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05 Jan 2010

On the job: Female journeyman wig makers in colonial times 1750 - 1800's

Thesis - 2 pages - Modern history

“In the colonial era, men wore wigs made from human and goat hairs and even wool or straw.”¹ The practice of men wearing elaborate wigs in the colonies originated in Europe and became fashionable here creating an industry that accepted women as journey women or apprentices for this...

05 Jan 2010

Charlotte Forten Grimke: An American educational pioneer

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

“Charlotte belonged to the prominent member of the Forten-Purvis family. Her family were activists for Black causes and Charlotte proved to be just as influential an activist and leader of civil rights. Her parents were Robert Bridges and Mary Woods Forten. Her father and his brother in law,...

30 Nov 2009

Examine and analyze the importance of Germany in the Cold War

Thesis - 4 pages - Modern history

There was a wide spread debate between USA and USSR regarding Germany. The issue gained significance during the cold war, though there were other factors which were responsible for the development of cold war, the Germany factor was an important one. The administration of Germany, the political...

25 Nov 2009

Hitler and the impact of his adverse acts

Thesis - 6 pages - Modern history

The dark stain cut by Adolf Hitler across history compels an in-depth analysis of the man at the centre of the atrocities. His upbringing, the socio-historical context of his life, family situation as well as the larger geo-political forces at play all intersect to shade our understanding...

12 Nov 2009

The history of the United States and the concept of freedom

Thesis - 4 pages - Modern history

The history of the United States and the concept of freedom are intricately intertwined. Nowadays, the United States is almost synonymous with the word freedom. The idea of being “free” has evolved over the years. It is hard to imagine what being free for an early colonist or an...

12 Aug 2009

A review of Legacy of silence: Encounters with children of the Third Reich

Book review - 5 pages - Modern history

Silence has always been a persistent theme in Holocaust studies. How did so many people remain silent as millions of their neighbors were taken off and killed? Why did so few people resist, and why did so many otherwise rational people blindly follow orders and not speak up against the atrocities...

11 Aug 2009

The aftermath of the demolition of the Berlin Wall

Thesis - 7 pages - Modern history

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1990 the people of Germany experienced a sense of euphoria and freedom which they had been dreaming about for years. Unfortunately their thrill with life was short-lived. It wasn't long before people began to realize that the reunification of...

11 Aug 2009

Assessment of British radicalism during the period 1784 to 1815

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

The assertion that the radical movement was never anything more than a “marginal phenomenon in a broadly reforming polity” is certainly bold; it is easy enough to pick holes in such statements when they are removed from their context and surrounding qualifications. Bearing this...

11 Aug 2009

Suburbia: Yesterday and today

Thesis - 3 pages - Modern history

As defined in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, a suburb is “1 a: an outlying part of a city or town, b: a smaller community adjacent to or within commuting distance of a city, c pl: the residential area on the outskirts of a city or large town, 2 pl: the near vicinity:...

29 Jul 2009

Reporting the war: Perspectives on the enemy

Thesis - 6 pages - Modern history

War correspondents' writings on the Second World War offer a contemporary perspective to the fighting, the events, and the experience of individuals engaged in the 1939-1945 conflict. From the Front, wire dispatches, radio broadcast, photography, and film recordings returned to educate the...

15 Jul 2009

Hitler's holocaust: Understanding the politics and society of Hitler's Germany

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

Certainly one of the greatest tragedies of human history, much has been done to uncover the complexity of the Holocaust. While many facts remain clear within a historical context, countless others involve the intricacy of the human psyche and must be evaluated among a variety of factors. The...

13 Jul 2009

The fall of the Soviet Empire: Hungary 1956 and Czechoslovakia 1968

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

The two rebellions in Hungary 1956 and Czechoslovakia 1968 were interesting times for Eastern and Central Europe. To being to study these, one must put these two events in context. It was a time when the political climate in Easter Europe was very delicate because of the circumstances stemming...

13 Jul 2009

Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian involvement in the Second World War

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

The Second World War is commonly misconstrued as an ongoing altercation perpetrated by the singular vision of a power-hungry maniac. Yet to assign accountability to Hitler himself is to ignore the conspiratorial actions of the Nazi's minor allies, whose participation in the war was less...

10 Jul 2009

A thorn beneath the shining armor: Churchill, Bishop Bell, and area bombing

Thesis - 6 pages - Modern history

No one cares to challenge the idea that Hitler needed to be stopped. I cannot think of a cow more sacred in the common mind—as I have known the common mind—than the righteousness of World War II. The enemy of the Allies was so ghastly, that even much-deplored developments on the part of...

07 Jul 2009

The complexities surrounding the use of atomic bombs against Japan: Einstein's Folly

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

During the 1880's, at Cambridge University, J.J. Thompson, the director of the Cavendish Library and a respected physicist, became the first to discover that atoms had sub atomic particles. In 1896, Antione Becquerel, with the assistance of Marie Curie, discovered the first radioactive...

