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21 Mar 2016

The geology of Texas and how it has shaped the community of Texas

Essay - 3 pages - Geography

Generally, geology deals with the study of the earth and its processes with respect to its effect on the general life of humans or societies. For instance, it studies the history and material of mountains, glaciers and rocks and also analyzes processes like earthquakes, floods, and landslides. In...

16 Sep 2015

Relationship between conflict and migration

Essay - 10 pages - Geography

This essay discusses the relationship between conflict and migration. It focuses on IDPs (internally displaced persons) and refugees, mostly leaving out the motives of economic or social migration. The first chapter states factors that cause displacement, followed by a discussion about the extent...

15 Sep 2015

Tactics of combating human trafficking as a global issue ? Case Study

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Cristina, a 24-year-old woman came to the US with a man she thought to be her boyfriend. However, upon their arrival in New York, she was forced to have intercourse with dozens of men daily and was beaten regularly, all this occurred in a suburban home (Kloer). Concy, a ten year old at the time,...

08 Sep 2015

The Keeseville stone Arch bridge

Essay - 5 pages - Geography

The Keeseville district's three historic bridges are among the most significant highlights for the region. The bridge is among the United States most old stone arch bridges that have serve up to today. The bride is located above the Ausable River within the Adirondack area New York state....

08 Sep 2015

Uruguay Geography

Essay - 30 pages - Geography

Uruguay is a country in South America, which is economically, politically, as well as socially stable country not forgetting its mild climate that is free of hurricanes and earthquakes. It is among south Americas, smallest countries covering 170,000 km total area. It is the smallest nation,...

24 Jul 2015

Comparison between continents: America and Africa

Essay - 1 pages - Geography

Diversity is the product of nature. Humans come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless, geographical location combines a wide assortment of humans of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the combination of differences, there remains a divide. Something still distinguishes...

21 Jul 2015

Is Quebec the only distinct society in Canada at the sub national Level?

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

The idea behind the consideration of Quebec as a distinct state was brought up back in 1995 on the 27th of November when the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien expressed his desire to introduce to the House of Commons a motion which if adopted would mean that Quebec was to stand as a distinct...

07 Jul 2011

Report: Purification of Contaminated Soil

Essay - 6 pages - Geography

The contaminated soil was cleaned, and the two contaminants were isolated from the soil. Blue vitriol and ethanol were separated based on their physical and chemical properties. In order to separate these components, procedures including centrifugation, filtration, and evaporation of solute were...

27 Jan 2011

Geopolitical stakes of the polar regions

Essay - 16 pages - Geography

The Polar Regions are among the major terrestrial deserts. These areas are virtually uninhabited and the climate is very harsh. It is very cold and precipitation is also low. These regions receive only 41% of heat from the Equator, the photoperiod is original: a month of dawn, day time for five...

27 Jan 2011

The Atlantic facade of North America

Essay - 6 pages - Geography

Defining keywords: A coastline is a coastal area, which provides an interface (space contacts, exchanges) between a continental hinterland and a foreland ocean connected by dense and varied communications. This is an area of production and trade activities which led to a phenomenon of coastal...

29 Sep 2010

The Geography of the World System and its limits

Essay - 6 pages - Geography

The world has become a challenge for geography: The World is a space, a territory under the control of a conglomerate. The World is a proper name designating an appropriate location; it can be taken as a geon i.e., a particular space, a region. The general geography has a thematic approach...

29 Sep 2010

Indigenous People in Peru - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Andean lives, is a pair of autobiographical narratives edited by two young anthropologists in which Gregorio and Asunta, a Peruvian Indian couple, tell their life stories. The story takes place in the highlands of Peru, where millions of indigenous inhabitants who represent the cultural majority,...

29 Sep 2010

Mexican Immigration in the U.S.

Essay - 3 pages - Geography

Until the mid 1920s, US immigration was largely unrestricted, but soon after the Congress passed a legislation it limited the entry from all regions except north-western Europe. It began in 1965 and has been continuing thereafter, and has passed a series of liberal laws, including the Immigration...

15 Jan 2009


Essay - 8 pages - Geography

Every country in the world has its own distinct culture, its own way of life, whether it's the government, the economy, the religion(s), the history, or what you have; every nation has qualities that separate it from all the others. Since there are so many different factors that make up these...

