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Samsung mobile phones

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market analysis
    1. Analysis of the mobile phone market
    2. Presentation of the company SAMSUNG and its internal forces
    3. Presentation of the product and of the type of purchase
  3. External analysis
    1. Pest analysis (the macro-environnment analysis)
    2. Opportunities and threats
  4. Competitor analysis
    1. Analysis of the competitive environment (The Porter's model)
    2. Analysis of the strategies of the main competitors
    3. Strategy of Samsung: Differences and comparison
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

Today, the market of mobile telephony in Europe is very attractive. It remains a promising sector which is always expanding and has a strong growth rate. The mobile phone market is very profitable. It generates strong profits. For example, in 2004, the profits of Samsung rose to 10,3 billion dollars. And Samsung is not alone, all mobile telephony companies make strong profits. The growth rate of the mobile phone market is constantly increasing and has not known a deceleration for several years. According to IDC, worldwide mobile phone shipments increased by 2,5% in 2004 and has already increased by 36,7% in the years that followed. On this graph (Gartner source), we can see that the mobile phone sales in Europe have not ceased to increase since 1999. Indeed, the sales passed from 91 million units in 1999 to approximately 140 million units for 2005.

[...] Motorola's mobile phones can be found in operator shops. We can also buy this phone on the Internet , - or in supermarkets such as Carrefour. The promotion: For the launching of The Pink RAZR in December, Motorola used a famous tennis icon, Maria Sharapova. Motorola used her as an opinion leader for its marketing campaign. Its features are the same as a normal RAZR, but the color is an extremely bright, pink. Sharapova's signature is on the back. [...]

[...] Samsung A slump in demand is a realistic has now doubled its market share of threat and could be prompted by mobile phones in two years. competitor innovations or a change in fashions. Samsung must therefore Diversification as a source of strive to invest and improve its competitiveness other businesses in order to protect its financial stability and key source of the company's market share. competitiveness is the continuous transformation of the business Product failure through diversification. Samsung achieved surprisingly strong (The company's mobile phones have results due to competitive pricing not been well accepted in Europe. [...]

[...] The company wants to increase its global market impact by expanding exports to the Europe. Internal forces of Samsung: strengths and weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Quality of the products based on Fluctuations in telecommunications technology and innovation demand ( In 2002-2003 the firm's advanced (The Samsung Group attributes its mobile phones with color-screens, financial success over the past voice dialing and cameras have year to its strongly boosted its sales. Its Telecommunications business which handset business generated a 48% sold over 46 million units in 2002. increase in sales in 2002. [...]

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