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Medieval history

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13 Jan 2011

Prostitution in the Middle Ages

Thesis - 10 pages - Medieval history

Urban prostitution has become one of the most pressing social issues of today. Innocent girls, who are always on the look out for greener pastures, have become easy targets. Pimps lure these girls away to cities, and force them into prostitution. Many developing and developed countries have been...

20 Oct 2010

Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Great Dissenter of his time or of All time?

Essay - 6 pages - Medieval history

Oliver Wendell Holmes earned the reputation of the” Great Dissenter.” He commonly took a different path in the interpretation of Constitutional law. His most controversial and provocative dissents involved freedom of speech. Even though he was considered to be a...

29 Jul 2010

From the Norman Conquest to Chaucer

Thesis - 2 pages - Medieval history

The different tribes of Jutes, Saxons, and Angles went over to England at intervals, and each tribe established a different dominion in its own. By the end of the sixth century at least seven kings ruled the different parts of the country, and began to struggle for supremacy. Two centuries later...

12 Jul 2010

The nation and territory of the Arab World

Thesis - 3 pages - Medieval history

A nation is a human group that shares a common history, culture, language or ethnic origin, and thus forms a political community, based on a defined set of territory or territories and personified by a sovereign authority. The nation is an essential set of geographical and geopolitical entities....

29 Jun 2010

The history of the Mediterranean 1798-1956

Tutorials/exercises - 24 pages - Medieval history

The history of the Mediterranean region deals with the interaction of cultures and people of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which was the central superhighway of transport trade and cultural exchange between diverse peoples. This history is important in order to understand the...

29 Jun 2010

The political history of Cyprus

Thesis - 5 pages - Medieval history

Cyprus is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean. The Republic of Cyprus has sovereignty over the entire island of Cyprus except small portions that are allocated to the United Kingdom as military bases. Its political setup is complicated by the fact that it is divided into two main...

29 Jun 2010

The history of the Mamluks of Egypt and Syria (1260-1517)

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

For nearly 300 years the Mamluks were one of the greatest powers of the Middle Eastern Muslim World. They achieved the status of the strongest dynasty after having served as slaves for the Sultans before them. They emerged from their subservience to rule over Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Hejaz...

21 Jun 2010

The army of Netherlands in the sixteenth century

Thesis - 4 pages - Medieval history

Netherlands is a sovereign state with its territories stretching from Northern France to the North Sea. Revolt against the Spanish led to the division of the country (Netherlands) distinguishing it into Southern Netherlands that remained under the Spanish rule. After a long war of eighty years...

21 Jun 2010

New York: A symbol of the modern United States of America (USA)

Thesis - 6 pages - Medieval history

At the end of the sixteenth century, New York was dotted with islands, with a rich fishing area populated by several thousand Indians. Sailors from Holland visited the area more often since the early seventeenth century which gave it the name "New Amsterdam," before a massive increase in English...

18 Jun 2010

The birth of a mass society in Europe

Thesis - 8 pages - Medieval history

A corporation is defined as a group of people who are organized and share a common culture, norms and values. Thus, society may be defined as a heterogeneous group of people distinguished by their social status possessing equal rights. They may benefit from the society irrespective of their...

18 Jun 2010

The crusaders as the architects of the East-West relationship in the middle ages

Thesis - 5 pages - Medieval history

In this summary of the eight crusades that extended from 1095 to 1270 AD French historian Jacques Goffau opined that “‘arguably, the only fruit of the Crusades kept by the Christians was the apricot.” Irrespective of their outcome, the crusades remain as the most important event of...

15 Mar 2010

Orientalist Scholarship, the Conquest of India and the Events of 1857

Thesis - 4 pages - Medieval history

Britain's conquest of India was not an occupation in the conventional sense. Although England did have a military and economic presence on the sub-continent for over 200 years, the source of their power lay in a control of India's knowledge. England came to dominate the country...

11 Mar 2010

Facundo's barbarism vs Armiento's civilization

Thesis - 2 pages - Medieval history

Sarmiento's Facundo presents a biased historical account of Argentine history and the struggle between “barbarism and civilization” taking place during the 17th century in Argentina. Sarmiento's political aims of spreading European culture, which he deems to be civilized, and of uniting...

01 Mar 2010

Possession, exorcism and the medical hysteric in Fritz Lang's M and Fury

Thesis - 4 pages - Medieval history

Gustav Hübener claims that “the fight against demons is found among all peoples” and that “what we would nowadays call mental disease” was previously explained by people “as a demonic obsession.” Hübener's decidedly universal definition of exorcism is...

01 Mar 2010

The functionality of the supernatural in Medieval England

Thesis - 5 pages - Medieval history

Peter Brown has observed that, in medieval Europe, the supernatural “was intimately connected with the life of the group on every level. At the same time, however, it was operative because it was thought of as radically different from the human world into which it penetrated.” ...

