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How to write a dissertation

A dissertation is a long essay written after researching a topic, usually as a requirement for a university qualification such as a bachelors or a masters degree. A dissertation is longer than an essay but shorter than a thesis. The following paragraphs give you some pointers on how to write dissertations.

Idea and topic

The idea or the topic is the most important factor to be considered when writing a dissertation. Even before you begin the actual writing process, you should be clear about the central theme or problem that you seek to present through your dissertation.

Problem statement

After you have decided what you want to write on, state the problem and explain why it is important. Your audiences have to understand the purpose of your dissertation; therefore, announcing the problem upfront and stating your reasons for picking that problem for your analysis, orients the audience towards your thought process.


Once you have explained the problem to your audience, announce your plan of action. Tell how you propose to solve the problem and lay down some general ideas that you will expand upon later in your dissertation.


After having stated the problem and disclosed the method of examining the problem, discuss the problem. Build up some general ideas, contradict some of these ideas, and create a tension that will eventually lead to the problem being solved or examined. Include a pre-conclusion that needs resolution and gives a partial solution to the problem. End with a conclusion that supports your partial solutions and satisfies the questions that you yourself raised earlier in your dissertation.


Cite all the resources that you used for writing your dissertation. A bibliography adds credibility to your dissertation.

Sparring with yourself is fun!

Create that glossary!

A debate around the problem helps you show both sides of an issue, and lets you lead your audience to the conclusion that you want to present them with.

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