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03 Mar 2011

The instability of the international financial system and the proposals for reform proposals

Dissertation - 193 pages - Economy general

In 1997, an earthquake hit Asian stock exchanges, the shock wave reached Russia a year later, and then Latin America, including Brazil in 1999. To the world, these crises have been a succession of real and financial shocks of exceptional magnitude. Far from having exogenous origins, this global...

03 Mar 2011

Comparison between the capitalism of France and Germany

Dissertation - 39 pages - Economy general

France is a country located on the European continent. Its area is about 550,000 square kilometers. Its capital and largest city is Paris. It is a nation that is active on the international stage. A co-founder of the European Union, it is also a permanent member of the Security Council of UN-OECD...

09 Feb 2011

Opportunities and Limitations in targeting the Grey Segment: Example of the French Tourist Industry

Dissertation - 40 pages - Economy general

Purpose - To improve the knowledge base concerning the growing senior population. Objectives - Assess the potentiality of the senior tourism market in France, by understanding their behavior and expectations. We also tried to analyze the attitudes of seniors towards...

07 Feb 2011

The financial crisis: The need for a new system

Dissertation - 54 pages - Economy general

This thesis is about our (the world's) monetary and financial system. It starts by focusing on monetary creation, which is the basis of our financial system. After defining the monetary creation process, it is about its control, which has been transferred from the States to the Central Banks and...

10 Jan 2011

Impacts of the mega events in times of crisis: The Olympic Games of London, 2012

Dissertation - 29 pages - Economy general

The economic crisis that most countries are experiencing is the largest since 1929. Like other recessions that have hit some countries (Japan's crisis of the 90s) or certain parts of the world (the crisis of communism after the fall of the Berlin Wall), the latest occurred in the US in 2007...

10 Jan 2011

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Commerce

Dissertation - 56 pages - Economy general

The twenty first century has seen a lot of changes in the business world. New business models have been developed, networks have increased, and certain concepts have evolved and become indispensable. Before the arrival of supermarkets, people used to shop at their neighborhood grocery store. But...

10 Jan 2011

Electronic Commerce and the Purchase Behavior of a French Consumer

Dissertation - 99 pages - Economy general

The purchase behavior of an individual can be broken down into several stages, which are determined by the purchasing individual, the product and the purchase situation. When the consumption pattern is weak, the perceived risk will be high. e-commerce also falls under the same framework....

29 Sep 2010

Trust online and the opinion of former consumers

Dissertation - 72 pages - Economy general

This study examines the issue of trust and the influence of the opinion of former users in electronic commerce. The lack of trust is the main reason why people are still reluctant to purchase online. Lack of trust is due to many reasons in online business, no physical contact, risk of theft of...

29 Sep 2010

How are computers and the Internet changing the way in which modern businesses are organized ?

Dissertation - 93 pages - Economy general

In the same way that the Fordist system revolutionized the business world in its time (working conditions, productivity and competitiveness), the introduction of computers, and thereafter of the Internet, deeply modified the contemporary firms. Created, in the plainest and yet most cumbersome...

29 Sep 2010

Cradle-to-cradle design

Dissertation - 45 pages - Economy general

Faced with the increasing damage inflicted on the planet by industrial development, environmentalists have traditionally argued that we need to put a halt on economic growth. This approach has neither been realistic nor efficient. Fortunately, a new way of thinking has emerged with respect to the...

29 Sep 2010

Comparison between the US and Japanese banking systems

Dissertation - 11 pages - Economy general

The Japanese and the Americans have different perceptions of time. This difference exists as part of their culture and the values they advocate. The cultural, political and historical background consequently leads to two different banking forms: the bank-based and the market-based systems. Until...

30 May 2009

A critique of dividend policy of UK firms

Dissertation - 10 pages - Economy general

The times are changing for both business managers and investors. Probably the most important task for business managers today is the effective management of the company's portfolio of resources, and identifying, implementing and managing a strategy to leverage these resources to achieve...

05 Mar 2009

Indian financial market

Dissertation - 56 pages - Economy general

The function of financial market is to facilitate the transfer of funds, from surplus sector (lenders) to deficit sector (borrower). Normally householders have excess of funds or saving, which they lend to a borrower in the corporate and public sector. Whose requirement of funds far exceeds their...

05 Mar 2009

Commodities trading in India

Dissertation - 52 pages - Economy general

Commodity Futures trading in India has a long history. The first commodity futures market appeared in 1875. But the new standardized form of trading in the Indian capital market is an attractive package for all the people who earn money through speculation by trading into FUTURES. It is a...

27 Jul 2006

Knowledge, growth without scale effects, and the product life cycle

Dissertation - 260 pages - Economy general

For several reasons, knowledge cannot be treated like any other commodity. One of these reasons is the nonrivalrous nature of knowledge, which means that one person's use of certain knowledge does not diminish another person's use of the same knowledge (at the same time). This important property...