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Marketing Case Study: Kempinski

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  1. Introduction
  2. Philosophy and strategy of the group Kempinski
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Action plan operational marketing
  5. Conclusion

Kempinski, the oldest luxury hotel group in the world, wants to develop residential hotels in the metropolis of Istanbul. This concept is based on the vision of a complex consisting of two towers equipped with all elements of modern luxury. It is positioned on a booming market and a town which is itself developing.

Thus, in this marketing case, we will first analyze the philosophy and the strategy of the Kempinksi group and then conduct a SWOT analysis that accurately lists the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Astoria project. Finally, we will conclude with an analysis of operational marketing with a 4P approach, to refine the action plan created to promote the sale of the project "Astoria".

Founded in Germany, more than a century ago, the Kempinski Group has based its reputation on luxury service hotels, synonymous with quality all over the world. Combining luxury, nobility and prestige, the Group covers the entire globe with hotels present in most major cities around the world. It has started to offer its services both for businessmen and tourists passing through.

The oldest luxury hotel group in the world, Kempinski has based its reputation on establishments called "business". This segment of the travel business is therefore based on quality service and prestige for business people passing through one of many cities covered by the Kempinski Group.

More recently, the Group opened the market holiday complexes, with institutions that can be called "resorts", intended for a clientele of tourists and families, for stays of longer duration. The Group currently has 15 such holiday complexes, located in the most beautiful places on earth. These resorts, concentrated in leisure and luxury spas on large areas, are a new development.

Finally, a recent innovation of Kempinski is the breakthrough in the market for real estate development. The Group has invested in various real estate projects and wants to combine them with their usual hotel services. Thus, apartments and other houses can be bought in some strategic cities of the world, while enjoying the personalized service and hospitality that is renowned. Thus, the owner of a residence of Kempinski will benefit from the Concierge, babysitting, room service or valet of which services are available in any hotel of the Group.

While developing its activities, the Kempinski Group has, above all, kept the spirit of tradition alive, with luxury and nobility in each of the projects it develops, to never compromise the reputation they have earned during the 110 years since its inception.

Tags: the Kempinski Group, history and growth of the Kempinski Group, marketing case study of the Kempinski Group

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