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The French luxury industry in China

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  1. China: The new giant of the world economy
    1. China towards economic liberalization
    2. The birth of Chinese consumer society
  2. Distribution of workforce in China
    1. Weakness of the dragon
    2. The path of change
  3. Main macro-economic indicators
  4. Export structure in 2000
  5. Country suppliers in China in 2000
  6. Import structure in 2000
  7. Structure of French exports in 2000
  8. Structure of French imports in 2000
  9. The product offers luxury in the Chinese market
    1. The offer of luxury product by sector
    2. General information on China's population
    3. Drinking habits
  10. Distribution Channels and imports
  11. Tourism development in China
  12. Tariff rates of consumer goods
  13. Conclusion

China with a huge population of 1.3 billion opened its market to economic reform following the death of China with a huge population of 1.3 billion opened its market to economic reform following the death of Mao Zedong in 1978 and the subsequent accession to power by Deng Xiaoping. Based on the abundance of unskilled labor in the export of cheap goods and the inflow of foreign investment, its development model has long been considered as ?primitive', characteristic of a country's backlog.

Not only does China continue to be exceptional, but in the euphoria of globalization and in a short duration, it has become a phenomenal export power, and has taken the lead in world export of textiles and clothing, shoes, electronics and toys. Its products have invaded the world. This caused a spectacular export growth, which for two decades, increased by more than 9% annually. This boom has also led to millions of homes experiencing increase in purchasing power and living standards, and has fostered the rise of a genuine Chinese capitalism.

The enormous amount of work undertaken by the state to modernize the country and a new fervor consuming the Chinese has added a new dimension to the economy in a short time. China, which was intimidating as an invasive exporting power, has now become a huge importer whose greed seems insatiable. According to the World Trade Organization in 2001, China is now one of the largest economies in the world. It is important to understand the other Chinese boom, the power consumption of a market of over one billion inhabitants including its impact on one of the important industries of the French economy.

We will, initially, assess various aspects of the luxury market in this country to understand how major French brands have been able to take over the market since the 1980s. Then we will see the capacity of the Chinese market including consumption habits and modes of distribution.

Few nations have changed as quickly and as dramatically as China since the seventies. Having radically liberalized its economy, the most populous country in the world has abandoned the export of low-end products for the benefit of high technology products, while promoting a dynamic private sector and has attracted more than $53 billion in investments (FDI). The country has turned into a real export machine: Total exports of the country increased eightfold between 1990 and 2003. China's share in world exports rose by 6% in 2003, against 4% in 2000. In 2003, China accounted for 16% of global economic growth, ranking second behind the United States. There is therefore no doubt that the emergence of China as a major economic power will be one of the main challenges faced by the world leaders in the coming decades.

With its spectacular progress in high technology, transport and communication systems, China will play a prominent role during the next phase of growth in the global economy. The authority now in place in Beijing is relatively ?soft' and enjoys a growing diplomatic influence that allows China to increase its economic and political power. China is also better prepared to become a world leader, as its new elite is no longer isolated from the Western world, as was the case of previous Chinese leaders. numerous.

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