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08 Mar 2024

China's Economic Model - The Silk Road

Case study - 1 pages - Economy general

The Silk Road is as ancient as the Roman Empire and was the link between imperial China and the Western world. Chinese products transited overland, through central Asia and Asia minor, as well as on the seas, through the Gulf of Persia and then the Mediterranean Sea, before reaching Europe....

25 Dec 2023

Understanding Financial Concepts: From Government Bonds to Economic Booms and Busts

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Economy general

A government bond is a debt security issued by a government in order to support government spending and obligation. These can be paid periodically, and they are sold to investors to support government spending.

24 Dec 2023

Econometrics - Casual Inference and IV

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Economy general

This document is a complete corrected econometrics exercise, with some R programming.

16 Nov 2023

How are Perceived Foreigners in the Business in Japan? Are there Any Differences According to Their Nationality?

Case study - 1 pages - Economy general

Japan is a well of contradictions with respect to the gap between its integration with global trade and the flow of capital and services, as well as its heavy influence on many aspects of popular culture around the world. Nonetheless, the country remains insular.

14 Nov 2023

Economic Growth in Nigeria and Its Impact on Human Development

Dissertation - 51 pages - Economy general

Despite its significant economic growth and status as a major economic power in Africa, Nigeria faces numerous challenges. Over-reliance on the oil and gas sector, corruption, and poor resource management have prevented the country from fully realizing its economic potential. In terms of the...

14 Nov 2023

Reflections on Brexit and personal development: navigating challenges and opportunities

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Economy general

Brexit's impact encompasses numerous areas - from trade and investment to immigration and regulation. These areas are interrelated, and changes in one aspect could have knock-on effects on others, contributing to the complexity. For instance, new trade agreements could affect investment...

14 Nov 2023

Proposal to Sell a Security Service

Case study - 1 pages - Economy general

We have an important client pitch coming up about our post trade services. Our platform sales group are responsible for pitching global custody, fund services, securities lending, collateral management, OTC clearing, liquidity solutions, and data analytics. These transactions are typically...

14 Nov 2023

The Future of the Euro Currency

Essay - 7 pages - Economy general

The currency union is frequently lumped up with the European Union itself, which aims to achieve a more political set of objectives. Regardless, the recent upheavals the Euro zone has experienced since the great financial crisis and the ensuing recession in 2008/2009, have brought into question...

13 Nov 2023

Conflict Over Leadership and Succession in a Successful Family Business: The Lakkard Leather Company - Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation (2011) - Case Review

Case study - 2 pages - Economy general

This document contains the review of the case study: Conflict Over Leadership and Succession in a Successful Family Business: The Lakkard Leather Company. The case study, determines: • The situation. • Background information: industry, organization, products, history, competition,...

13 Nov 2023

To what extent should economic theory provide expertise for decision-makers?

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

The use of economic theories can give rise to interpretations, depending on one's ideas, but also to biases that need to be taken into account. For example, the economics of nudge developed by Robert Thaler demonstrates that an economic theory does not necessarily have to be applicable....

20 Oct 2023

The Multiple Terms in Finance, Business, and Economy

Worksheets - 3 pages - Economy general

This document is a vocabulary worksheet on the different terms used in finance, business, and economy.

04 Oct 2023

Development GAP and its Multiple Dimensions

Course material - 9 pages - Economy general

Most of those people hate to leave their country, but they are moving because they realized that these dimensions are essentials for their lives. In a way they are searching for a better condition in different dimensions: education, health, security, economically, etc. These are different...

04 Oct 2023

Measurement of Development

Course material - 11 pages - Economy general

There are at least four good reasons to measure development: - For policy making organizations (international organizations, governments, NGOs), we need to verify how the actions are making any progress. The point is to know is something if effective to change things. That requires tracking...

04 Oct 2023

Development as Growth: Macro Theories of Economic Growth

Course material - 10 pages - Economy general

Why do some countries have much higher levels of income per capita than others? Why do some countries grow (in terms of their output or income per capita) faster than others? From a public policy perspective: what are optimal policies to promote growth? Growth depends on two processes: the...

04 Oct 2023

The Spirit of Development: Dreams and Projects

Course material - 7 pages - Economy general

A framework frames the vision of an environment, and in the case of development, the framework also has implications on what to do about what we are seeing. The word development has multiple meanings and understandings and there are different theories about how we bring development about. We need...

04 Oct 2023

Impact evaluation

Course material - 10 pages - Economy general

When you really do database business of development policy making, it makes it sound very idealistic to, for example, providing easy access to health, which means you intervening when someone is sick. In this case, you are intervening at the earliest stage (for example, providing clean water to...

