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Cradle-to-cradle design

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  1. Why our current economic model is unsustainable
    1. A strained planet
    2. Consumers at risk
    3. One reason: the unplanned industrial revolution
  2. Why eco-efficiency alone is not the solution
    1. What eco-efficiency is
    2. Less bad is not good
  3. How C2C draws on nature to fix our model
    1. Nature as a source of inspiration for design
    2. Eco-effectiveness rather than eco-efficiency
    3. When waste equals food
    4. Whole-system thinking
    5. When growth becomes restorative
  4. How to apply C2C to product design
    1. Eliminating the concept of waste
    2. Biological and technical cycles and nutrients
    3. The ABC-X List
    4. Three categories of products
  5. C2C in action: Herman Miller and the Mirra? Chair
    1. HM and the environment: a firm commitment
    2. Thinking about the next step: the rise of the C2C idea
    3. Implementation of C2C
    4. Measuring results
    5. C2C beyond the Mirra? Chair
  6. C2C: the next industrial revolution?
    1. Potential benefits for companies implementing C2C
    2. Potential challenges for companies implementing C2C

Faced with the increasing damage inflicted on the planet by industrial development, environmentalists have traditionally argued that we need to put a halt on economic growth. This approach has neither been realistic nor efficient. Fortunately, a new way of thinking has emerged with respect to the relationship between the economy and the environment. With the creation of the Cradle-to-Cradle design protocol, architect Bill McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart are crafting an economic model that, by mimicking natural ecosystems, will allow us to thrive while restoring, and not destroying, the planet.

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