12 Jan 2009

Community food security in North Minneapolis: Barriers and solutions

Essay - 11 pages - Geography

Despite an overwhelming amount of facts, studies, and annual reports proving the contrary, many people today continue to deny the existence of hunger in the United States. Middle-aged Americans will recall hearing their parents demanding them to “finish your dinner because there are people...

08 Dec 2008

Ankara: The capital of Turkey

Essay - 8 pages - Geography

Some cities seem to go on forever, able to reappear in very different guises and characteristics from one era to another. Ankara is one such changeling. With its roots more than 4,000 years ago in the Bronze Age, it was a trading city to the Greeks, a regional capital for the Romans, a summer...

04 Dec 2008

The city of Alexandria - Egypt

Essay - 8 pages - Geography

An age-old eastern Mediterranean metropolis of nearly two and a half millennia, Alexandria is Egypt's second-largest city; an important, burgeoning industrial center; and the country's principal port. It also has survived as a romantic myth, as “the universal metropolis,” the city at...

28 Nov 2008

The city of Acre, Israel

Essay - 6 pages - Geography

Since ancient times, the gateway to Palestine has been considered the magni?cent harbor at Acre. Now a small Israeli city with a mixed population of Palestinians and Jews, Acre has for more than 4,000 years served the hinterland of southern Syria with access to the long-distance trade routes of...

28 Nov 2008

Discovering Barbarian Europe

Essay - 7 pages - Geography

Almost everyone has seen a picture of Stonehenge, the famous circle of large upright stones in southern England. Yet very few people know that it was built in several stages over a period of more than a thousand years, starting nearly five thousand years ago. Most are unaware that it is...

03 Oct 2008

Historical geography of the Salton Sea

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Running a length of 35 miles, spanning a width of 15 miles and covering an area of 381 square miles, Salton Sea makes for the largest inland saline lake in the state of California. With a surface elevation of 227 feet below sea level, it is located 35 miles north of the California-Mexican border...

30 Jul 2008

Overview of Thailand

Essay - 5 pages - Geography

Thailand is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a nation rich in history and culture, populated with a warm, hospitable people who endeavor to make any tourist or visitor feel at home. Before we discuss the people, let's begin with an overview of the country's...

22 Apr 2008

Australian Travel Guides: Frommer's vs. Lonely Planet

Essay - 14 pages - Geography

Guidebooks are important because they are portable, they contain a surplus of information on destinations and they are easy to refer to. Noteworthy information guidebooks provide are the “must know” elements of different areas including advice on the culture and safety within...

14 Apr 2008

Big Bend National Park - Like a good neighbor, Big Bend is There

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

One of our nation's least appreciated national parks is Big Bend National Park, located in a remote region of southwest Texas, situated on 118 miles of the Rio Grande and Mexican border. Since its inception over 60 years ago, Big Bend has welcomed visitors to explore its stunning diversity of...

17 Feb 2008

Transnistria: An Unrecognized State, A Frozen Conflict

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Transnistria, also known as the Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika (PMR), is a republic unrecognized by any government in the world. Lying on a narrow swath of land along the left bank of the Dniester River, the territory's leaders call it a republic. Transnistria has been declaring...

10 Feb 2008

Study of tourism phenomenon in Paris, France

Essay - 7 pages - Geography

What makes Paris the number one tourist destination in the world lies in the myriad cultural and historical landmarks that have not only shaped modern society, but continue to challenge and inspire those who will only be considered visitors. The most famous attributes of Paris are iconic...

02 May 2007

The Latino community in New York City

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Traditionally, the media tend to focus their attention on the Latino migration in States such as Texas, California, New Mexico, in other words on southern states close to the Mexican border. The East Coast seems to be completely forgotten as if it remained the gateway of the Europeans...

27 Jul 2006

Indigenous People in Peru

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Gregorio and Asunta, a Peruvian Indian couple, tell their life stories in “Andean lives”, a pair of autobiographical narratives edited by two young anthropologists. The story takes place in the highlands of Peru, where millions of indigenous inhabitants who represent the cultural...