07 Jul 2009

The American West: A clash of social, cultural, and environmental forces

Thesis - 9 pages - Modern history

The character of America was largely shaped by the American experience in the West from the early 1700s until the present day. Although the values of freedom and equality under the law had been established in the East during the colonial and revolutionary periods of American history, the clash of...

30 Jun 2009

The destruction of Ancient Egyptian antiquity

Book review - 5 pages - Modern history

The chapter “The Destruction of the Pharaohs” discusses how much of the heritage of the pharaohs was destroyed by tomb robbers and casual tourism. As the pharaohs were laid in their tombs with considerable wealth, the first tomb robbers were contemporary Egyptians themselves. Later,...

08 Jun 2009

American history: A chart on the causes and effects of the revolutionary war

Thesis - 7 pages - Modern history

Throughout the mid-1700's resistance to British control in the colonies grew as Britain tried to consolidate their empire through a series of ordinances after the Seven Years' War. Although the passage of the Stamp Act, Declaratory Act, Sugar Act, and the Townshend Duties did not inevitably hurry...

03 Jun 2009

World war I: Timeline

Time lines - 20 pages - Modern history

World War I, also known as the First World War, the Great War, the War of the Nations and the War to End All Wars, was a world conflict lasting from 1914 C.E. to 1919 C.E. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey, called the Central Powers fought Britain, France and later U.S.A., called the Allies. No...

28 May 2009

A chronological time line of US history

Time lines - 15 pages - Modern history

The History of the United States of America is the story of man's determination and struggle to establish a definite and structured way of life, overcoming obstacles. A study of the chronological timeline of the History of U.S.A. details this fact and explains that the U.S.A. is today the world...

21 May 2009

The push and pull: Dichotomies in the lover

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

Reading The Lover, you have the experience of sitting down with Marguerite Duras, perhaps in a dim room on a day in late summer, sipping cold tea in tall glasses, intent on hearing the story of her Chinese lover, the man she lost her innocence to many years ago as a young French girl in...

17 May 2009

Human Rights in China since the Tiannemen incident in 1989

Thesis - 7 pages - Modern history

On June 4th 1989, Deng Xiaoping and nine other members of the permanent Comity commanded the Prime Minister Li Peng to repress the occupation of Tiannenmen square by millions of students. Actually, this manifestation had started on the2nd of April by the students' reaction who...

17 May 2009

Women, Algerians and enemies

Thesis - 4 pages - Modern history

Victims told their stories to the Truth Commission while, in another hall, in other time, perpetrators explained their deeds. During the Algerian War (1954-1962), called “the war of independence”, French soldiers raped many Algerian women, but this remains unknown because of the...

17 May 2009

The diplomacy of Vichy: June 1940 to November 1942

Thesis - 8 pages - Modern history

The history of Vichy has been subjected to heated controversies since 1945. In the years that followed the liberation, most historians and politicians alleged that France had resisted to the German, and developed a myth, the “Resistantialisme”. This term implies that the majority of the...

17 May 2009

In what specific senses might nationalism be considered one of the causes of the First World War?

Thesis - 5 pages - Modern history

Since the beginning of the XIX° century, Europe had known a series of crises, due to serious issues which were causing mounting friction amongst the Powers. Nonetheless, at the beginning of 1914 Europe seemed to be at peace, and the international relations between European countries seemed less...

17 May 2009

Lewis, Fort Mandan, April 7, 1805 : The Lewis and Clark expedition

Book review - 4 pages - Modern history

This text, written by Captain Meriwether Lewis at Fort Mandan on April 7th, 1805, may be regarded as one of the main turning points of the expedition. Indeed, the long and harsh winter they endured when they could not move on westward to the Missouri River since it was blocked with ice and when...

08 May 2009

The Gypsies and the Balkans States

Thesis - 8 pages - Modern history

The Gypsies are now recognized to have originated from northern India and to have arrived in Europe around the 14th century. This deprives the Gypsies of an historical homeland and a state able to protect their rights, even outside its borders. Moreover, their immigration in several waves created...

07 May 2009

Why did the British leave India in 1947?

Thesis - 4 pages - Modern history

The independence of India in August 1947 was the result of a long process which started after the First World War. Indeed in 1919 Parliament had passed the Government of India Act which was designed to organize provincial governments in India. Then, before 1939 and the outbreak of the Second...

06 May 2009

The grail legends through history

Thesis - 7 pages - Modern history

The story of the Holy Grail has fascinated people in written form for almost 900 years, and existed in oral form before that date as part of the legend called the Matter of Britain. This has been a pagan story, a Jewish/Islamic story, and a Christian story. The grail itself has been a serving...

30 Apr 2009

Beating the odds: How Chet Edwards won in the Texas 17th

Thesis - 8 pages - Modern history

The redistricting effort in Texas had a singular goal: to increase the Republican majority in Texas' Congressional delegation. That goal was very nearly met perfectly, with all but one of the Anglo-Democrats targeted by redistricting losing their seats in November. The only...