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Marco Polo's travel islands in south Asia

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  1. Cipangu
    1. Geographic location
    2. Political, economic and demographic situation
    3. Religious situation
    4. Climatic and natural situation
  2. Java Major (actual part of Australia)
  3. Sondur and Condur
  4. Pentam (off the coasts of Vietnam)
  5. Java Minor (north of Sumatra)
  6. Necuveran
  7. Angaman / Andaman
  8. Seilan Island
  9. Kingdoms of Sumatra
  10. Kingdom of Dagroian
  11. Kingdom of Lambri and kingdom of Fansur

Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1254, he surely was one of the most famous travelers of the Silk Road. He was also a European man who left his country to discover the Middle East. There, he recorded the story of a journey that lasted twenty-four years. It was initially a trip that should have led him to create a route to the East for commercial prospects.

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