today hotels have pruned room rates and some are even ready to bargain for discounts.

[...] Hyatt Meeting Dividends: A regular guest can earn Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points when holds an eligible group meeting or incentive of 10 or more guestrooms, or catered event at Hyatt Hotel and resorts in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean . A guest can earn to 50,000 points per eligible meetings or event and later he can redeem his points for a variety of travel awards, or choose to earn up to 5,000 airline bonus miles based on his total number of points. [...]

[...] The dream of providing total satisfaction in all its spheres of activity, put consumer in excellent service at a competitive price, to give employees a fine quality of life and to offer business associates a total sense of belonging, a thorough understanding of fast- changing consumers behavior, new market segments and product opportunities and a marketing mix sensitive to changing customer needs form the core strategy and philosophy . This is essentially a completely customer driven approach. Thus, the changing consumer needs and never static technologies provide fresh challenges every day and at Hyatt the progress continue to turn. [...]

[...] Redeemable for a vast array of first-class merchandise, the trading stamp became the shopper's friend around the globe During the 1960s, the Gold Bond Stamp Company expanded into the hospitality industry with the purchase of the original Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and the construction of new Radisson facilities throughout Minnesota. In the 1970s, the company acquired dozens of additional businesses, including the highly successful T.G.I.Friday's and Country Kitchen restaurant chains and inter-nationally renowned Ask Mr. Foster travel agencies In 1973, in order to better reflect its diversified status, the Gold Bond Stamp Company changed its name to Carlson Companies, Inc. [...]

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