27 Sep 2023

Applied Microeconomics - Bunching in the Classroom

Case study - 4 pages - Economy general

Bunching grades suggest that instructors do not really grade on a curve, nor do students' distribution of grades fit the Gaussian distribution. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to assume for instance that bunching may be accounted for by the fact that most students in higher education and...

21 Sep 2023

Paying for a Green New Deal with Modern Monetary Theory - Dean Baker (2019) ; Mixed Economies Today, Compared to Those of Antiquity - Michael Hudson (2019) ; The Green New Deal, Capitalism and the State - Rob Urie (2019) ; The Great Austerity Shell Game - Richard Wolff (2013) ; The crisis of globalization: interview with Mark Blyth (2019)

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Dean Baker offers in this column a critique of the Green New Deal (GND), a set of legislative proposals put forward by progressive (left-wing) members of the Democratic Party in the United States. The GND is an ambitious set of policies designed to revamp the entire American by making it less...

11 Sep 2023

Crises of Capitalism: 1847, a 19th-century crisis heralds the future

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Between slave societies, characterized not only by exploitation but by the possession of man by man, and capitalist society, where man is free in law but where the labour of those who have only their arms exploited by the owners of the means of production. While capitalism, as the dominant mode...

18 Apr 2023

The growth of the Luxembourg real estate market: speculative bubble or viable situation?

Dissertation - 38 pages - Economy general

Demand for housing is very high in Luxembourg, but new construction is not enough to meet it, especially since no new real estate projects are planned for 2023. In addition, borrowing is made difficult by the rise in interest rates on mortgages. Indeed, since the end of the year 2022,...

12 Dec 2022

Foundations of Economics and Sociology Foundations of Economics

Course material - 25 pages - Economy general

It is within the multiple and different enterprises, which together define to a large extent a national economy, that the observation of economic and social facts is the most extensive and undoubtedly the most visible. The company is a reality that weaves its way through our daily lives because...

10 Aug 2022

Technology Industry in India

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

To begin with, we will talk about the history of India but without going too far back in time because what we are interested in is the part of the history that still has a significative impact on the current socio-economic situation which leads the Technology Industry in India including IT...

18 May 2022

Country risk: macro-financial economic model and crises

Worksheets - 8 pages - Economy general

Finance is widely viewed as a driver of growth, through various channels, but growth is also a driver of finance. Ross Levine, author of many studies of the subject, strongly supports that financial development is key in the overall development of a country.

15 Nov 2021

Computerised farming: the cow of tomorrow - The Economist (2019) - How and what means do companies use to computerise the breeding of cows?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Economy general

Today, computers have made it possible to control computers, programs and even robots, which is fascinating, but the idea of the machine taking over from humans can be terrifying. This idea is quite justified to cross our mind considering the evolution of computer science which has evolved to...

13 Aug 2021

It should be illegal to produce and sell tobacco

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

Over the years, tobacco has been produced in many countries around the globe, especially those from the American continent. In countries like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, tobacco was considered in the past, as a gift from God, as a product to use in order to conclude a deal or a treaty of peace...

14 Jan 2021

A critical discussion of the argument for public provision of merit goods

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

A merit good is a commodity that is considered meritorious enough to be provided by the national budget as it serves the common good of the population. Some economists believe that society should be provided with merit goods through public financing because they are necessity goods and benefit...

14 Jan 2021

How has game theory contributed to our understanding of human co-operation and conflict?

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Humans come into conflict for many reasons. Conflict can arise due to disagreement, difference in opinion, methodology and values, ownership struggles, and the list goes on. During conflict, individuals or groups of individuals work against each other to achieve separately desirable goals. They...

02 Sep 2020

China and the future world

Essay - 2 pages - Economy general

China is nowadays one of the most powerful countries in the world. In a short time, the emerging country has become a big nation. It is now a superpower that should handle the ascent and certain claims. How can China mix economics development, social and politics claims together?

13 Jan 2020

Economy - Types, factors and effects of inflation in Malaysia

Essay - 21 pages - Economy general

In the economy, inflation means an increase in the general price of goods and services in an economy from time to time. G. Ackley defined inflation as ‘a persistent and appreciable rise in the general level or averĀ­age of prices'. With the increase in general price levels, each unit of...

05 Aug 2017

Economic development since the Second World war - (Developed vs. Developing World)

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

After the Second World War, there have been significant changes in all aspects of life. The increasing concerns about the economic development caught much attention of economists. It is during this era that the European colonization ended and the world seemed to be divided into two parts whereby...