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The local-government & decentralization : A comparison between France and Sweden

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  1. The structure of French and Swedish local-government
  2. What is the relation between the central and local-government ?
  3. Why Sweden succeeded and France failed ?

France and Sweden are two Unitarian and European countries where the local considerations and abilities are opposite. Local government in Sweden is one of the most important element of the Swedish model. The system of local government in Sweden depend on the administrative and territorial division of this country. More concretely, it has two different levels: the local level, represented by the municipalities (kommuner), and in a upper level ,the region, represented by the county council (län). Their responsibilities are different : Swedish municipalities have the responsibility to take care of basic schooling, caring services for the elderly and child care amenities whereas county council responsibilities is mainly about public health and medical services. However, their goals are the same because they are all responsible for vital public services in a multiple variety of welfare sectors.

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