01 Mar 2010

The falsehood of Terry Jones' claims of censorship

Thesis - 3 pages - Medieval history

Terry Jones argues that the Ellesmere manuscript was censored in the early 15th century, suggesting “that there was a nervousness about owning this particular manuscript of The Canterbury Tales.” He focuses on three of the manuscript's pilgrim portraits—those of the Knight, the...

11 Aug 2009

Did popular protest have any lasting influence on the Royal Policy in the 15th century?

Case study - 10 pages - Medieval history

This was a period of immense political change, both in the way the English people were viewed by the government, and in the way they thought of themselves within it. It was characterised by popular disturbances, pieces of critical literature and seditious speech, and a corresponding increase in...

05 Aug 2009

Living the dream: Social climbers during Georgian England

Case study - 6 pages - Medieval history

Throughout all of history there has been a desire for status. Both men and women have set out to achieve it. However, because of the constraints placed on women through most of history, their aspiration and realization of status has been tainted. The Georgian era (1714-...

03 Aug 2009

Hans Behem's religious practices and beliefs

Thesis - 4 pages - Medieval history

While Hans Behem's religious practices and beliefs oppose those of the Council of Trent, these same practices and beliefs can be related to those of John Calvin. The major beliefs and practices which the Council of Trent could argue against and Calvinists could support are social ranks, the use...

29 Jul 2009

Qing Isolationism: The neglect of foreign contact in the Mid-Qing Dynasty arising from the necessity of consolidating a newly conquered empire

Thesis - 6 pages - Medieval history

The imperial bureaucracy of the Qing dynasty in China developed from the consequences of the Manchu coalition conquest of the Ming Dynasty in 1644. Having conquered the Ming territories, the early Qing rulers faced the formidable task of governing the immense geographical and multi-ethnic...

22 Jun 2009

The history of freemasonry in Europe and America - published: 22/06/2009

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

Organizational rules, called Old Charges, from groups or guilds of European stonemasons date back to the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries according to some historians, while others date these guilds as far back as 1057 in Scotland and 1220 in England. The first records of the...

30 May 2009

A history of the Black Death and its impact in late medieval Europe

Thesis - 9 pages - Medieval history

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1347 C.E. and 1351 C.E, reducing the population of Europe by nearly half, and resulting in widespread socio-economic and other changes. Medieval people referred to this catastrophe as the "Great...

08 May 2009

A discussion of noble women in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian society

Thesis - 10 pages - Medieval history

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were both patriarchal societies. Women were second class citizens. However, in both civilizations women rose to prominence and even managed to rule. This paper will contrast those exceptions to male domination and the way they differed. The ancient...

07 May 2009

The Indian Ocean in Eurasian and African world-systems before the 16th century, Philippe Beaujard

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

Philippe Soller used to say that the beauty of conciseness is that it allows us to transmit, guiltlessly, only commonly accepted truths. I am afraid I will have to show, very concisely, how innovating and dissenter is the study of Philippe Beaujard on The Indian Ocean in Eurasian and African...

06 May 2009

New testament portrayals of Mary Magdalene

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

We have no verifiable information about who wrote the gospels of the New Testament, where they were written, or even when. Later legends connected these gospels with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but there is no reliable historical evidence to support these claims. Modern scholars estimate that...

06 May 2009

The transformation of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Thesis - 5 pages - Medieval history

Buddhism arose in India around 500 BCE. It was focused on the teachings of Gautama Buddha and organized around the spiritual practices of monks and nuns who also taught the Buddha's message. In the first 500 years of its existence in India the religion or tradition of Buddhism was influenced by...

27 Apr 2009

Exploring gender role construction and conflicts in Niebelungenlied, the 13th Century German warrior epic

Thesis - 10 pages - Medieval history

The position of women in the medieval German state in the 13th century is a complex one when viewed through an historical lens that looks at gender and sex (using feminist theory) to understand this past era. What are the factors that shaped gender dynamics, as trends from the end of the Roman...

20 Mar 2009

Efforts for reforms made by Martin Luther and John Wycliffe

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

The English reformist John Wycliffe (c. 1320-1384) was an important precursor to the Reformation movement, headed by Martin Luther (c. 1483-1546). Wycliffe attempted to rid England of many of the same problems in the Roman Catholic Church that Luther would target in Germany over a century later....

21 Jan 2009

The war of the Spanish succession: Causes and consequences

Essay - 4 pages - Medieval history

The War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) was a major conflict leading to the end of French supremacy on the European continent. For the first time, the armies of the Sun King, Louis XIV, lost their reputation of invincibility. The purpose of this essay is to provide an extensive analysis of...

15 Jan 2009

Mozambique: a cold war conflict?

Essay - 4 pages - Medieval history

The colonization of Mozambique by Portugal began in the 15th century. The first settling was made in 1498, near the mouth of Zambezi River by Vasco de Gama himself. A few years later, the Portuguese founded a city in Lourenço Marques bay, nowadays known as Maputo. Thanks to the trade of slaves...