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Search and publish your papers offers many case studies under various fields of study, written by students, professors or professionalsAll papers are reviewed by an expert committee to meet the quality standards. Please use our search engine to find the study you need. Broadly speaking, the quality of your business case depends on its clarity and coherence, quality of analysis, your ability to make decisions, to justify and convince. A case study has four main stages:

  • The external and internal analysis, followed by a diagnosis
  • The announcement of the problem
  • Setting objectives
  • The choice of a strategy

How to write a case study

A case study is a detailed study of the events pertaining to a single person, organization, company, or situation. Before you begin to write a case study, you need to do some ground-work; so spend some time in considering the following points:

  • Topic: Understand the field or subject area that the topic of your case study belongs to. Choose a specific case or event that you intend to study on the topic.
  • Research: (Investigate your case.) Collect information about the events or the entity that you are studying. Find out about the history, evolution, or timelines of the person, entity, or event that you are studying for your case. Gather information about the surrounding circumstances and other environmental factors; these factors can include the market scenario, the customer base, the financial structure, and the strength-weakness-opportunity-threat matrix.

After you have understood the case and gathered all data pertaining to the case, write your case study. You might want to organize your document into the following sections:

  • Background study
  • Overview
  • Problem identification and specification
  • Critical evaluation
  • Recommendations and suggestions to the problem
  • Implementation of your suggestions to the problem
  • Limitations of your case study
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography and annexure

Be original!

Interpret the problems of your case in a manner that has not been employed before and make sure your suggestions are novel and feasible.

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